Cut the Cord- Instrumental Version and Original Music Video- The Living Tombstone ft. EileMonty

Instrumental version of Cut the Cord. See the original song and music video here:

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➢Music Production - Custom Phase CustomPhase
and Yoav Landau
➢Lyrics - Cien Miller (Crusher-P) CCrusherP
and Zirah
➢Guitar Recording - Or "Orko" Cohen
➢Vocals - EileMonty EileMonty
➢Vocal Tuning and Editing - Fruutella freddy_hoof
➢Sound FX Design - Dan Pugsley
➢Voice Actress - Monica Franco L0Litsmonica
➢Animation - Ryan Krzak (RWappin) rwappin
➢Video Editing and Color Correction - Pedro Calvo
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You’ve pulled a few strings,
Stolen my ideas
Taken my kindness for granted,
You’re not worth all the tears

I see you’re slipping stitches,
Your setup so passé
It's an easy victory for me
when your work's so cliché
Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish for a change?
Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish today?
Cut the cord
Mark the pins
You’re not bad at darning, darling
But that doesn't mean anything
Cut the cord,
and mark the pins,
You're not bad at what you do,
but that doesn't mean a thing
Seamless needlework
tailoring the perfect trim
I've got so much work to do,
where on earth do I begin?

Fearless infantry
Stand behind me in my stride
Stopping's not an option
when your goals are anything like mine
You've put up a fight,
Tearing at the inseam
Watching everything falling apart
won't keep me from my dream


  1. Robbie the ControllER!

    Robbie the ControllER!

    3 mesi fa

    The round sunglasses reminds me of angle dust's Addicted music video.

  2. J C

    J C

    3 mesi fa

    3:21 Don't mind me, I just wanna learn to play this part on pian

  3. Mr. L

    Mr. L

    4 mesi fa

    When you become the very thing you tried to destroy

  4. Delfoniy


    5 mesi fa

    2:58 My face When I go to the sans in the understall

  5. Rayzor


    5 mesi fa

    This video gives me a bit of a weird feeling. My favorite part of the song is definitely the music, but it's just not the same without the lyrics.

  6. why its none of your business

    why its none of your business

    5 mesi fa

    I can hear the lyric in my head like its playing in another room

  7. Zak Mills Music

    Zak Mills Music

    5 mesi fa

    Me: *looking for a ghost* The ghost *hidden* Me: *plays this instrumental* The ghost: *CUT THE CORRRRRDDDDDDDDD

  8. Legosi is best boi

    Legosi is best boi

    6 mesi fa

    For some reason, I can still hear the singing in my head...

  9. Aaron


    7 mesi fa

    0:28 Best part imo

  10. Kirbo The Wirbo

    Kirbo The Wirbo

    9 mesi fa

    From pink to green to blond to white to red

  11. Zion Hills

    Zion Hills

    10 mesi fa

    Man I love this song,can’t stop hearing

  12. Netosilvagames


    10 mesi fa

    AAAA why i'm hearing her voice singing too far aaaaa

  13. Danganbro


    10 mesi fa

    Can someone explain the locust part

  14. Its_me_Tony


    10 mesi fa

    Sounds a lot like Edds world ;p

  15. Ninguem


    11 mesi fa

    I can heard the voices of the song a little its strange

  16. Максим Цай

    Максим Цай

    11 mesi fa

    Yes, Subtitle Give me!!

  17. Samael Morningstar

    Samael Morningstar

    11 mesi fa

    It's been years and this song still has me feeling some sort of way about myself. I've recently become what I most hated after admiring it for so long.

  18. Pooky Boi Boi You Ate All my beans

    Pooky Boi Boi You Ate All my beans

    Anno fa

    Goodest Part 0:25 0:26 Also Who Watching in 2019?

  19. I’m Just Vibing

    I’m Just Vibing

    Anno fa

    I have found out this is the song but the words are quiet by a lot

  20. Xri Art and Comics Channel

    Xri Art and Comics Channel

    Anno fa

    I thought of the words in my head and then I started hearing them as if they where coming from the video.

  21. Nut


    Anno fa

    0:32. *YEET*

  22. Questem


    Anno fa

    *My girl over here looking like Izuku Midoriya*

  23. Azure Zabasa

    Azure Zabasa

    Anno fa

    i hear voices im crazy

  24. Troll YACOv

    Troll YACOv

    Anno fa


  25. Sadie Hill

    Sadie Hill

    Anno fa

    i can hear the lyrics XD

  26. Mimen


    Anno fa

    Lesson: *Too late for apologize.*

  27. Nataly Espinoza

    Nataly Espinoza

    Anno fa

    Reupload the video, finally

  28. Bernice Colas

    Bernice Colas

    Anno fa

    Ive been looking for this THANKS TOMBSTONE

  29. Crussious


    2 anni fa

    Is it ok to still hear the voice singing?

