Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location Song-I Can’t Fix You(FNAFSL)-The Living Tombstone & Crusher-P

Warning: This video contains flashing images and lights!
Back again with the official release of the FNAF song you have all been anticipating since the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location!

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Full Credits:
➢ Song by Yoav Landau and Cien Miller (Crusher-P)
➢ Music Production by Custom Phase and Yoav Landau
➢ Vocals by Cien Miller (Crusher-P), Yoav Landau, Freddy van Hoof (Fruutella) and Adi Ember
➢ Guitars by Orko
➢ Vocal Editing and Tuning: Freddy van Hoof (Fruutella)
➢ Visuals by Pedro Calvo
➢ Cute FNAF Intro Art by Mary Cagle (Cubewatermelon)
➢ Lyrics Animation by Andrew Duemig

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I've been trying for so long,
to sing you the right song
To show you something different every day
so you hear what I have to say
like puzzle pieces
and now we're here at a standstill
I wonder if you feel
the kind of pain that rips your insides out?
that's something I know all about,
shocking, ain't it?

Is it because I can't be her
made your mistakes and make me hurt
I can't fix you
Is it because I can't be her
made me awake and make me hurt
I can't fix you

I can feel my heart breaking,
mistakes I've been making
I'm running out of patience to pretend
This isn't how I'll let it end,
my feigning fading
You've been mourning your loss here,
and that's grinding my gears
how can a human lose their self control
theres nothing left to make you whole
I'm done explaining

This is what happens when you leave it to someone
if you want it done right you should do it yourself
You oversaturate your world with nothing but
You might make everyone happy but you're dead
just like me

and now we're here at a standstill
I wonder if you feel
the kind of pain that rips your insides out?
that's something I know all about,
shocking, ain't it?
We have a lot more in common
than you would be calm with
It's like we're the same person, me and you
We both don't know we can do....
#fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys


  1. Heiress Syren Agnas

    Heiress Syren Agnas

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    Killer Sans

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  4. tripptrev


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  5. Dinnerbone Studios Studios

    Dinnerbone Studios Studios

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  7. Ryoko Henka

    Ryoko Henka

    3 ore fa

    I remember when me and my cousin laughed whenever those minirenas danced without a head-

  8. anti-social-kun


    4 ore fa

    I remember when this song first came out I was to scared to watch it, but now I like this song lol

  9. talaveraz martin

    talaveraz martin

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  10. Teddy Milanesas777

    Teddy Milanesas777

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  11. Samantha H

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    the animatronics: *ripping their themselves apart* william: I guess we didn't need the scooping room.

  12. Airank


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    I like to think this is where Scott got inspiration for Molten Freddy

  13. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

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  14. Pug Galaxy

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  18. Purple Guy

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    14 ore fa

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  29. Polina Matyusheva

    Polina Matyusheva

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    yo I'm a baby fnaf fan so im confused - why are they doing this?

  30. unknown animations

    unknown animations

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  38. Myko PlayEZ

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  39. Myko PlayEZ

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  40. Pierson Denning

    Pierson Denning

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    Song being great aside the message in the middle is honestly a great thing to comprehend



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    Rock ruff

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    What is this OMG 😳 Nice 👍🏼

  51. TheDrawingCattus


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    3:00 i love that they didn't to the "we have much more in common that you think" they went with "we have much more in common than you would be calm with" and for no reason that really impressed me how they went out of the box and went with something new but it still fitted in the song like a puzzle piece, i don't know why i am so impressed by it too

  52. Julia Wright

    Julia Wright

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      @Alejandro R nah he still cute as hell UvU

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    I love how the drums sound in this it’s awesome 😏

  59. Henry Battrell

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  60. X Æ A-12

    X Æ A-12

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    I came back after about 8 months.. Im still worthy 😭

  61. Just a random gamer On the web

    Just a random gamer On the web

    Giorno fa

    Okay so I think it’s time I wrote down what this music tells me the first time I listened to it ( long before I knew about fnaf‘s history ) « I always imagined an old man , alone in his dark place of work. He had gray hair and and a moustache of the same color. He always worked hard to make his little creations : puppets. Mechanical puppets. It was always a bit creepy to see his place filled with wires , metallic parts and often metallic skulls. In all this mechanical graveyard , you would always see him working in the dark , only to be enlightened by a small candle that never seemed to fade. As he once had a wife , the moment she passed out , he would work days and nights to finally create his masterpiece. A mechanical woman. It was just an animatronic, but not any animatronic : it was the spit image of his dead wife. But it was just a metallic shell , as it didn’t hold real life. But then he had an idea : he was going to make her a mechanical mind. She would be able to speak with him , to talk with him , but more importantly...her mind would be free. She would think like a human , not like a puppet. And so he worked days and months...and he finally build her. He started to talk to her , and she started to ask questions to him as she was still getting build Why am I here ? Who am I ? Who are you ? She asked all these in a calm , almost too quiet tone. As the old man started to answer her questions, he told her about his wife , about his life...about how he saw the smile of her wife in her. And the animatronic started to like the old man , as he took care of her and build her with all his love. But then one day , as she was complete, she started to walk. Surprised by the void there was when he wasn’t here. So she walked into his house , and she saw him dead on his bed. The old man died. The puppet felt her first emotion. Where she would have loved to feel the love of her creator again , she only felt pain. Incredible pain in her metallic chest. The kind of pain that turns your inside out. She left the house , hoping someone would take care of him. And she ran. She ran away as fast as she could , the only thing in her mind was the song she used to sing to her old creator when he started to build her. She called the song « I can’t fix you. » Ans as she faded away , she started singing this song again and again and it was the only memory she had of the old man. » The end

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    lance d. lauron

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    Lice The Gamer

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    I actually watched the whole vid when I was 6 and was completely full of confusion Now being a fnaf fan I totally get what’s going on Welp it’s good to feel like a kid again

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    cinco noches con alfredo

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    Rodrigo Torres

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  86. Technical Fun-Dip

    Technical Fun-Dip

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  87. Matthew West

    Matthew West

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  88. Limewasanimpostor


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    This is not your first time here isn't it true?

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    daniel jimenez

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    i like you music this cool

  90. Ǣṉõm̆àl̥̄ẏ


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    i hate the FNAF lore. Its the most complicated shit i have ever seen EVEN more complicated than programming

  91. Dev_Vive


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    last part doe ._.

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    Asep_R.N official

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    Uncle Jonh

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    Gonna be honest,the video is fucking scary,I love the songs but the video is horrifying.Don't even ask me why I'm scared of this

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    Angela Hu

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    Wow!! This is amazing!!! Keep up the great work!!!! (Also the animation!!!!! POG!!!)

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