Cuphead Remix-Inkwell Isle One-The Living Tombstone

First remix of the new year is another cuphead track, Inkwell Isle One!
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➢Music Production -Yoav Landau & Custom Phase
➢Guitar Recordings - Orko
➢Mixing & Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music)
➢Video Production - Pedro Calvo
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No Lyrics ;)


  1. DevZen


    9 giorni fa

    cuphead be joggin'

  2. Ma. Amor Balicucos

    Ma. Amor Balicucos

    10 giorni fa

    Make more videos about cuphead

  3. Anders Smith

    Anders Smith

    10 giorni fa


  4. Leshka Play

    Leshka Play

    21 giorno fa

    Imagine spending 10 minutes running in Cuphead because you wanted for your background on the music video to be running in the 20's Cuphead.

  5. Zaid


    21 giorno fa

    I like the captions

  6. owen simpson

    owen simpson

    21 giorno fa

    "Wanna see me run around inkwell isle?" "Wanna see me do it again?"

  7. Schnucky


    Mese fa

    Thats Insane

  8. gacha_friend


    Mese fa

    Basically what Tombstone is trying to say what this vid is about is “cuphead eating a mushroom and running around for 3 minutes and 8 seconds.”

  9. Leonardo Mariños

    Leonardo Mariños

    Mese fa

    Cuphead B) good

  10. Collin the Anonymous

    Collin the Anonymous

    Mese fa

    When they tell you not to run at the pool so you do this

  11. Mackenzie Walsh

    Mackenzie Walsh

    Mese fa

    can you guys help me with some ela home work what events did Gary soto go through that made him who he is today

  12. David Nunjar

    David Nunjar

    Mese fa

    omg the best remix

  13. Manny Moreno

    Manny Moreno

    2 mesi fa

    When ur lost and trying to find ur mom in a mall XD

  14. Miguel Solorio-Alvarado

    Miguel Solorio-Alvarado

    2 mesi fa

    when its easter cuphead:WHERE ARE THE EASTER EGGS!?

  15. Miguel Solorio-Alvarado

    Miguel Solorio-Alvarado

    2 mesi fa

    when u drink too much COFFEE and too much WEED

  16. BARUC


    2 mesi fa


  17. BL00PERS


    2 mesi fa

    Lol it’s better with subtitles

  18. Collin the Anonymous

    Collin the Anonymous

    2 mesi fa

    The captions are right this is good music

  19. Z C

    Z C

    2 mesi fa

    I'm speed

  20. Lucky Dove

    Lucky Dove

    2 mesi fa

    I swear if Tik Tok *DARES* to touch this heck of music.

  21. kiara lewis

    kiara lewis

    2 mesi fa

    Omg put one captions the nostalgia you get is astronomical

  22. Flamboyant_Raspberry


    2 mesi fa

    i feel like cuphead is making these noises: *LDJFHSOIUFGUYDGuhjfYadFgsadfgsuaFDSAFDSDhtgYTfytDFfUTLKDFLGUHDIFHG*

  23. LENA fofah

    LENA fofah

    2 mesi fa


  24. i am heavy

    i am heavy

    3 mesi fa

    me:how high where you when you made this? the creators:* Y E S *

  25. Manny Moreno

    Manny Moreno

    3 mesi fa

    Holy I imaged if u did this in other isles

  26. The Dumb One

    The Dumb One

    3 mesi fa

    I love the subtitles “more good music”

  27. Lexod Youtube

    Lexod Youtube

    3 mesi fa

    Cuphead is blue?.. IS SONIC?

  28. Kazeerbor


    3 mesi fa

    Cup head was a small game that went to a huge success. Now it’s getting a television show and is added as a mini costume character!

  29. Collin the Anonymous

    Collin the Anonymous

    3 mesi fa

    When you are trying to get 10,000 steps in the day but its 11:58.

  30. I will defeat TheSuperPokemon’s youtube account.

    I will defeat TheSuperPokemon’s youtube account.

