It's Raining Men Remix - The Living Tombstone ft.Eilemonty

Amen it’s raining men! Check out this cover of the original song by The Weather Girls. I hope you enjoy this remix.
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Featured in TwistedGrim's Overwatch animation:
➢ Mixed and Mastered - Yoav Landau
➢ Music - Yoav Landau and Custom Phase - CustomPhase
➢ Vocals - EileMonty -
➢ Reaper Animation - TwistedGrim -
➢ Video - Andrew Duemig - andrewduemig
➢ Vocal Editing - Fruutella -
Original track by The Weather Girls
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Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low
According to all sources, the street's the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men.
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It's Raining Men! Every Specimen!
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean
God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It's Raining Men! Ame-nnnn!
I feel stormy weather / Moving in about to begin
Hear the thunder / Don't you lose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed
God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It's Raining Men! Yeah!
Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low
According to all sources, the street's the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men.
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men!


  1. Chiwoneso Nyamande

    Chiwoneso Nyamande

    5 ore fa


  2. Chiwoneso Nyamande

    Chiwoneso Nyamande

    5 ore fa

    Purple guy is dancing Me: it's raining purple men AMEN😂😂😂😂

  3. Chxrry Blitz

    Chxrry Blitz

    3 giorni fa

    If blizzard doesn’t add this dance for reaper I’m suing them

  4. ALEXERX 21

    ALEXERX 21

    3 giorni fa

    Lazy purple version is better

  5. 13 Point Black

    13 Point Black

    3 giorni fa


  6. Tochimiro Pandora

    Tochimiro Pandora

    3 giorni fa

    Me: *sings the song* My dad: are you gay?

  7. JP Simon

    JP Simon

    4 giorni fa

    The tf2 version is better

  8. Yohanna the Banana

    Yohanna the Banana

    4 giorni fa


  9. Jess


    6 giorni fa

    I LIKE... MEN!

  10. Evan Pak

    Evan Pak

    7 giorni fa


  11. THEraven


    8 giorni fa

    Me in my room after eating my dads special sugar:

  12. Crashing Blow

    Crashing Blow

    8 giorni fa

    I like how the background is purple. If you either A. Played Mortal Kombat or B. Listen to an artist named Prince you will get the joke.

  13. Allana Dayao

    Allana Dayao

    8 giorni fa

    Lazypurple was here

  14. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson

    9 giorni fa

    I play this when ever I play reaper

  15. Salty Salmoling

    Salty Salmoling

    10 giorni fa

    The only version of this song as good as the lazypurple version.

  16. Random Zergling

    Random Zergling

    13 giorni fa

    I discovered this song from LazyPurple lmao!

  17. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    13 giorni fa

    Did Mother Nature also sent the higher ranking angels too because that must have been horrifying.

  18. Lovableto NIGHTMARE

    Lovableto NIGHTMARE

    14 giorni fa

    Idk what game this based on but I good

  19. Thursday Thought

    Thursday Thought

    14 giorni fa

    When the ODST pods drop

  20. Jomigack JG

    Jomigack JG

    15 giorni fa

    bro I cant believe this song is actually almost 4 years old... how time flies by...

  21. ReapyGalaxy121


    15 giorni fa

    Is it only me, or Reaper and me has the same name My name years back ago is Reaperz121

  22. JiRuChan


    15 giorni fa

    I can’t help but to think about the zero_one the tombsonas, and SkullHunchbackGuy and Drunkguy doing a shirtless dance routine

  23. TheSaiyanYouKnow


    15 giorni fa

    this new overwatch character seems legit

  24. Blue Extract

    Blue Extract

    16 giorni fa

    I need a Dabi version of this

  25. Warp Roll

    Warp Roll

    16 giorni fa

    trolldier 2.0

  26. jukie sukie

    jukie sukie

    17 giorni fa

    Nobody: Reaper dude: *GO CRAZY FJUKKHJGDT GO STUPID*

  27. osha the otter

    osha the otter

    19 giorni fa


  28. Lunabelle Stevens

    Lunabelle Stevens

    20 giorni fa

    No one: The gays: IT’S RAINING MEN

  29. The monoculus eye

    The monoculus eye

    23 giorni fa

    Well I dont really like overwhatch but still I love the music

  30. aurelien guardiola

    aurelien guardiola

    25 giorni fa

    Rip mccree

  31. aurelien guardiola

    aurelien guardiola

    25 giorni fa

    Wow Reaper dancing nice

  32. Abdulrahim Mala

    Abdulrahim Mala

    25 giorni fa

    Jojo characters: (poses fabulously ) Reaper : (dances fabulously)

