Ghostbusters Theme Song Remix [Music Video] - The Living Tombstone

Let's celebrate the impending release of 2016's Ghostbusters reboot with a remix of the theme of the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters.
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Music Video edited by Fox and Wolf
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Yoav Landau
➢ Based on theme song by Ray Parker Jr. -
➢ Or "Orko" Cohen - Lead Guitar Recording
➢ ScottFalco - Special Thanks -
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  1. Shoopy Movies

    Shoopy Movies

    7 ore fa

    Nobody: Boys: 2:28

    • Shoopy Movies

      Shoopy Movies

      7 ore fa

      And 2:43

  2. The Generations

    The Generations

    11 ore fa

    *Bustin makes me feel good.*

  3. Ivan14XYU


    Giorno fa

    How did we go from this to Zero_One

  4. Sebastian WeatherChannel

    Sebastian WeatherChannel

    Giorno fa

    0:30 😂

  5. supergeten2


    3 giorni fa

    Goat Busters!

  6. Gigalyd X

    Gigalyd X

    4 giorni fa

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! 👻🔪😂

  7. Gigalyd X

    Gigalyd X

    4 giorni fa

    We need a new ghostbusters!!!!

  8. Salva VM

    Salva VM

    5 giorni fa

    Ghostbusters !!!!

  9. im sorry i burned my nugget

    im sorry i burned my nugget

    5 giorni fa

    "Bustin makes me feel good"

  10. PhilipJamesYT Roblox

    PhilipJamesYT Roblox

    7 giorni fa

    nice music

  11. Extreme Beast Reaction

    Extreme Beast Reaction

    8 giorni fa

    This is my (floating) jam!

  12. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man

    8 giorni fa

    TikTok squad

  13. Kason Thompson

    Kason Thompson

    8 giorni fa

    Ghostbusters 4 drug addicts. Are they ghost of is it just hallucinations?

  14. Jacob Wilde

    Jacob Wilde

    9 giorni fa

    We need this on Spotify!

  15. Ryder Lawhorn

    Ryder Lawhorn

    9 giorni fa

    Just sayin

  16. Ryder Lawhorn

    Ryder Lawhorn

    9 giorni fa

    Fnaf timeline would not actually disappear cause the animatronics and robots, even if their possessed it would possibly do nothing .

  17. Sebastián Lopez

    Sebastián Lopez

    10 giorni fa


  18. MaiLolita uwu

    MaiLolita uwu

    10 giorni fa

    I really loves this remix , old times

  19. Adriana Fernandez

    Adriana Fernandez

    10 giorni fa

    I need this in Spotify

  20. Stane FR

    Stane FR

    11 giorni fa

    I'm not sure We when see a ghost we can call GhostBusters ? *actually yes*

  21. The_ Croissant

    The_ Croissant

    11 giorni fa

    The dislikes are just salty ghosts.

  22. AMINADUS. pl

    AMINADUS. pl

    12 giorni fa


  23. Adamk0o


    13 giorni fa

    Me saying in roblox WHO YA GONNA CALL: everybody: what i will not call anyone me: ghost busters lol everybody: goostbusters

  24. Jada Wong

    Jada Wong

    14 giorni fa


  25. Bungus the god

    Bungus the god

    14 giorni fa

    I await the day someone makes a bustin' remix out of this

  26. Sandra Herrera

    Sandra Herrera

    14 giorni fa


  27. Olivier Schinkel

    Olivier Schinkel

    15 giorni fa

    0:44 why do i only see things get rekt?

  28. Mr. Bones Sr. III

    Mr. Bones Sr. III

    16 giorni fa

    De ghost, de Ghost, de ghost Stole MY MOOONEY!!!! Wait Ghost dat's my MOOOONEEEY!!!