    3 mesi fa

    *Me when I’m late*

  31. grassjelly. png

    grassjelly. png

    3 mesi fa

    when you lost ur phone and headphones and ur mom says we’re leaving in 5 minutes

  32. Mob


    3 mesi fa

    When Cuphead did:🔃↖️⤴️↖️⤵️⬅️↖️🔃↕️➡️↕️↪️↖️🔃↖️🔃↕️➡️⬆️🔝↕️🔃🔚➡️↪️🔛🔛🔃↕️🔃↪️↕️➡️↕️🔃↕️↪️↔️➡️🔃↖️➡️🔚🔄🔃🔙➡️↖️⤴️🔃⬆️⬆️➡️🔙⤵️↖️↖️⤴️↔️↪️⤵️🔙⤴️➡️🔃⤴️ I Felt that.

  33. Kingo Ming Go productions

    Kingo Ming Go productions

    3 mesi fa

    #0:06 when your late for school

  34. Rikka Takanashi

    Rikka Takanashi

    3 mesi fa

    The subtitles are to much bro.

  35. Max Crusadrrs

    Max Crusadrrs

    3 mesi fa

    Introverts when they see people

  36. Cassia Silva

    Cassia Silva

    3 mesi fa


  37. Daniel Olshansky

    Daniel Olshansky

    3 mesi fa

    Love it! I decided to listen to this because i love your music and i am playing cuphead right now!

  38. vinnie_is _big_dum

    vinnie_is _big_dum

    3 mesi fa

    Ok who thought it would be funny to spike his drink

  39. Bad Future

    Bad Future

    3 mesi fa

    Me looking around to find who tf asked

  40. Алдарь Кося

    Алдарь Кося

    4 mesi fa

    I want this song in real cuphead 😑

  41. Sadman Oofasababy

    Sadman Oofasababy

    4 mesi fa

    Ford 4 window de luxe coupe pulls up

  42. I don’t even know

    I don’t even know

    4 mesi fa

    cereal when haves milk

  43. Diego S. Música

    Diego S. Música

    4 mesi fa


  44. Lunarifyyy


    4 mesi fa

    0:06 speedrunners be like

  45. Jaydiwii


    4 mesi fa

    Man, Cuphead forgot Mugman again.

  46. Eden :3

    Eden :3

    4 mesi fa

    When people say you are fat. What you do everyday:

  47. Roman Reilly

    Roman Reilly

    4 mesi fa

    This is so misleading... what?

  48. jm1lly 11

    jm1lly 11

    4 mesi fa


  49. Crybaby


    4 mesi fa

    Nice caption bro.

  50. Shabby


    4 mesi fa

    Cuphead on psychedelics

  51. May Tran

    May Tran

    4 mesi fa

    Whoever did the subtitles, kudos to you, you need kudos.

  52. Samwich


    4 mesi fa

    When you've done no work for a big project and the deadline is tomorrow, this is what you listen to

  53. Iggy Waffle

    Iggy Waffle

    4 mesi fa

    New dlc character: crackhead

  54. 2imlek


    4 mesi fa

    He has the super star power up

  55. Marcellofp


    5 mesi fa

    Lyrics: Hope this help

  56. Marcellofp


    5 mesi fa

    “Inkwell” Me:Is this BATIM?

  57. A random user On a website

    A random user On a website

    5 mesi fa

    When you forgot which level/boss fight you wanted to play so you just run around the map in panic

  58. Sebastian Studios

    Sebastian Studios

    5 mesi fa

    Subtitle be like: Goood music... MORE gud MussiCC

  59. Katherine Small Bean

    Katherine Small Bean

    5 mesi fa

    When you are on an important phone call:

  60. The Fool

    The Fool

    5 mesi fa

    cuphead speedrunners:

  61. Talesxx


    5 mesi fa

    Who got here by watching the life of a roadhog player?