  33. Blued


    25 giorni fa

    still a bop

  34. SCP - 173

    SCP - 173

    25 giorni fa

    It’s raining men hallelujah it’s raining men amen, all kinds of people: something idk God bless rocket jumping it’s a sport too

  35. eh? I dunno

    eh? I dunno

    25 giorni fa

    Reaper's dance 😂

  36. Frazem


    26 giorni fa

    after listening to this for years what does reaper have anything to do with this

  37. Bingo Mone

    Bingo Mone

    27 giorni fa

    *Time to Reap*

  38. Lil' Odd

    Lil' Odd

    29 giorni fa

    And none survived falling from the clouds.

  39. - Laggetti -

    - Laggetti -

    Mese fa

    add a disco reaper that has an afro and a disco ball appears over him when he death blossoms

  40. relishwolf


    Mese fa

    shoulda had him doing that dance while shooting the enemy team enemy team: surrounds reaper reaper: my ultimate ultimate is ready the ultimate ultimate:

  41. Rage Zero Gaming Lorenzo

    Rage Zero Gaming Lorenzo

    Mese fa

    Ive always listened to this when it startes to be realeased on youtube and i always admire how the reaper does the death blossom and the song is perfect for my gaming montage

  42. OG Weeb

    OG Weeb

    Mese fa

    Imagine being lesbian but all the other women want is this

  43. Rocket-GW149 YY

    Rocket-GW149 YY

    Mese fa

    You could’ve at least put the right character from the right game

  44. Mabel Gutiérrez

    Mabel Gutiérrez

    Mese fa

    Starts raining My parrots:

  45. the medic

    the medic

    Mese fa

    what.... what did i do to deserve this G R E A T N E S S...

  46. TMakuboss


    Mese fa

    3 years later: i swear i'm not gay it's just too good

  47. jonthrowify


    Mese fa

    This is modern age 80s music

  48. StrangerDanger


    Mese fa

    Guys I got my old account back took forever but this be it lol

  49. Element Shimmer

    Element Shimmer

    Mese fa

    Reaper gets attacked at home Reaper : hey Alexa play my song. Alexa: you got it . Reaper Perfect :cocks guns: This plays. hehe

  50. Ксения Ткаченко

    Ксения Ткаченко

    Mese fa


  51. Phuc Nguyen

    Phuc Nguyen

    Mese fa

    This is how I play Reaper

  52. Blobfish Man

    Blobfish Man

    Mese fa


  53. soy_saace


    Mese fa

    everybody gangsta till' you see death got a dual pistol

  54. luis fernando UwU

    luis fernando UwU

    Mese fa

    Soldier mains be like:

  55. KalexKhan


    Mese fa

    If the "Deadpool kills the X-Men Universe" gets pitched, do you think this song could be the perfect pick for a first trailer? 'Cus I do.

  56. Зоя Паничкина

    Зоя Паничкина

    Mese fa

    Можно сказать что природа выпихнула двух солдат с того света. Один головой при падении ударился, а второй выполз из щели. :)

  57. James Ross Ruelan

    James Ross Ruelan

    Mese fa

    credit lazy purple

  58. chewy potato

    chewy potato

    Mese fa

    I played this when I got my first 6k

  59. 감자구운


    Mese fa

    하 오늘은 이걸로 과제를 처치 처치 처치

  60. Mercy G

    Mercy G

    Mese fa


  61. Sockeye Gaming

    Sockeye Gaming

    Mese fa

    "For the first time in history" Me listening for the 20th time: *well yes, but actually no.*

  62. Skelet0 Ic3

    Skelet0 Ic3

    Mese fa

    G1 optimus: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings Bayverse:

  63. MrHashtag


    Mese fa

    Me when i saw the title: so is this like a gay reaper song *"not that there's anything wrong with that"*

  64. R Mendoza

    R Mendoza

    Mese fa

    Marvel characters from Disney’s POV:innocent and child friendly who would never kill Marvel characters in official comics:

  65. Sysseth


    Mese fa

    2:30 God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too~ Father Time: :(

  66. Burlone Σ

    Burlone Σ

    Mese fa

    Now that's a nice remix

  67. Sammuel Baxter

    Sammuel Baxter

    Mese fa

    dam it's still good that means something

  68. Gunn C

    Gunn C

    Mese fa

    This is battle royale in general

  69. Pelle Boaz Carrasco

    Pelle Boaz Carrasco

    2 mesi fa

    Rocket Jumping Academy- C o m p l e t e

  70. {Matheus Oliveira}

    {Matheus Oliveira}

    2 mesi fa

    I hope these men is using parachutes...

