Cut the Cord- Original Song and Music Video- The Living Tombstone ft. EileMonty

Original Music Video for the new original song, Cut the Cord.

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➢Music Production - Custom Phase CustomPhase
and Yoav Landau
➢Lyrics - Cien Miller (Crusher-P) CCrusherP
and Zirah
➢Guitar Recording - Or "Orko" Cohen
➢Vocals - EileMonty EileMonty
➢Vocal Tuning and Editing - Fruutella freddy_hoof
➢Sound FX Design - Dan Pugsley
➢Voice Actress - Monica Franco L0Litsmonica
➢Animation - Ryan Krzak (RWappin) rwappin
➢Video Editing and Color Correction - Pedro Calvo
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You’ve pulled a few strings,
Stolen my ideas
Taken my kindness for granted,
You’re not worth all the tears

I see you’re slipping stitches,
Your setup so passé
It's an easy victory for me
when your work's so cliché
Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish for a change?
Nobody stands a chance here in my way
is it so wrong to be selfish today?
Cut the cord
Mark the pins
You’re not bad at darning, darling
But that doesn't mean anything
Cut the cord,
and mark the pins,
You're not bad at what you do,
but that doesn't mean a thing
Seamless needlework
tailoring the perfect trim
I've got so much work to do,
where on earth do I begin?

Fearless infantry
Stand behind me in my stride
Stopping's not an option
when your goals are anything like mine
You've put up a fight,
Tearing at the inseam
Watching everything falling apart
won't keep me from my dream


  1. The Living Tombstone

    The Living Tombstone

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    • Cristina Medeiros

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      sepon bop

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      I can just do not like it This one Get now

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  2. لقد ترجمت هذا الطالب الذي يذاكر كثيرا

    لقد ترجمت هذا الطالب الذي يذاكر كثيرا

    9 ore fa

    Me and the boys when we fail art school: 2:44

  3. Petrisor bragagiu

    Petrisor bragagiu

    10 ore fa

    nobody the backround people: =)

  4. S4NT14G0 PR0

    S4NT14G0 PR0

    12 ore fa

    She looks like Wanda of the Fairly Oddparents ._.XD

  5. BysTry yrTsyB

    BysTry yrTsyB

    12 ore fa

    Jokes compolation: Literally every TvZ game All: dis is about don be so far in war. Me: oh thats the world, no matter how good are you, authority is most important and also BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD I will extend it with new jokes that o haven't seen here lol

  6. ZMOT


    13 ore fa

    Ela and Zofia

  7. Kash Gaming79

    Kash Gaming79

    Giorno fa

    Here's a theory of the music video

  8. Anthony Kent Basmayor

    Anthony Kent Basmayor

    Giorno fa

    thats how hitler feel after he was being unaccepted

  9. Coffe and Cookies

    Coffe and Cookies

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    3:39 animation error

  10. Pikablue_45


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    This is our world fighting for something that just makes it worse

  11. IAS_ARIE2005


    2 giorni fa

    “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering”

  12. Pan Caliente

    Pan Caliente

    2 giorni fa

    ww2 in a nutshell

  13. EL ARTU


    2 giorni fa

    buenisimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me encanta nunca te dejare sos el mejor uwu

  14. Jenny Sydenstricker

    Jenny Sydenstricker

    3 giorni fa

    This used to legit be my jam-

  15. BellaRose World

    BellaRose World

    3 giorni fa

    New merch is cool

  16. Neon Crossing

    Neon Crossing

    3 giorni fa

    Dang. The animation and song is soooooo great. I wish I could animate like this.

  17. AshoXD


    3 giorni fa

    I saw the thumbnail photo and i trought she was a boy

  18. Otaka animadora

    Otaka animadora

    3 giorni fa

    I shared this music with my dad,he loved the song

  19. Aubrey McLean

    Aubrey McLean

    3 giorni fa

    2:59 Me when my brother gets annoying (My dad said I was a vicious kid. Don’t want to do into details.)

