I Don't Know What Sex Is Remix (Blue Version) - Sam and Bill

It's the Blue Remix of IDKWSI (Sam & Bill)!
Check out the original:
Music Production - Custom Phase, Yoav Landau -
Video Production - Dozzyrok -
Lyrics and Vocals - Sam and Bill -
Guitar Recordings - Or "Orko" Cohen
Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music) -
Subtitles - Aficionados Chris -
Intro Video - Pedro Calvo
Cameos - Tommy Kang (@tommyllama), Dean Preston (IG: @deandances)
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I wanna put my mouth on your mouth,
I wanna put my hand in your hand,
I wanna touch my cheek to your cheek,
I wanna. I wanna wanna.
I wanna touch my lips to your face,
I wanna stroke my hand along your body,
I wanna smell your hair on your head,
I just wanna be a little bit naughty.
Baby I will start it up if you will teach me where to go,
I’m lost in this moment cuz I gotta know-oh.
Cuz I don’t know what sex is. So girl show me the way.
I don’t know what the rules are, but I’m still try’na play.
So if you take my heart with your heart,
touch my part with your part,
I’m try’na hear your body talk but I don’t have a clue.
I wanna do “no-no” to you.
[short vocalizations]
I wanna put my face on your knee,
I wanna put my...nose? on your elbow,
I wanna put my foot on your other elbow,
I wanna, I think I wanna?
If I lick your hair, is that sex?
If I call you dave, is that foreplay?
If I wear a hat, is that kinky?
If I wear clogs- I think that’s Norway.
If you could be specific that would really help me out.
I wanna know what Rick James sings about!
Cuz I don’t know what sex is, I got no fucking clue
For all I know it right now I’m doing sex to you
So let me put my noun on your noun
We can verb and break it down
I’m feeling very adjective so tell me what to write
I wanna fill your blanks tonight.
“Tell me what sex is.”​ “Please!”
I don’t know how to talk to human girls
I don’t know what’s cool and what’s obscene
Cuz I was raised by wolverines
The mighty wolverines.
Soldier of the forest it’s a wolverine!
Carnivorous mammal it’s a wolverine!
Fuckin’ up a vole it’s a wolverine!
Livin’ in a hole it’s a wolverine!
The mighty wolverines!
High ground speed​ - 28 miles an hour! ​Ha ha haaaa!
Largest species of the weasel it’s a wolverine!
Potent anal scent glands on the wolverine!
Leader of the X Men it’s the Wolverine!
The mighty wolverines!
Habitat’s extreme​ - ​North America, Russia, and France
The habitat is under attack, they don’t have a home
If you and me start fighting back, the wolverines will roam
Wolverines. Wolverines. Wooool...veeee…
I don’t know what sex is! I swear I did my best.
I can give it a shot after we both get undressed.
I can put my hand on your boob, put my mouth on your neck,
Put my penis in your- “​Oh my god!”
Now I know what sex is! I found the nearest hole. ​“This is sex!”
An obvious location for me to stick my pole. ​“I’m having sex!”
I put it in, take it out, put it in-
Now I’m done.
I’m so glad that you said yes when I asked you to the prom.
I can’t wait to tell my mom.
#IDontKnowWhatSexIs #RedVsBlue #SamAndBillComedy


  1. Dozzyrok


    2 anni fa

    I had an amazing time working on the video for this! Hope to work with you again Yoav! (also if anyone can tell me what is at 3:41... I don't know what it is. just kinda appeared)

    • angry noises

      angry noises

      7 mesi fa

      @The Living Tombstone watch out profanity

    • S P I D E R M A N

      S P I D E R M A N

      Anno fa

      @Rayo Yoto shut it brony

    • zerohashes


      Anno fa


    • Мю Сузукина

      Мю Сузукина

      Anno fa

      @The Living Tombstone hello

    • Mad Overdrive

      Mad Overdrive

      Anno fa


  2. M I Y R R A

    M I Y R R A

    10 giorni fa

    Why is this so catchy--

  3. fine.


    22 giorni fa

    this video is what being high is like

  4. eggy yt

    eggy yt

    28 giorni fa

    you're get demonetized no exceptions

  5. Angeldog


    Mese fa

    Why tombstone

  6. Jordan


    Mese fa

    חולה עליךךך

  7. Lunarts


    Mese fa

    I love how this went from song about a clueless dude to wolverines.



    2 mesi fa

    I dont know what sex

  9. Mr. Skerpentine

    Mr. Skerpentine

    2 mesi fa

    Still waiting for the Red version

  10. Danku-Kun


    2 mesi fa

    0:44 reminded me of steven universe a little Edit: the beat not the lyrics

  11. Gisella Betancourt

    Gisella Betancourt

    3 mesi fa


  12. Moonstone Minoru

    Moonstone Minoru

    3 mesi fa

    What happened to the Red Version? No chance for production after Boogie Dice?