  30. Royal254Ryan123


    2 anni fa

    950th comment.

  31. LuigiDoll McShorts

    LuigiDoll McShorts

    2 anni fa

    Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like the FNAF 1 instrumental?

  32. Sandvich Mann

    Sandvich Mann

    2 anni fa

    It's shocking what people will do for fame and money.

  33. TheSalsaGuy


    2 anni fa

    You see, this way we can appreciate how good the animation is!

  34. Pixine


    2 anni fa

  35. Pixine


    2 anni fa

    While watching this, I was thinking of the singing in my head

  36. Peter Alves

    Peter Alves

    2 anni fa

    Huh after a year and watching this. Has the animation changed?

  37. Teodoro Rosales

    Teodoro Rosales

    2 anni fa

    Edna mode

  38. wow i moved

    wow i moved

    2 anni fa

    If you listen really hard, you can still hear the voice

  39. Sasha Krokhmal

    Sasha Krokhmal

    2 anni fa

    2:50 она похожа нагитлера

  40. Sasha Krokhmal

    Sasha Krokhmal

    2 anni fa

    Эта девочка была похожа на гитлера

  41. alphaghoul


    2 anni fa

    I just noticed an animation error, we can see the boy infront of the thin man when it’s supposed to be the other way around.


    2 anni fa

    I love this

  43. why its none of your business

    why its none of your business

    2 anni fa

    I can hear when it says "nobody to stand a chance in my way" I can hear the person singing it

  44. LethalMonarch


    2 anni fa

    I hear the lyrics :O

  45. introverted dido

    introverted dido

    2 anni fa

    This was a fucking great remix

  46. David Alston

    David Alston

    3 anni fa

    whoa cause of fashion.

  47. emlel


    3 anni fa

    Hitlers daughter

  48. Quinn AKA God Of Monkeys

    Quinn AKA God Of Monkeys

    3 anni fa

    Fuck the what

  49. It's Hannah 12

    It's Hannah 12

    3 anni fa

    So I couldn’t help but notice her hair color so here’s my theory Pink- kindness Green- sadness Yellow- Happiness / success / achievement White- confidence / courage Red- rage / murderous intentions / evil Purple/black? (Can’t tell) - regret The white kinda threw me off a bit At first I thought it was just like the lighting making it change color but then I saw how many different colors there were Tell me what you think :)

    • Commander ApeTrully

      Commander ApeTrully

      2 anni fa

      The last one is brown and the yellow is blonde

  50. levi


    3 anni fa

    Cut the cord to the internet!

  51. Panda Hearts

    Panda Hearts

    3 anni fa

    I don't know it feels kinda empty without the lyrics Don't get me wrong it's actually really good :3

  52. Elliot Verver

    Elliot Verver

    3 anni fa

    this reminds me of Motor head the band

  53. Softichill


    3 anni fa

    I just realized the blimp in the beginning had a TLT on it...

  54. Persun McPersonson

    Persun McPersonson

    3 anni fa

    99% better than most mainstream music videos.

  55. Николай Человечный

    Николай Человечный

    3 anni fa


  56. City Guard

    City Guard

    3 anni fa

    I think this is a metaphor for something... no matter how bad it may be, people will find anything popular

  57. Agustin Toranzo

    Agustin Toranzo

    3 anni fa

    si le suben total a su celular se daran cuenta que al fon se escucha la quien canta

  58. Minuki


    3 anni fa

    This sounds so different without the sound effects...

  59. jplyra


    3 anni fa

    Who feels like the áudio of the voice is playing in your head?

  60. lapis 18

    lapis 18

    3 anni fa

    War never chang.... *this video*

  61. Rufina Duran

    Rufina Duran

    3 anni fa

    Fashion + killing = Fashion Frenzy

  62. [Deleted]


    3 anni fa

    i sill hear her singing. it's not in my head

  63. GoYayoTj


    3 anni fa

    here singingin background

  64. NATtokung :3

    NATtokung :3

    3 anni fa

    What did she anoucemented to those robots ???

  65. Otaku Alexander

    Otaku Alexander

    3 anni fa

    Wow, The Kill la Kill season 2 trailer looks amazing~!