  62. Smug Pitbull With a channel

    Smug Pitbull With a channel

    5 mesi fa

    When you're 100% completing the game and you have a zoom class in an hour

    • Camila Gonzalez

      Camila Gonzalez

      5 mesi fa

      Xdxdxdxdxdxd GoTta Go FaSt BiTchEs

  63. LazyCouchPotato


    5 mesi fa

    who ever made the captions is cool

  64. TheNewSun_


    5 mesi fa

    When i have argued with my mom and the wind slams my door:

  65. Ethan


    5 mesi fa


  66. Angel Wolfheart

    Angel Wolfheart

    5 mesi fa

    You are such an absolute genius of musical talent! 🙏

  67. Super Network

    Super Network

    5 mesi fa

    I lick lemon with listening this music

  68. Mark011


    6 mesi fa


    • Mark011


      6 mesi fa

      Like I ment

  69. Mark011


    6 mesi fa

    When you down load the wrong file- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XD

  70. Keashon Harris

    Keashon Harris

    6 mesi fa

    You guys don’t know, my boy cuphead left his phone unlocked at his GF’s

  71. marselo agachate cono selo 7u7

    marselo agachate cono selo 7u7

    6 mesi fa

    Ooooooh YEAAAH ROCK

  72. FunnyUsername


    6 mesi fa

    cuphead, uh you are going a bit fast. Did you drink from your straw, did you pour a alcohol in your head. Oh dear, send help.

  73. Máté Gaschler

    Máté Gaschler

    6 mesi fa

    Came from AndrewJRT Found this gem

  74. Avery son

    Avery son

    6 mesi fa

    Cup head is a HERO but he's Bad Controlling Little

  75. LizzyGirl135


    6 mesi fa

    Someone had to record a few minutes of themselves just running around in the game

  76. Crunchy Cheese

    Crunchy Cheese

    6 mesi fa

    This was in an AndrewJRT video

  77. mega bros cool

    mega bros cool

    6 mesi fa

    it so funny

  78. Tyson Pelletier

    Tyson Pelletier

    6 mesi fa

    inkwell isle 2 remix anyone ?

  79. Lewis


    7 mesi fa

    When you lose your mum at the supermarket.

  80. Aapeli Liimatta

    Aapeli Liimatta

    7 mesi fa

    Lmao turn on the English subtitles

  81. hentai hero

    hentai hero

    7 mesi fa

    When you cant find your mom in the mall

  82. Imperfect Fractals

    Imperfect Fractals

    7 mesi fa


  83. TheSeerLlama


    7 mesi fa

    leg day

  84. Joel Shepherd Ultra instinct mastered SS infinity

    Joel Shepherd Ultra instinct mastered SS infinity

    7 mesi fa

    Rockwell isle

  85. Reshii


    7 mesi fa

    When you chasing cops

  86. Makamakazi


    7 mesi fa

    I dont know why but seeing cuphead run really fast is really funny

  87. Dan Martin

    Dan Martin

    8 mesi fa

    People with Corona be like:

  88. UnderDroid


    8 mesi fa

    Come to challenge dorami video

  89. Diego Suarez

    Diego Suarez

    8 mesi fa

    And love song

  90. DigitalDemon43


    8 mesi fa

    Cuphead hunting for his lost Smash Ultimate acceptance letter: 0:49 - 1:11

  91. Megan ememem

    Megan ememem

    8 mesi fa

    Me when I hear my pizza rolls are ready

  92. Caitlin J

    Caitlin J

    8 mesi fa

    If you want to make it better the cover the speaker and then take you hand of and repeatedly do it

  93. Andrui


    8 mesi fa

    This look like a Cyriak video music

  94. Mr Sir

    Mr Sir

    9 mesi fa

    When you check to see if you done everything in a game

  95. Lilith


    9 mesi fa

    me trying to clean up the dishes before my parents come home

  96. Wilgica


    9 mesi fa

    Golly Cuphead, I don’t think that was sugar!

  97. Black dragon anims

    Black dragon anims

    9 mesi fa

    We gonna be *RUNNING IN THE 90's*

  98. robobrain 3000

    robobrain 3000

    9 mesi fa

    Edit-never mind

  99. robobrain 3000

    robobrain 3000

    9 mesi fa

    3:08 when you got to go but you don’t want to lol

  100. Glitchtrap Glitch

    Glitchtrap Glitch

    9 mesi fa

    When you forgot your things that you bought at a shop

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