  71. •Kazuichi that One idiot•

    •Kazuichi that One idiot•

    2 mesi fa

    Deadpool be like:



    2 mesi fa

    Thought it was a tf2 song..... Huh... probably not.

  73. MyDads GoneAway

    MyDads GoneAway

    2 mesi fa

    I spent 3 minutes of my life to watch this awesome animation XDDD.

  74. Freed Olivers

    Freed Olivers

    2 mesi fa

    I can see that Reaper felt very *a b s o l u t e n l y s o a k i n g w e t*

  75. BinOcular


    2 mesi fa

    And so all of the men experienced fall damage.

  76. Игровой Рай

    Игровой Рай

    2 mesi fa


  77. Oan Ortiz

    Oan Ortiz

    2 mesi fa

    You see im a reaper main when I play dmg and I wish he stepped around like that with his ult looks like an absolute vibe

  78. Doclast 23

    Doclast 23

    2 mesi fa


  79. Sans Undertale

    Sans Undertale

    2 mesi fa

    Ima play this while playing trolldier in tf2

  80. Kajus Pleita

    Kajus Pleita

    2 mesi fa

    S M E X Y

  81. Nunya Business

    Nunya Business

    2 mesi fa

    I always thought this song was straight forward, not what it actually was.

  82. Jesús Alejandro Lupian Buelna

    Jesús Alejandro Lupian Buelna

    2 mesi fa

    me i see the miniature: oh its the reaper, its a serious song?? the song : ITS RAINING MEN me: perfection

  83. Breezy Pratt

    Breezy Pratt

    2 mesi fa


  84. creamiipeachii


    2 mesi fa

    Wait what the fuck a few years ago I thought this song was meant to be romantic I didn’t realize it was about murder i 😭😭

    • creamiipeachii


      2 mesi fa

      Wait I’m still confused I’m having mixed reactions from this 😕



    2 mesi fa


  86. rosy boi

    rosy boi

    2 mesi fa

    👏 What 👏 a 👏 BOP 👏

  87. Boop Boop

    Boop Boop

    2 mesi fa

    Hi! May I ask if I can use this song for a dance?

  88. Кирилл Лазарев

    Кирилл Лазарев

    2 mesi fa

    (RU) Это мужицкий дождь! Алиуя! Дождь из мужиков! Е Е

  89. an 8th dimentional being

    an 8th dimentional being

    2 mesi fa

    the enemy reaper the moment your team starts to capture the objective

  90. mike Jung

    mike Jung

    2 mesi fa

    아무도 모르겠지만 이곳에 한국인이 왔다....

  91. JustAPanda


    2 mesi fa

    This is the exact moment when you get high level and you realize you can 1 hit kill everything you couldn't when you first started, so you go on a murder spree to every dungeon.

  92. Music Man

    Music Man

    2 mesi fa

    What does Reaper have to do with this song?

    • Adil Sagadiyev

      Adil Sagadiyev

      2 mesi fa

      First off he looks fabulous, second watch the animation

  93. Mr. Meme

    Mr. Meme

    2 mesi fa

    I have crippling depression

    • MaddieXP


      2 mesi fa

      Me too, kid.

    • Mr. Meme

      Mr. Meme

      2 mesi fa

      samual wazowski if you were to look up “I have crippling depression” memes then you would get the joke that I made

    • samual wazowski

      samual wazowski

      2 mesi fa

      Good for you

  94. julian brylle

    julian brylle

    2 mesi fa


  95. Brown-Streak Studios

    Brown-Streak Studios

    2 mesi fa

    always thought this song was about paratroopers in market garden.

  96. Crimson Red

    Crimson Red

    2 mesi fa

    How tf did he spin like??

  97. Tofu Snappy

    Tofu Snappy

    2 mesi fa

    I kinda like the original more

  98. Lertaks


    2 mesi fa

    4 years later this song still slaps

  99. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    2 mesi fa


  100. mj idulag

    mj idulag

    2 mesi fa

    Reaper: did I ballet good? Cuz I practice 8 hours straight just to perform that

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