  13. Ben Davis

    Ben Davis

    3 mesi fa

    This is an alternate universes Bohemian Rhapsody

  14. Fire Flys

    Fire Flys

    3 mesi fa

    This feels like 6th grade all over again

  15. Caleb Tds

    Caleb Tds

    3 mesi fa

    With seeing this, I must now clear my history of this video. Lol, funny ha ha

  16. Duncan DrakeX

    Duncan DrakeX

    3 mesi fa

    This remix got an undeserved low amount of views I bet if it had like more than a million views there would be a red version :/

  17. ghrimeDyse


    3 mesi fa

    The fact that there's no Red version will keep me up at night.

  18. Max Crusadrrs

    Max Crusadrrs

    3 mesi fa

    Reddits main anthem

  19. idontknowmane


    3 mesi fa

    Maybe the true red version was the friends we made along the way.

  20. KrasilnikovaAlyona_1998 Красильникова

    KrasilnikovaAlyona_1998 Красильникова

    4 mesi fa

    Ребята, вы супер! Привет с Урала)

  21. Твоя Мотимоти4ка

    Твоя Мотимоти4ка

    4 mesi fa

    I don`t know what the fuck is it. But I love it

  22. Frigid Dude

    Frigid Dude

    4 mesi fa


  23. Dusty Kujo

    Dusty Kujo

    4 mesi fa

    Still waiting for the red version

  24. Sander


    4 mesi fa

    me waiting for the red version

  25. Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    4 mesi fa

    Me and my friend found this song on Spotify and we were dying because of the name XD

  26. olen olen

    olen olen

    4 mesi fa


  27. ThisAnimation Age

    ThisAnimation Age

    4 mesi fa

    This was secretly a wolverine conservation video

  28. Magg1magg


    4 mesi fa

    just don't bite and you are okay.

  29. ssA 42

    ssA 42

    5 mesi fa

    Bro it’s like I did a line of crack while watching this I don’t regret it

  30. Ningum


    5 mesi fa

    Bl, agora que eu conheço o clip, isso é ainda mais incrível, jkkk

  31. oatlisabeth


    5 mesi fa

    3:40 *plays* In today's lesson we're going to learn about MIGHTY WOLVERINES

  32. Rakkiman


    5 mesi fa

    nobody: absolutely nobody: TLT: 5:31 FNAF 1 WHY NOT?)



    5 mesi fa

    You put a your fnaf one song in there you butts

  34. Vortex on gaming

    Vortex on gaming

    5 mesi fa

    why is there not a red one

    • Guy Who Ate All The Pizza

      Guy Who Ate All The Pizza

      5 mesi fa

      Too much sex

  35. Jay Pug

    Jay Pug

    5 mesi fa

    when 1 mario puts his spaghetti noodles into a peaches ravioli it makes a small mario or luigi in the peach and 9 months later it comes out

  36. idek lol

    idek lol

    5 mesi fa

    Child: what's s**? TLT: **Shows Child This Song** Child: oh ok...

    • kounouze online

      kounouze online

      3 mesi fa


    • idek lol

      idek lol

      5 mesi fa

      Child is now scared for life

  37. whyisitmewhy


    6 mesi fa

    Release a red version

  38. arissgamer


    6 mesi fa

    sounds more of a red version

    • arissgamer


      6 mesi fa

      @DJ Newber exactly

    • DJ Newber

      DJ Newber

      6 mesi fa

      yeah and i think the original one sound like blue version

  39. Mohini Mystic Tarot Lundquist

    Mohini Mystic Tarot Lundquist

    6 mesi fa

    there is nothing like finding this song at 3am in 2020

  40. Muwoofin


    6 mesi fa

    *And kids that's why No-No squares were invented.*

  41. Bruno


    6 mesi fa

    ah yes, my official anthem

  42. XziledX


    6 mesi fa

    Dont know what.... the hell I just saw

  43. Allen


    6 mesi fa

    oh god-

  44. Rustysaurus


    6 mesi fa

    Where is the newgrounds link



    6 mesi fa

    Woah this is extra virgin vibes

  46. Andresin


    6 mesi fa

    tu conoces el sexo? tu no conoces el sexo.

  47. Phoenix 879

    Phoenix 879

    6 mesi fa

    😂 I don’t know why I find this so funny. You did great good remixing this song!

  48. just exro

    just exro

    6 mesi fa

    How the hell did I get here.

  49. SonGames


    7 mesi fa

    If this is the blue version, then I wonder what will the red version will be..

  50. Lilly


    7 mesi fa

    this kinda makes me feel weird

  51. Sonic THD

    Sonic THD

    7 mesi fa

    If this is the blue version, I just cant imagine how crazy the Red one is... Oh wait, *fuck*

  52. Wovihen


    7 mesi fa

    Me neither I don't know what that is either

  53. Movemente de abertura completo Enterprises

    Movemente de abertura completo Enterprises

    7 mesi fa

    Ross and Bill

  54. She took The kids

    She took The kids

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    Wasnt this just audio and a picture before?