  29. Timber Wolf

    Timber Wolf

    17 giorni fa

    3:16 Ray just took another spoonful Egon is looking at Ray Peter is staring in the abyss like on The Office

  30. Vitali Michal Kornik

    Vitali Michal Kornik

    18 giorni fa


  31. Sharkzy YT

    Sharkzy YT

    18 giorni fa

    The parts 0:38 to 0:53 sound really good

  32. christopher Ibarra

    christopher Ibarra

    18 giorni fa

    i can relate busting will make you feel good

  33. Strawberries•Milk


    18 giorni fa

    People call me the quiet kid and they think I listen to sad songs but this what I listen to

  34. GGHajime _YT

    GGHajime _YT

    18 giorni fa

    2:28 you know why 😏

  35. Courier The Courier

    Courier The Courier

    19 giorni fa

    It's just speed up

  36. Scattered Ideas

    Scattered Ideas

    19 giorni fa

    I wish this was on spotify

  37. Ryan Skelton

    Ryan Skelton

    20 giorni fa

    Why do I feel nostalgia for this series even though i was only a fan since 2017 lol

  38. Shawn The Hedgehog

    Shawn The Hedgehog

    21 giorno fa

    Was this used in the movie?

  39. Gio Gamer

    Gio Gamer

    21 giorno fa

    Who else tried calling the Ghostbusters phone number

  40. whorid serrttFdffr

    whorid serrttFdffr

    21 giorno fa

    Cdrcfrvfrvftvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvbbbbvvvbbbbb,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,l,,,,,l,,,,,l,,,,,,ll,,,ll,,,,l,,,,,l,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  41. lucas gonzalez

    lucas gonzalez

    21 giorno fa


  42. Monstar Masher

    Monstar Masher

    22 giorni fa

    Wish the 2016 one wasn't a reboot because it could even they forgot about the ghosted or some of them did but one

  43. Dilan Pincay

    Dilan Pincay

    22 giorni fa

    Te pasaste de lanza bro

  44. Tomas Bellido

    Tomas Bellido

    22 giorni fa

    0:37 best beat

  45. agustin flores

    agustin flores

    22 giorni fa


  46. min shookie studio's

    min shookie studio's

    23 giorni fa

    James charles!? 1:21

  47. Aj D

    Aj D

    23 giorni fa

    This masterpiece isn’t on Spotify pls put it on there

  48. Julio Jorge Baliño

    Julio Jorge Baliño

    23 giorni fa

    this so same cool of the original song

  49. DreamVu


    23 giorni fa

    is this copyrighted for use on ITput?

  50. Japanese Curry

    Japanese Curry

    23 giorni fa

    Using this Song today for my Halloween Party 👻 🎃 🤪🤪😌

  51. Harrison Roberts Cycling

    Harrison Roberts Cycling

    23 giorni fa

    Rocket league rn

  52. Ficção Animada

    Ficção Animada

    23 giorni fa


  53. Tusk


    24 giorni fa

    Found this in a blitzkrieg montage

  54. Sleep paralysis Demon

    Sleep paralysis Demon

    24 giorni fa

    Wish this was on Spotify

  55. Ren


    24 giorni fa

    Oh god venkman I feel bad

  56. Video Game Mystery’s

    Video Game Mystery’s

    24 giorni fa

    Petition for this to play in the ghostbusters afterlife movie

    • Thomas farquhar

      Thomas farquhar

      21 giorno fa

      sign me up imma catch up with that film on VHS (it better release on VHS the last 2 with og ecto did)

  57. El Príncipe Itachi

    El Príncipe Itachi

    24 giorni fa

    Jajaja está genial!!



    24 giorni fa


  59. p u r i t y

    p u r i t y

    24 giorni fa

    S P O O K T O B E R V I B E S

  60. Jevil


    25 giorni fa

    a bit disappointed there were no cutscenes from the game but that would be hard to pull off

  61. Президент Села

    Президент Села

    25 giorni fa


  62. Bizarre


    25 giorni fa

    2:28 bustin makes me feel good

  63. Drolletjes squad

    Drolletjes squad

    27 giorni fa

    can i use it in one of my videos? i will credit

  64. Aytnic Garcia

    Aytnic Garcia

    28 giorni fa

    E p i c

  65. Daisy Swart

    Daisy Swart

    28 giorni fa


  66. RyanLec84


    29 giorni fa

    Just.... EXCELLENT!!!!!! 😃 😃 👍

  67. TheYoungHylianLad


    29 giorni fa

    Was looking up Ghostbusters theme covers and came across this masterpiece...also I love that you host your music on Newgrounds 😍💚

  68. coldberet


    29 giorni fa

    mondays be like

    • Brianna Carter

      Brianna Carter

      29 giorni fa

      HA I don’t got school tmr 😏

  69. Il mona che fa bestemmiare Germano Mosconi

    Il mona che fa bestemmiare Germano Mosconi

    29 giorni fa

    Ahhhhhhhh my freaking childhood being fucking evolved, yeah!