    • Crimson Hurricane

      Crimson Hurricane

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      Nobody fucking cares

    • Sparky


      3 giorni fa

      No one asked

  20. Angelo Tambaoan

    Angelo Tambaoan

    4 giorni fa

    Lol why her face it's ugly with green hair lol

  21. Brian smart dog

    Brian smart dog

    4 giorni fa

    2017 to 2020 is good

  22. Maisy Wolf

    Maisy Wolf

    4 giorni fa

    This girl is a literally psycho

  23. Ger Pal

    Ger Pal

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  24. Espeon7 O

    Espeon7 O

    4 giorni fa

    C0n 70u r36d th1$?

  25. Melanie Kloster

    Melanie Kloster

    4 giorni fa

    Her hair colour expresses her emotions niccee

  26. Lidia Tansil

    Lidia Tansil

    4 giorni fa

    About that girl:Her hair always change in all scene

  27. nicollas 408

    nicollas 408

    5 giorni fa

    +_+ omg

  28. Speed Boi

    Speed Boi

    5 giorni fa

    The start reminds me of acid factory

  29. The Hand Who Speaks In Mans

    The Hand Who Speaks In Mans

    6 giorni fa

    Girl: breaks into designer's factory by blowing up a wall Designer: kicks her out Girl: so you have chosen, death

  30. Espeon7 O

    Espeon7 O

    6 giorni fa

    This is amazing 👁👄👁👌🏻

  31. CIROGAMER0 yt


    6 giorni fa

    hitler version mujer

  32. Makeup For Melanin

    Makeup For Melanin

    6 giorni fa

    The two words that describe this are: Amazing and deep.

  33. VNM Playz

    VNM Playz

    6 giorni fa

    All colours Hitler girl took: 1st:pink 2nd:green 3rd:blonde 4th:grey(or white,your choice:D) 5th:red (Pretty short but worth mentioning)

  34. Gladys Herrera

    Gladys Herrera

    7 giorni fa

    Megusto este vídeo musical👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥♥♥

  35. Klevi Fjolla

    Klevi Fjolla

    7 giorni fa

    Thank you Yoav

  36. Athifa Izzatunnisa

    Athifa Izzatunnisa

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  37. yeast


    7 giorni fa

    since when did Willy Wonka's chocolate factory turn into a clothing factory

    • Eliza Wright

      Eliza Wright

      5 giorni fa

      I Had no frickin idea

  38. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    Darth Plagueis the Wise

    7 giorni fa

    Kid girl hax

  39. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine

    8 giorni fa

    This is ONE designer. Imagine if Nike or Adidas went this hard.

    • Lucky Dove

      Lucky Dove

      7 giorni fa

      All of us would die cause the bots would have corona.

  40. Hans Loop

    Hans Loop

    8 giorni fa

    Ok but how did she break through the wall at the beginning?

  41. Connor Jackson

    Connor Jackson

    8 giorni fa

    she is now ded inside

  42. I wasn’t me Blue was an imposter

    I wasn’t me Blue was an imposter

    8 giorni fa

    Area 51 drones coming after me after I found hand sanitizer that kills 100% of germs 🦠 1:54

  43. Saeizo


    8 giorni fa

    Another sociopath song, nice xD

  44. D. E. N.

    D. E. N.

    8 giorni fa

    никита молодец (поймут те кто смотрел русские субтитры)

  45. quewee


    8 giorni fa

    When she said: "I have so much work to do, where on earth do i begin?" I felt that.

  46. Ant’s-hi _ll-_-

    Ant’s-hi _ll-_-

    9 giorni fa

    Basically, this is how I depict Military over reigning/overpowering, Politics and Religion.

  47. antonio Vargas Romero

    antonio Vargas Romero

    10 giorni fa

    Tus acciones tienen consecuencias por eso Piénsalo antes de actuar

  48. LRPlayz


    10 giorni fa

    Something no one comments anymore but the hair changes with there emotions

  49. Ryqueezy


    10 giorni fa

    Every time the protagonist’s hair color changes, it shows a different deadly sin. Pink/yellow: Pride Green: Jealousy White: Envy (I think) Red: Wrath Black: Regret

  50. Iliana Moya

    Iliana Moya

    10 giorni fa

    what show is this supposed to be?

