Gameboy Advance SP Blue Edition (Oney Plays) Creepypasta Song- The Living Tombstone

Based on the creepypasta written and produced by Chris O'Neill (OneyPlays) -
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➢Music Production - Yoav Landau, Custom Phase - CustomPhase
➢Lead Vocals - Rena -
➢Lyrics - Yoav Landau, Bobby Yarsulik (BSlick) -
➢Vocal Editing and Tuning - Fruutella -
➢Guitar Recordings - Orko
➢Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins - Recursion Music -
➢Cover Art - Cien Miller (Crusher-P) -
➢Video Production-➢Andrew Duemig-

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V1: It was years ago, as a fully grown boy, I, was jumping in the street and I
Was clobbered by, a car into a window
That was when I saw, a game boy advance, S-P-, blue edition,
But my fa-mi-ly, can barely afford gold.
As I stared at him, into his eyes… he said, “Mom, mamaaa”, as he held it in his tiny hands...
I started running and I screamed, and, shoved him to the ground, took, that GBA from he...

V2: Got inside, my house, with a big, smelly han-dle, snuck past all my parentals
and then I blew my candle out.
As I pressed the boooton with my feenge, did not, know, what it’d, bring me...
Or what, its all a-bout…
And a little man appeared on screen, his, name was Mare-e-o, he sprints at fast speeds such as my own...
Pressed another boooton and he jumped, I screamed when he disappeared, and, I feared, he wouldn’t, come...
CHORUS: Just stay away, from my gameboy ad-vance, S, P, blue edition
(You better back, away my friend)
You can’t take away, my gameboy ad-vance, S, P, blue edition
(Not even from, my cold, dead hands)
V3: The screen turned black, it had turned into a big, hole, “Is this a hole I see, before me?”
And it echoed like a hole…
There was mare-e-o, and his gra-phics were jumbled, realistic skin, pores
and chapped, lips … and I tried, to change, it...
Then Mare-e-o he did not move, all, that he did was scream, and my skin turned rotten and green…
I feared the worst, and so I, tossed, that, gameboy out the window, it came, back again...
BRIDGE: I snuck inside of the little boys room, I wanted to tell him that I was wrong
But when I turned the lights on, the room was full of people in black
I said “who the flip are you people? Is that your boy there inside that box?”
A priest said, “lower that box”, then I sprinted towards the coffin
I yelled to free me of this curse, then Mare-e-o appeared, but then gaussian blurred away
Appeared again, said learned my les-son, clicked his mustache, then I woke, the next, day.
CHORUS: Just stay away, from my gameboy ad-vance, S, P, blue edition
(You better back, away my friend)
You can’t take away, my gameboy ad-vance, S, P, blue edition
(Not even from, my cold, dead hands)


  1. The Living Tombstone

    The Living Tombstone

    2 anni fa

    Now in stores and streaming places :-D ➢Spotify - ➢iTunes - ➢Apple Music -

    • Benjamin Nguyen

      Benjamin Nguyen

      20 giorni fa

      Lol thx for this.

    • Yorha


      7 mesi fa

      @IVAN LIMA un the creppypasta . The protagonist is a boy not girl. I have 2 answers . He is a trap or the living tombstone ignored It



      7 mesi fa

      u are girl or guy?

    • Yorha


      7 mesi fa

      This song need a red Edition

    • The Strawhat Hero

      The Strawhat Hero

      Anno fa

      el cubito con cara ironic isn't it

  2. dark link

    dark link

    4 giorni fa

    You cant take away my gameboy advance SP red edition not even from my cold dead hands Huh I should put in the line

  3. Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith

    5 giorni fa

    I remember playing the Game Boy Advance! God I'm old, lol.

  4. Luis Romero

    Luis Romero

    15 giorni fa

    I still listening this song every day :)

  5. #BatWho Laughs

    #BatWho Laughs

    16 giorni fa

    What a good song.

  6. Stupid idiot human

    Stupid idiot human

    17 giorni fa

    So you ain’t gonna mention the eggs on toast? Aight

  7. qwerty uiop

    qwerty uiop

    19 giorni fa

    Woah guys I think we gotta back away from his Gameboy Advance S-P-, blue edition.

  8. Lillian Dudley

    Lillian Dudley

    20 giorni fa

    bro why would i want ur gameboy advanced blue eddition, when i got a windows 7 computer AND a *fire 7 T A B L E T* i got the two sevens; you might as well call me a 7-11 *bitch.* >:3

  9. kk


    22 giorni fa

    Soo. . . What is gaussian?

