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The Living Tombstone is a musical project which takes elements from the electronic dance genres of today and combining it with rock genre influences.
Its lyrical content is varied from original songs written based on personal experiences, to songs about content I like from different mediums such as movies, shows and video games.



  1. Mileidys Davis

    Mileidys Davis

    3 ore fa

    🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️ 🟪🟪🟪🟪⬜️⬜️🟪🟪🟪⬜️⬜️ 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 el hombre morado :)

  2. graviarts


    3 ore fa

    Fucking hate bronies and mlp, but this song, this is nice

  3. Rafe


    3 ore fa


  4. yerafer


    3 ore fa

    because i'm so addicted to this song

  5. onion the great fool

    onion the great fool

    3 ore fa

    I actually beat the game without honking once it felt completely incorrect to correct this I played the game honking billions of times

  6. Arianna Troutlake

    Arianna Troutlake

    3 ore fa


  7. Mushymushybrainjuices


    3 ore fa

    Lmfao everybody is talking about some mythical people saying homophobia when I haven't seen a SINGLE ONE, and that's a weird phenomena. When a small minority of people accuses the majority of something they are too afraid to even consider exists in the content they like, they will proceed to overcomplain to the point you will see people complaining about a group that seemingly doesn't even exist. And also lmfao at the people saying "TLT didn't know it was a homoromantic song" even though a literal woman is singing about liking Jenny, female name and literally fucking: "Why I borrow your lipstick so often" (men can like makeuo, yes, but _come on_ ). Also projects their own heteronormative assumption that something can't be gay until proven so. I'm not saying the video is homophobic myself btw, I'm just intrigued by these people.

  8. Zuly María Martínez Fuentes

    Zuly María Martínez Fuentes

    3 ore fa

    the song makes me feel like a kid, I loved this song so much

  9. 你好醜男人


    3 ore fa

    I love fnaf😊

  10. SUPRXME_Rinnegan


    4 ore fa

    0:51 my frxind at 3 AM aftxr x drxam of spxngxbxb

  11. XXXRobloxking23


    4 ore fa

    Rest in peace childhood

  12. #Ded Denki

    #Ded Denki

    4 ore fa

    Ps2 be like :0

  13. Edit Kral

    Edit Kral

    4 ore fa

    I'm still listening.

  14. Lívia


    4 ore fa

    I love the discord!

  15. ThatRandomPlayer


    4 ore fa

    the song at 0:33 : imposter me: oh no no no

  16. Houston Bothe

    Houston Bothe

    4 ore fa

    Me and the boys used to vibe to this when we would play FNAF

  17. Jaime Franco

    Jaime Franco

    4 ore fa

    You freaking made me cry. Of how beautiful this is now im in tears 😂

  18. UKNOWNinstinct


    4 ore fa

    When you listen to this to only remember being a brony at like 13 and just face palm but still bop to this banger

  19. Reina Boulis

    Reina Boulis

    4 ore fa

    0:27 thats mah fav part

  20. Luker Fx

    Luker Fx

    4 ore fa

    2:59 springbonnie

  21. Angel David Medina Torres

    Angel David Medina Torres

    4 ore fa

    POV: alegraste toda una generación

  22. Bobby


    4 ore fa

    I remember making tlt pony fanart and cried bc i couldn’t match the hair colors

  23. Mr.Anonymous


    4 ore fa

    how can someone make so legendary songs about a game, so beautiful 😭

  24. Mr.Anonymous


    4 ore fa

    how can someone make so legendary songs about a game, so beautiful 😭

  25. cazz


    4 ore fa

    remember when this was three years old though- jeez

  26. Mr.Anonymous


    4 ore fa

    how can someone make so legendary songs about a game, so beautiful 😭

  27. Mr.Anonymous


    4 ore fa

    how can someone make so legendary songs about a game, so beautiful 😭

  28. Li-bat09 .T

    Li-bat09 .T

    4 ore fa

    Really really good beat

  29. Li-bat09 .T

    Li-bat09 .T

    4 ore fa


  30. JackSleeps-twitchClips


    4 ore fa

    hah, noob. in September was the 9/11 attacks.

  31. I-Am-Toast


    4 ore fa

    Listening to this PS2 themed song while I work on an actual PS2

  32. LoreCatYT UwU

    LoreCatYT UwU

    4 ore fa

    Dis a real bop!

  33. мяу мяу

    мяу мяу

    4 ore fa


  34. Fancy Hit man

    Fancy Hit man

    4 ore fa

    I thought this was 7 years old

  35. randamixc_Mrh


    5 ore fa

    I remember watching this bye childhood

  36. Baby 1ner

    Baby 1ner

    5 ore fa

    Бля ахуенная песня прямо за душу берет

  37. Francisco Terán

    Francisco Terán

    5 ore fa


    • JUANKRACK 1011

      JUANKRACK 1011

      4 ore fa




    5 ore fa

    А ведь уже 5 лет прошло..