  66. Six


    3 anni fa

    noticed the melody has all fnaf songs

  67. jaqcante


    3 anni fa

    3:00 WOW IT'S TAYLOR SWIFT FOR THE SONG BAD BLOOD!!! but I don't like bad blood tho....*cough*

  68. Luigi17


    3 anni fa

    3:36 when your friend kicks you in the d*ck

  69. Nataly Espinoza

    Nataly Espinoza

    3 anni fa

    X3 i just loved

  70. Manglania FNAF

    Manglania FNAF

    3 anni fa

    t het ok

  71. Nebz 1

    Nebz 1

    3 anni fa

    have you guys noticed her hair changed colour? well here it is 0:25 pink hair 0:36 green 0:50 blond 1:34 white 2:45 red 3:24 brown i think 3:35 black..?

    • maddix! The eddsworld hater rewritten

      maddix! The eddsworld hater rewritten

      4 mesi fa

      Press the black hair time stamp 3 times and the girl looks weirder (idk if this is just my phone but her mouth and glasses look more pixelated and weird and it zooms in)

    • Nebz 1

      Nebz 1

      5 mesi fa

      @Aatu Hujala feels weird seeing my old comments and yes i have no fashion sense

    • Aatu Hujala

      Aatu Hujala

      5 mesi fa

      Nebz, so you dont know anything about fashion.

    • Sweecose


      Anno fa

      Nebz 1 Nah, 2:45 to end was all red, it’s just because of the colour scheme and lighting that it looks brown/black

  72. indeepj


    3 anni fa

    Me VS A Weaker Player In A Nutshell

  73. Huyen Tran

    Huyen Tran

    3 anni fa

    It was a shame that ruined her own dream

  74. bootito aguacate

    bootito aguacate

    3 anni fa

    Aaron this is not you!

  75. LiamCat


    3 anni fa


  76. Lit M8

    Lit M8

    3 anni fa


  77. Kirk


    3 anni fa

    who is watching this in 7017?

  78. D.Paradox


    3 anni fa

    ...why does this look like animated James to me....

  79. MxlkyJvlly


    3 anni fa

    reminds me of superjail..

  80. LouisLetsPlay I LLP

    LouisLetsPlay I LLP

    3 anni fa

    Is this... human that killed that lady a girl or boy??? Pls tell me :(

    • Lyxie Veillelune

      Lyxie Veillelune

      3 anni fa

      Lets Go! I think it's a girl

  81. spicy marbles

    spicy marbles

    3 anni fa

    Can I hear the voices or is my head messing with me?

  82. Ethan Bolay

    Ethan Bolay

    3 anni fa

    The girl that killed the other girl was stupid she just fucking bashed thorough her fashion place!!!

  83. Trollface Gaming

    Trollface Gaming

    3 anni fa

    kill la kill 2

  84. Derek Bennett

    Derek Bennett

    3 anni fa

    That ladie should just let her make clothes jeesh

  85. Jerry Jupiter M.

    Jerry Jupiter M.

    3 anni fa

    Attached at 2:13

  86. The Flash

    The Flash

    3 anni fa

    Ending 3 of 3: Genocide Route.

    • Winter


      9 mesi fa

      *Undertale reference*

  87. ChocolateDonut Dog

    ChocolateDonut Dog

    3 anni fa


  88. BurningTurtle


    3 anni fa

    Does no one see the connection between the expression "cut the cord" as in separating yourself from your mother in this song?

  89. MrDaniel Boi

    MrDaniel Boi

    3 anni fa


  90. Zack Iron Minecraft

    Zack Iron Minecraft

    3 anni fa

    Why does the girl whos killing the lady looks like a boy

  91. sammy33


    3 anni fa

    he stole my hair style

  92. Jared Ritter

    Jared Ritter

    3 anni fa

    Fashion designer turned fascist. Fashist.

  93. Chip Gonzalez

    Chip Gonzalez

    3 anni fa

    how come the girls hair keeps on changing?

  94. KPT KITS


    3 anni fa

    Glad I found you 5-4 years ago

  95. 0-Aurora And friends-0

    0-Aurora And friends-0

    3 anni fa

    hey can you make me something please I don't mind but could you make me a song call starlovaina plz//

  96. Mr ElectrickZ

    Mr ElectrickZ

    3 anni fa

    Please remix song build you machine

  97. Patricia Moreno Ordenes

    Patricia Moreno Ordenes

    3 anni fa

    bendi song

  98. ImNameA I DontKnow

    ImNameA I DontKnow

    3 anni fa

    Come on make a new song

  99. Mexican Predator

    Mexican Predator

    3 anni fa

    nice work

  100. Blemished Laeranafellian

    Blemished Laeranafellian

    3 anni fa


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