  10. pacoluigi


    24 giorni fa

    The coincidence is that I have a gba blue edition lol

  11. yvooh


    25 giorni fa

    I have that gameboy.....

  12. Aston Trevor Pedraja

    Aston Trevor Pedraja

    28 giorni fa

    Nice song i wish i can subrcibe 100000000000 likes and subcribe to you

  13. The Boi

    The Boi

    29 giorni fa

    Nintendo: Gameboy advance SP blue edition. Me: Gameboy advance StarPlatinum blue edition?

    • O.C.G. Channel

      O.C.G. Channel

      27 giorni fa


  14. Glizzy Bear

    Glizzy Bear

    Mese fa

    wdym oney plays he is a youtuber

  15. Allastor The radio demon

    Allastor The radio demon

    Mese fa

    Its been 2 years im replaying the song help.

  16. Trex YT

    Trex YT

    Mese fa

    1:08 LOL so hilarious!!!

  17. Kool


    Mese fa

    I'm so confused on what the freak the story is supposed to be

    • Wet Eyes Ocean Machine

      Wet Eyes Ocean Machine

      25 giorni fa

      Its a creepypasta written by oney from oneyplays

  18. Famed Gaming

    Famed Gaming

    Mese fa

    I love Jessi in the new FF7 remake. I just want to grab her by her metal breasts and throw her down the stairs ya know?

  19. Shift


    Mese fa

    “big smelly handle” this was 100% made by chris

  20. Uprivernote with h

    Uprivernote with h

    Mese fa

    This still doesn't explain the death of the kid and now I realize he's funerals at a his house and just why?

  21. Dissonance Paradiddle

    Dissonance Paradiddle

    Mese fa

    I want to hear Oney and co sing this 😅

  22. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    Mese fa

    Imagine an Among us song by tlt 😌

  23. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat

    Mese fa

    I love how the opening is basically the start of the Battle! (Dialga/Palkia) / Spear Pillar theme

  24. Pie Pierrot

    Pie Pierrot

    Mese fa

    What the fuck did I just watch? XD Well, at least it was catchy...

    • Wet Eyes Ocean Machine

      Wet Eyes Ocean Machine

      25 giorni fa

      A creepy pasta writte by oney from oneplays

  25. i liek gaems

    i liek gaems

    Mese fa

    hit subscribe so they can afford gold barely

  26. Fancy White

    Fancy White

    Mese fa

    Man these are good memories

  27. gregorio232


    Mese fa

    "Fuck You," Said Mario.

  28. Jx


    Mese fa

    Listening to this again for Boneyplays

  29. Benji Dwon

    Benji Dwon

    Mese fa

    Now I kinda wanna hear what it's be like if Chris himself sang this and posted it

    • Benji Dwon

      Benji Dwon

      Mese fa

      And just in case you don't know, Chris is Oney's real name

  30. dashat


    Mese fa

    *theif* played themselves!

  31. HighFire Bois

    HighFire Bois

    Mese fa

    TLT always has the bop of the music whether it is funny, serious or sad.



    Mese fa

    I still remember this song, I saw it like 2 years ago- Still slaps

  33. Dr. Diamond

    Dr. Diamond

    2 mesi fa

    These guys will write a song about literally anything

  34. Titi Titi

    Titi Titi

    2 mesi fa

    Aim love game boy advance sp color blue loves

  35. Halimatun - Saadiah

    Halimatun - Saadiah

    2 mesi fa

    I can't believe my eyes and ears and your self Edit: why tombstone for making a funny song but looks scary whyyyyyyyyyy

  36. The Dark Mage

    The Dark Mage

    2 mesi fa

    Hot damn 2:04

  37. HardCore Games

    HardCore Games

    2 mesi fa

    I love oney plays

  38. Egotastical


    2 mesi fa

    This was the Peak year for TLT. No hate man, but some of the newer stuff is... odd. (Not bad, just not my personal taste.)

  39. Yummy Noodle

    Yummy Noodle

    2 mesi fa

    The ending it’s so beutiful

  40. DragonaxFilms


    2 mesi fa

    Tomb's ability to make songs out of basically anything is both frightening and wonderful.

  41. ThatThingCalledTheGalaxy


    2 mesi fa

    story: gets hit by a car and goes flying into someone's window sees a gamebody advances SP blue edition in the kid's hand shoves him to the ground, steals it, then runs home, gets in bed and plays didnt like the graphics and then the game broke (i think) ?????? threw it out the window and then it jumped back through the window breaks back into the kid's room to say sorry, but he died mario does stuff end

    • Wef


      Mese fa

      Here's the original video this song is based on.