  70. Jacob Tortola

    Jacob Tortola

    Mese fa

    Alright, who’s here after playing that bad ass Geometry dash lvl with this song in it?

  71. Jackson Killz

    Jackson Killz

    Mese fa

    This aged so well

  72. Joshua Martinez

    Joshua Martinez

    Mese fa


  73. J Fox213

    J Fox213

    Mese fa

    I feel the nostalgia running through my veins and my soul

  74. SN Law

    SN Law

    Mese fa


  75. ChristmasFishy


    Mese fa

    This would be so cool if Ghostbusters were real

  76. Official Cozy sharky

    Official Cozy sharky

    Mese fa

    Bustin make me feel good best part

  77. 陳希希


    Mese fa

    Who you gonna call ghostbusters

  78. ghost koi

    ghost koi

    Mese fa


  79. Damp Swan

    Damp Swan

    Mese fa

    I think for ghostbusters 2020 they should bring back all the living ghostbusters to bust some ghosts again.

    • Red Phoenix

      Red Phoenix

      Mese fa

      Thing is...most of them are dead.

  80. Айгуль Ерденгалиева

    Айгуль Ерденгалиева

    Mese fa


  81. Jonathan Humphries

    Jonathan Humphries

    Mese fa

    All this video is just speeding the original version this isn't a remix.

  82. Dümb


    Mese fa

    "i'm an adult virgin"

  83. GDD


    Mese fa

    Those bastards..

  84. the_pyro_shark 1

    the_pyro_shark 1

    Mese fa

    If you hot dog taste like a peace of wood who ya going to call Ghost musterd

  85. Sandra Herrera

    Sandra Herrera

    Mese fa


  86. Li Wei Ming

    Li Wei Ming

    Mese fa

    0:21 - 1:00

  87. GMNwolfX


    Mese fa

    this music is too in geometry dash

  88. Cyriel Vanhoutte

    Cyriel Vanhoutte

    Mese fa

    Imagine ghostbusters afterlife opening with this song

  89. James Alfred Sarmiento

    James Alfred Sarmiento

    Mese fa


  90. christopher Ibarra

    christopher Ibarra

    Mese fa


  91. htf5555


    Mese fa

    lmao. hypocrites

  92. Bob Azrai Kamaruddin

    Bob Azrai Kamaruddin

    Mese fa

    ?fdgvgfg rfvfc

  93. SquidOnTheSide


    Mese fa

    I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

  94. Golden Maker en Ancapstán

    Golden Maker en Ancapstán

    Mese fa

    Nice Spooks nerd

  95. Joshna Frank

    Joshna Frank

    Mese fa

    the "new" (not so new now, but newer) ghostbusters isn't bad because the wahmen, its bad because shitty jokes, bad acting, viaing against hardcore nastolgia, and playing to the fact its cast was made of women too much ( I liked parts of it, like the great joke about how they get their ghostbusting wheels)

  96. Bob Azrai Kamaruddin

    Bob Azrai Kamaruddin

    Mese fa

    Qqwererrlpsk Kebiwertyaszfkdhkdowjdvidb feels better than a week from now and I’m not sure 🤔 was a jdjhrkdgudguehipppxzffwysuskwoqkdkeke ekekd was a

  97. Sandra Herrera

    Sandra Herrera

    Mese fa


  98. tj_jon and welcomehomebendy1

    tj_jon and welcomehomebendy1

    Mese fa

    if there's something weird and it don't look good who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

  99. Fredy Ramos

    Fredy Ramos

    Mese fa

    Hey, guys! Awsome song! I have made a videoclip with this song, and I would like to ask authorization of you to show this in some short film festivals. Please, let me talk with you in some way. Thank you so much!

  100. 1000 subscribers without any videos

    1000 subscribers without any videos

    Mese fa

    CNN:We have breakimg news.The REAL ghostbusters catched ghost busters.They are now called "Feminism busters"

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