  51. Jacob


    10 giorni fa

    In every seen her hair changes colours

  52. Michael Prado

    Michael Prado

    10 giorni fa

    me trying to watch the whole video and not trying to look at coments

  53. Blueberry • Sans

    Blueberry • Sans

    10 giorni fa

    The girl who didn’t like her work: *fear intensifies*

  54. nросmо мuмuно

    nросmо мuмuно

    11 giorni fa


  55. Lulu BEANS

    Lulu BEANS

    11 giorni fa

    1:42 me when i clean my room

  56. strawberry_owo


    11 giorni fa

    Sad end 😢

  57. Зендер


    11 giorni fa

    Still, I feel sorry for both of them ...

  58. Athena UwU

    Athena UwU

    11 giorni fa

    How much hair dye did this girl go though-

  59. JJ himself

    JJ himself

    11 giorni fa

    I noticed something that's going to bug me the kid at the end was put on the wrong layer so he floats above another passerby

  60. Lisa :3

    Lisa :3

    12 giorni fa

    Webi wabo 👍

  61. undertale react and gameing and me i guess

    undertale react and gameing and me i guess

    12 giorni fa

    our world fighting covid19

    • You'reNotFirst


      11 giorni fa

      how original. covid jokes.

  62. Espeon7 O

    Espeon7 O

    12 giorni fa


  63. Alex 349

    Alex 349

    12 giorni fa

    No entiendi xdd pero igual me gusto

  64. Batyrkhan Tnalin

    Batyrkhan Tnalin

    12 giorni fa

    wait the living tombstone from fnaf

    • Darren Plays Games

      Darren Plays Games

      5 giorni fa


  65. LocalTems


    13 giorni fa

    when 0 bobux

  66. doom slayer

    doom slayer

    13 giorni fa

    Blue wins But a what cost?

  67. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    13 giorni fa


  68. Hailey Jones

    Hailey Jones

    13 giorni fa

    i needed this so i can click on my prof don't mind me lol

  69. reggaegirl123


    13 giorni fa

    Wow.This song made me have a feeling I don't even have

  70. TheBlackRev3nger 09

    TheBlackRev3nger 09

    13 giorni fa

    2:53 Fortnite Team Rumble in a nutshell

  71. Shiny Mudkip

    Shiny Mudkip

    14 giorni fa

    Omg i miss this i watched this when i was 10 now im 14

    • IPadIsDaBest


      13 giorni fa


  72. Grant 17

    Grant 17

    14 giorni fa

    You know she would’ve probably accepted her if she didn’t enter by breaking down that wall.

  73. Mr GamerZ

    Mr GamerZ

    14 giorni fa

    Me: this animation sucks My sister: so interesting

  74. Mr. Guy

    Mr. Guy

    15 giorni fa

    Team fortress 3 trailer

  75. María Isabel Malhue

    María Isabel Malhue

    15 giorni fa

    temazo😎😎😎👌👌👌👌amo tu canal

  76. Xavier Huff

    Xavier Huff

    15 giorni fa

    teen gits rejected i ges in hitler

  77. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    15 giorni fa

    People who are always cord cutting don't have anybody

  78. smile mask

    smile mask

    15 giorni fa

    The powrles girl turned into black ops commander

  79. Raudel Alvarez

    Raudel Alvarez

    15 giorni fa

    If you all didn't notice, she changes her hair every time she has a change of emotions" red:angry (or sad) / green:selfish / blonde:proud / pink:astonished and happy) pink: 0:24 " green: 0:36 " blonde: 0:55 red: 2:44 ).