  42. Pupy 471

    Pupy 471

    2 mesi fa

    For some reason I got a Spanish McDonald's ad before this

  43. A.B Studios

    A.B Studios

    2 mesi fa

    I actually have a gameboy advance sp blue edition for a long time and the only thing that made me stop playing it was when I put in the super Mario all stars and I saw Mario saying hi b**ch and then the game started and then I never played again but I still have it in a box since I moved

    • A.B Studios

      A.B Studios

      2 mesi fa

      @TomatoBoy ok first I gotta find it but the Mario saying hi b**ch only happened one time and it didn’t happen again

    • TomatoBoy


      2 mesi fa

      Ok post a video of it

  44. Lucille Yuzuki

    Lucille Yuzuki

    2 mesi fa

    I don't know why but when i read "Game Boy" I thought in Sally face.... ;-;

  45. Em Scovell

    Em Scovell

    2 mesi fa

    Love reading all comments that are definitely from people who haven’t watched the original video

  46. Beeedril_7


    2 mesi fa

    I listen to this song nearing halloween

  47. Gavin Myre

    Gavin Myre

    2 mesi fa

    I dare you to turn on captions

  48. Zayn Mohamed

    Zayn Mohamed

    2 mesi fa


  49. HoneyToast


    2 mesi fa


  50. 〆Mutsugoroo〆


    2 mesi fa


  51. datgaming show

    datgaming show

    2 mesi fa

    Why is this good

  52. Alyssa McNicol

    Alyssa McNicol

    2 mesi fa

    at the start the captions just decide to want to all be there XD

  53. Gabe Games

    Gabe Games

    2 mesi fa

    I got a GBA sp blue edition around when this came out, and my brother showed me this song, and I thought my Gameboy was haunted, but I didn't really care. Nothing happened btw

  54. just a dude on youtube

    just a dude on youtube

    2 mesi fa


  55. Roman Afton

    Roman Afton

    2 mesi fa

    um... this is the girl that singed in fnaf sl song and in sound mind song?

  56. Weeb strangler

    Weeb strangler

    2 mesi fa

    *M O O D*

  57. Genevieve Le Valdes

    Genevieve Le Valdes

    2 mesi fa

    And it echoed like a hole -Grown Boy, 2020

  58. Adam


    2 mesi fa


  59. A and S plays

    A and S plays

    3 mesi fa

    When u still play game boy advance heh...

  60. memelord 8976

    memelord 8976

    3 mesi fa

    So... is there is any survivor here? in 2020?

  61. Hulax


    3 mesi fa

    This is so scary, im literally crying and shaking rn

  62. Jackson Roberts

    Jackson Roberts

    3 mesi fa

    But that’s purple

  63. Tv head Review

    Tv head Review

    3 mesi fa

    I remember oney telling this story

  64. the gaming Martian

    the gaming Martian

    3 mesi fa

    Stay away from my 2dsxl black and blue edition

  65. Ice Fox Alolan Vulpix

    Ice Fox Alolan Vulpix

    3 mesi fa

    As someone who actually has a gameboy advance sp blue edition, when I got this in my recommended I didn't know about the creepypasta and this song actually freaked me out lol. My dad had it stored for years and it somehow still works (mostly) fine. Sad that I don't have most of my games anymore besides ice climbers.

    • TomatoBoy


      2 mesi fa

      What do you mean is somehow works? Those are only like 17 years old

  66. Kogasamaru


    3 mesi fa

    ⓘ ⓟⓡⓔⓢⓢ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓢⓣⓐⓡⓣ ⓑⓞⓞⓣⓞⓝ ⓦⓘⓣⓗ ⓜⓨ ⓕⓘⓝⓖⓔⓔ

  67. I like MILK

    I like MILK

    3 mesi fa

    The Gameboy Advance sp blue edition is the exact gameboy I had

  68. The Dr. Mr. Dudes

    The Dr. Mr. Dudes

    3 mesi fa

    The fact that this has twice as many views as the original is criminal

    • Teen Titans Go Official YouTube Channel

      Teen Titans Go Official YouTube Channel

      2 mesi fa

      It's because it's a song, and people will watch it more than once

  69. Mat's Universe

    Mat's Universe

    3 mesi fa

    My favorite quote: "I fell to my knees as i clench the Gameboy in my hands "could this be my fault ?" I asked myself politely"

  70. The Nth Son

    The Nth Son

    3 mesi fa

    Funny. I happen to be looking at one right now. It has been used so much that the plastic has turned pale in places

  71. A. K. Toxic

    A. K. Toxic

    3 mesi fa

    We need a collab of this and it's been so long

  72. AIR 4Gs

    AIR 4Gs

    3 mesi fa

    holy shit

  73. Yummy Noodle

    Yummy Noodle

    3 mesi fa


  74. teletubbie stan

    teletubbie stan

    3 mesi fa

    i wonder how people who dont know anything about chris react to this song

  75. Kells Hernandez

    Kells Hernandez

    3 mesi fa

    Just stay away from my game boy advance blue edition not even from my cold dead hands.