  39. Vasconcelos


    5 ore fa

    0:09 this beggining sounds a lot like Fnaf's music

  40. Joaquin Escudero

    Joaquin Escudero

    5 ore fa

    Que más en 2021

  41. pickle


    5 ore fa

    Biggest flex I hear his songs since FNAF too. like 4+ yrs or more. Also this

  42. Day No Game

    Day No Game

    5 ore fa

    I feel like this is supposed to show that they are feeling pressured about making more songs and are tired

  43. Laurie


    5 ore fa

    am i the only one who wants to see a "finished" version of this?

  44. RainbowSix-Gabe


    5 ore fa

    Now it’s me and the boys listening to this, kids these days don’t know what’s good anymore

  45. Matías Silva

    Matías Silva

    5 ore fa

    No tengo tiempo de decír adiós: "Canta 2 minutos"

  46. ·Sanemi._.Shinzugawa·


    5 ore fa

    "Inside there's so much more" Me: Oh shi-

  47. Tandalene


    5 ore fa

    this song is actully sad

  48. Mr. Skun

    Mr. Skun

    5 ore fa

    Alastor: "You only live once" Dragon Ball Characters: XD

  49. DBZDistrict LIVE

    DBZDistrict LIVE

    5 ore fa

    The epitome of nostalgia

  50. Jane L-H

    Jane L-H

    5 ore fa

    I love how the animation and song slowly speed up and get more trippy like the dude getting drunk

  51. Tuddy


    5 ore fa

    ...:( good old times

  52. Avasaurus Rexx Gaming

    Avasaurus Rexx Gaming

    5 ore fa

    Every time I hear this song, I get this weird shiver of nostalgia... am I the only one..? 😅

  53. Lua


    5 ore fa

    2:11, 2:22 to be more specific your welcome

  54. Bonsayguy


    5 ore fa

    0:32 Thats kinda sus

  55. The Faz Coin Rockstar Freddy Doesn't Want

    The Faz Coin Rockstar Freddy Doesn't Want

    5 ore fa

    *your sweet little eyes, your little smile is all i remember* *still hits me hard*

  56. sanriocore


    5 ore fa


  57. Ronoroa Zoro

    Ronoroa Zoro

    5 ore fa

    I am the only one Who likes it unironically?

  58. BaconPancakesX


    5 ore fa

    i miss these days

  59. Kevin Jaimes

    Kevin Jaimes

    6 ore fa

    Ay Dios, q recuerdos, quien tiene una maquina del tiempo?

    • Fernando Matias González Gonzàlez

      Fernando Matias González Gonzàlez

      4 ore fa

      No le sabes al Fnaf

  60. Qeisyatd 〻

    Qeisyatd 〻

    6 ore fa

    Got recommended, again! :D

  61. shachar cohen

    shachar cohen

    6 ore fa

    I’m not crying you are!

  62. hiper abeja trolleador de spamers

    hiper abeja trolleador de spamers

    6 ore fa

    T e m a z o

  63. Арсен Вартанов

    Арсен Вартанов

    6 ore fa

    Никита спасибо за перевод. Спасибо.

  64. andriw


    6 ore fa

    si este es el comentario en español que buscabas :)

  65. 212th airborne trooper

    212th airborne trooper

    6 ore fa

    Who else is listening to random fnaf songs in 2021?

  66. Maddox Reyes

    Maddox Reyes

    6 ore fa

    Props to the guy who fell asleep on the train from morning to night

  67. Riles Plays

    Riles Plays

    6 ore fa

    I’m nearly one

  68. Crying child

    Crying child

    6 ore fa

    Ah yes my voice

  69. AlEx PaInT

    AlEx PaInT

    6 ore fa

    I want to go to the 2014 year. :(



    6 ore fa

    Bruh that beat

  71. シP ᴏ ʀ ᴄ ᴇ ʟD ᴏ ʟ ᴀ ɴシ

    シP ᴏ ʀ ᴄ ᴇ ʟD ᴏ ʟ ᴀ ɴシ

    6 ore fa

    When I fail the exam but still graduate : 2:27

  72. Mario Gamer

    Mario Gamer

    6 ore fa

    Muy buena cancion me encanta y el videojuego esta chido ya lo juegue con mi amigo muy buen trabajo en la cancion

  73. Uraraka Ama Gözlüklüq

    Uraraka Ama Gözlüklüq

    6 ore fa

    at the end it says its me omg awesome

  74. Кірiлл Добровольський

    Кірiлл Добровольський

    6 ore fa

    самый крутой момент : 1:05

  75. Andree Tonche

    Andree Tonche

    6 ore fa

    Poor freddy :(

  76. tormenta402 yt

    tormenta402 yt

    6 ore fa

    Porque se rompen solos :v

    • Fernando Matias González Gonzàlez

      Fernando Matias González Gonzàlez

      4 ore fa

      en Fnaf Sl los destruye Hand Unit así que es cierto, no tiene sentido esta escena pero esta chevere :v

  77. My family Chanel

    My family Chanel

    6 ore fa

    This was 2 years ago and I still looking at this

  78. RottenRroses


    6 ore fa

    I am gad it has subtitles, for karaoke.

  79. yuh


    6 ore fa

    Oh hey look I'm back to this video for like the 70th time :D

  80. SpringySFM


    6 ore fa

    Nostalgic... I love this song still 💕