  80. Something Interesting

    Something Interesting

    15 giorni fa

    Since when were fashion designers allowed to buy minigins

  81. AkSoLoTl TV

    AkSoLoTl TV

    16 giorni fa

    какаята девка: становится гитлером потомучто кумир не принял ее ее кумир: сука гитлер номер 2

  82. Lad


    16 giorni fa

    What kinda world do they love at where all of the stuff what happened was legal and none of them got arrested

  83. wolvesanddogs


    16 giorni fa

    Bakugo Mitsuki?

  84. Pixel


    16 giorni fa

    The girl is changing the color of her hair depending her emotions. Cool!

  85. Corbin Bratcher

    Corbin Bratcher

    16 giorni fa

    why does this remind me of No Straight Roads

  86. Ni na

    Ni na

    16 giorni fa

    I think it's the older woman's fault more she sent bunch of robots when the girl was working just because she was jealous. That is what made the girl go turbo mode on her.

  87. henry stickmin

    henry stickmin

    16 giorni fa

    Ww2 be like

    • TheSlanksterWam


      16 giorni fa

      this has no similarities to ww2 but ok

  88. Peter Porker

    Peter Porker

    17 giorni fa

    This girl does a couple of things I don’t understand Become hitler Make death robots Get away with several crimes And have 6 separate hair color changes

  89. trash


    17 giorni fa

    Pink - happy Green - envy Yellow - proud White - determination Red - anger Black - regret

  90. NeXuS


    17 giorni fa

    Why does this look like a edds world episode

    • alexi's here for sketches

      alexi's here for sketches

      17 giorni fa


    • alexi's here for sketches

      alexi's here for sketches

      17 giorni fa


  91. Daniela _uwo

    Daniela _uwo

    17 giorni fa

    I used to hear a lot this song when it just got public and now 2 or 3 years later i got it recomended uwu

  92. alexabella savage love

    alexabella savage love

    18 giorni fa

    so tronge

  93. smookie cookies

    smookie cookies

    18 giorni fa

    I remember my friend showing me this years ago, and I don’t regret it

  94. Oodles&noodles


    18 giorni fa

    Bruh I seen this when I was 8

  95. Maya Bartholomew

    Maya Bartholomew

    18 giorni fa

    This is about capitalism because the character that the girl had idolized turns out to reject her, this causes her to revolt against him. She becomes the evil corporation that she wanted to destroy, by competing against her foe she becomes like them in every way. Eventually we see her with an army of robots, just like her rival. Even though she wins, she hasn’t beaten the system at all, she only becomes a part of it

    • Maya Bartholomew

      Maya Bartholomew

      18 giorni fa

      In short, a corporation is only evil when it harms the public. Corporations are meant to serve the public

    • Maya Bartholomew

      Maya Bartholomew

      18 giorni fa

      This might be an extreme criticism, not all agendas are evil, but all of them have to be self-interested and aimed towards making a profit even if they have vague motives

    • Maya Bartholomew

      Maya Bartholomew

      18 giorni fa

      The only way to beat capitalism is to stop buying into things or coming up with ideas

    • Maya Bartholomew

      Maya Bartholomew

      18 giorni fa

      In the end you can also see the people wearing the cut up clothes that she advertised, meaning that no matter what you do, beating capitalism will only make you part of it

    • Maya Bartholomew

      Maya Bartholomew

      18 giorni fa

      Also capitalism relies on self-interest of the corporation, a corporation has to be invested in itself to work properly and must care about its employees if it wants to be successful. Anything outside of capitalism is just commodified into capitalism

  96. Kwena Lebethe

    Kwena Lebethe

    18 giorni fa

    Never be a fashion designer

  97. Angela Oring

    Angela Oring

    19 giorni fa

    Is that her mother or boss? Wait if her hair is green and why did her hair turn to blond and why did her hair turn white this doesnt make any sense

  98. MadDog Of Shimano

    MadDog Of Shimano

    19 giorni fa

    The term *Never meet your heroes* comes to mind, eh?

  99. ISantilax


    19 giorni fa

    remake this song with a better animation

  100. luna


    19 giorni fa


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