  76. Sam Baroglio

    Sam Baroglio

    3 mesi fa

    This isn't a joke.

  77. sketchywolff


    3 mesi fa

    Who else was scrolling through the comments looking for a comment from Chris

  78. Kaden Coleman

    Kaden Coleman

    3 mesi fa

    What are some songs like this?

  79. Alice Pineto

    Alice Pineto

    3 mesi fa


  80. Kristalia Astari

    Kristalia Astari

    3 mesi fa

    Mine was pink...... but yeah same.

  81. Meppity


    3 mesi fa

    been listening to this on repeat for about two days lmao. Opening sounds like Gravity Falls and I'm not complaining.

    • Chrys Homings

      Chrys Homings

      Mese fa

      @Cameron Roque I don't think it was meant to be funny😒😒😒 even tho they put lmao some people just put there cause why not🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Broisthatmewhatamidoinghere


      Mese fa

      Oh hey Meppity :o

    • Axolina


      Mese fa

      ikr the song is so good!

    • Cameron Roque

      Cameron Roque

      Mese fa

      That's not really funny 🤦‍♂️

    • Jack Drill

      Jack Drill

      3 mesi fa

      haha first

  82. Alex Moon

    Alex Moon

    3 mesi fa

    Why just WHY JUST W H Y

  83. ye old duck

    ye old duck

    4 mesi fa

    Hearing some one so talented at sing sing this makes me happy



    4 mesi fa

    1,810 people can't afford a Gameboy Advance SP Blue Edition.

  85. Ink


    4 mesi fa

    Ha you can’t scare me! I have a gameboy advance sp red edition! Wait...

  86. moth man

    moth man

    4 mesi fa

    oh my god, this song gives me so much nostalgia- iii was so obsessed with this song in 5th grade.. i remember just singing it in my room on loop everyday iimm,,, it makes me so sad cause i remember what i felt at the time iiiii didnt need this today

  87. Gavin Thomas

    Gavin Thomas

    4 mesi fa

    I wonder how Chris feels about this, I can only imagine its positive since he let you use his stupid story

  88. The Malevolent One

    The Malevolent One

    4 mesi fa

    I’m confused is he dead and haunts a game boy?

  89. redfirebest 34

    redfirebest 34

    4 mesi fa

    I love this song

  90. wizzaroot


    4 mesi fa

    I guess stealing maybe not so good :(

  91. Oh Boy Gaming

    Oh Boy Gaming

    4 mesi fa

    "just got a shadow mewtwo ye.. OH FU (dead)"

  92. Ðᵲ. Ꞗɽųɦ

    Ðᵲ. Ꞗɽųɦ

    4 mesi fa

    Idk why but this song pisses me off, i love the song, but when i finish it i just get pissed lmao

  93. Fancy White

    Fancy White

    4 mesi fa

    This brings back memories from 2017

  94. Gak R

    Gak R

    4 mesi fa

    I had a game boy when I was a fully grown little boy too

  95. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    4 mesi fa

    My uncle used to work at a factory that would produce consoles. I can confirm that this exists, but it is two versions. There blue edition is completely different. Edit; The SP version was recalled due to system errors, but my uncle has one of the early prototypes. Originally, it was called the Game boy Advanced SX. No, it does not play games. It only turned on and then off. As for blue edition, it basically makes the game boy a simple blue. Edit 2; When I say the device only turns on then off, it will turn on, then shut down.

  96. Flaming Blaze

    Flaming Blaze

    4 mesi fa

    I really like this singer. They sound really good!! Also, I really love this song!!! Mainly the theme of it, I like Nintendo!!!! Keep up the good work

  97. mudkib


    4 mesi fa


  98. Neko


    4 mesi fa

    4:04 anyone hear that?

  99. Viket


    4 mesi fa

    i cant unsee scout punching a kid and his own mom

  100. Andrey Polyakov

    Andrey Polyakov

    4 mesi fa

    I pressed the button with my *_FEENGE_*

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