  55. ROEI K

    ROEI K

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  56. Mr. Skerpentine

    Mr. Skerpentine

    8 mesi fa

    Still waiting on the Red Version.

  57. asrouse1


    8 mesi fa

    am i on acid

  58. emertxe YT

    emertxe YT

    8 mesi fa

    Is this an anime intro?

  59. ChILdReN cHiLd

    ChILdReN cHiLd

    9 mesi fa

    That cat though...,

  60. just_shotii.


    9 mesi fa

    Thx for making me high

  61. DJ Sonik Eckos

    DJ Sonik Eckos

    9 mesi fa

    Sam & Bill: How much random stuff are you going to put in this? TLT: Yes

  62. Abonzabay


    9 mesi fa

    Im still waiting for the red version.

  63. ShivaFoxx


    10 mesi fa

    every 11 year old girl when some guy on omegle asks for a flash:

  64. The markiplier behind the gaming

    The markiplier behind the gaming

    10 mesi fa

    *uncomfortable over 9000*

  65. Poopyhead445


    10 mesi fa

    Sex is when a man stick a pp up a girls u know what I’m big brain

  66. Alex


    10 mesi fa

    I dont think its a blue vr. BECAUSE THIS IS PURPLE :/

  67. essdee


    10 mesi fa

    This is the blue version, right?

  68. Alexandre Bertone

    Alexandre Bertone

    10 mesi fa

    This music makes me laugh Each. Fucking. Time. The clip, the lyrics, everything.

  69. maximiliqn stoqnov

    maximiliqn stoqnov

    11 mesi fa

    were is red version???????????????

  70. Abyss Production

    Abyss Production

    11 mesi fa

    5:31 Fnaf song easter egg

  71. zebralover 1134

    zebralover 1134

    11 mesi fa

    This song underrated

  72. Catra MeowMeow

    Catra MeowMeow

    11 mesi fa

    Love the living tombstone!

  73. Dong expansion pack

    Dong expansion pack

    11 mesi fa

    This is what happens when you try to play god, and succeed.

  74. Frogmaster


    Anno fa


  75. GojiraTheKing 1954

    GojiraTheKing 1954

    Anno fa

    When your drunk and on drugs at the same time: THIS FUCKIN VIDEO

  76. fel -

    fel -

    Anno fa

    We were here before it turned into a meme.

  77. maximiliqn stoqnov

    maximiliqn stoqnov

    Anno fa


  78. maximiliqn stoqnov

    maximiliqn stoqnov

    Anno fa

    make red FAST!

  79. Drae-J


    Anno fa

    What the hell? This has no business being so good.

  80. Vĩnh Giang Nguyễn

    Vĩnh Giang Nguyễn

    Anno fa

    cleanest sh*t ever although they never were and will never be

  81. Leafy claps

    Leafy claps

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    gooby goober

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    When teenagers sneak out at night

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    Blooregard Q Kazoo

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    Highly inappropriate

  84. hjgould


    Anno fa

    It has been more than a year without red. FAT RIP

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    דייויד אימנילוב

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    Thats a bad word

  86. FBI agent 357

    FBI agent 357

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    Ah let’s see what TLT made today mom: HONLY SHAT

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    Walter Gutierrez

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    This needs more views. This _deserves_ more views.

  88. EPS


    Anno fa

    Why this is the only one to get no red version ?

  89. dave food

    dave food

    Anno fa

    When you're watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on

  90. UnikornKitty The 3rd

    UnikornKitty The 3rd

    Anno fa

    Most awkward song award goes to....

  91. Faceless ,.

    Faceless ,.

    Anno fa

    Damn, this vid is so underated It deserves much more views

  92. Marec Madisson

    Marec Madisson

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  93. Festive Oweeeo

    Festive Oweeeo

    Anno fa

    LSD is one hell of a drug

  94. Splat Pad

    Splat Pad

    Anno fa

    1:20 This whole drop is my MOST favorite! Also no offence. This is stupid & AWESOME at the same time! Good job! ^w^

  95. Clever name Right here

    Clever name Right here

    Anno fa

    Lol I sincerely hope these two are married cause as soon as they put on kiss make up they blew any chance to start “sex” with anyone, whatever that means.

  96. terceS


    Anno fa

    I think The Living Tombstone gave up on Red Version and just make Pikachu's Lament as replacement, unless I live under a rock and never knew The Living Tombstone already said it a long time ago in Twitter

  97. No U

    No U

    Anno fa

    Mom: what are you listening Me: mhhh it is complicated

  98. fel -

    fel -

    Anno fa

    I'm glad this song isn't ruined with memes and stuff like that! Who else agrees?

  99. vladlimon322 :D

    vladlimon322 :D

    Anno fa


  100. Boneless bones

    Boneless bones

    Anno fa

    I can’t tell if tlt gave up Or is dying making red version

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