Jump Up, Super Star! Remix- Super Mario Odyssey- The Living Tombstone

Accidental parody remix of Jump Up, Super Star! Super Mario Odyssey Musical (Mario 1up girl). Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017!
Super Mario Odyssey Trailer:
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➢ Music Production - Custom Phase CustomPhase
➢ Lead Singer - Hayley Nelson
➢ Vocal Editing and Vocal arrangement - Fruutella freddy_hoof
➢ Backing Vocals - Fruutella. Hayley Nelson and Sam Haft SamHaft
➢ Mario and Mayor Paulina Animation - Reagan Gustin (GinjaNinjaOwO)
➢ Video Production - Andrew Duemig andrewduemig
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Here we go, off the rails
Don't you know it's time to raise our sails?
It's freedom like you never knew
Don't need bags, or a pass,
Say the word, I'll be there in a flash
You could say my hat is off to you
Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon,
From this great wide wacky world,
Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah!
It's time to jump up in the air, (Jump up in the air),
Jump up, don't be scared, (Jump up, don't be scared),
Just jump up and your cares will soar away, (oohoohooh),
And if the dark clouds start to swirl, (Dark clouds start to swirl),
Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause
I'll be your 1-Up Girl
So let's all jump up super high, (Jump up super high),
High up in the sky, (High up in the sky),
There's no power-up like dancing,
You know that you're my Super Star, (You're my Super Star)
No one else can take me this far
I'm flipping the switch,
Get ready for this, oh
Let's do the Odyssey!
Odyssey, ya see (x7),
Odyssey, Odyssey!
Spin the wheel, take a chance
Every journey starts a new romance
A new world's calling out to you
Take a turn, off the path
Find a new addition to the cast,
You know that any captain needs a crew
Take it in stride as you move, side to side,
They're just different points of view
Jump with me, grab coins with me, Oh yeah!
Come on and jump up in the air, (Jump up in the air),
Jump without a care, (Jump without a care),
Jump up 'cause you know that I'll be there
And if you find you're short on joy, (Find you're short on joy),
Don't fret, just don't forget that
You're still our 1-Up Boy
So go on, straighten up your cap, (Straighten up your cap),
Let your toes begin to tap, (Toes begin to tap),
This rhythm is a power 'shroom (oohoohooh)
Don't forget you're the Super Star (You're the Super Star)
No one else can make it this far
Put a comb through that stache,
Now you've got panache, oh
Let's do the Odyssey!
#supermarioodyssey #1upgirl #jumpupsuperstar #mariomusical


  1. The Living Tombstone

    The Living Tombstone

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    • Kadin Briscoe

      Kadin Briscoe

      2 giorni fa

      I agree 100%

    • Kujera studios

      Kujera studios

      6 giorni fa


    • Darquerio 113

      Darquerio 113

      11 giorni fa


    • ok lol

      ok lol

      17 giorni fa

      118th reply

    • Yuri C.

      Yuri C.

      Mese fa

      @Poyo o

  2. kur0mi_lxvur !!

    kur0mi_lxvur !!

    2 ore fa

    Im sorry but i have to say it 😃 Everyone in the comments is like “haha peach bad pauline good” but fr i like peach wayyyy better😗😗

  3. lpo corporation

    lpo corporation

    2 ore fa

    Luigi: w h y

  4. Leocrackgamer 16

    Leocrackgamer 16

    5 ore fa

    mario kawaii mode: on

  5. The Raddest Scorpion

    The Raddest Scorpion

    6 ore fa

    Man, that kick bass damped is absolute garbage. What a piece of crap.

  6. Karina Zaffani

    Karina Zaffani

    6 ore fa

    Se eu mandar essa música para a Nintendo ela vai falar eu sou um lixo

  7. Plainrock 123

    Plainrock 123

    7 ore fa


  8. Mr. Loverman

    Mr. Loverman

    7 ore fa

    I hate and both love how pauline has so much more personality than peach, and more compassion.

  9. Gacha Yui

    Gacha Yui

    8 ore fa

    Is nobody gonna talk about how cute Mario looks 👁👄👁

  10. Nathan Sandy

    Nathan Sandy

    9 ore fa

    I like this

  11. l0gx


    11 ore fa

    im sorry but if there was any plot development in the lore of Mario durring Odyssey, is that Mario has more chemistry with Pauline than he does with Peach. Nintendo should let peach be her own princess bubblegum

  12. Fresh Vibe

    Fresh Vibe

    14 ore fa

    This brings so much memories

  13. Cereal 123

    Cereal 123

    15 ore fa

    I secretly love this

  14. Kaleb Haslip

    Kaleb Haslip

    16 ore fa

    I'd love to see a whole animated version of this. this is good but the smooooothnessss needs to happen with these two

  15. am shy

    am shy

    17 ore fa

    i love this animation

  16. Jam ._.

    Jam ._.

    19 ore fa

    See you later straight yoshi! -Luigi Everyone on the planet: lol

  17. ༄ Doria Snow ༄

    ༄ Doria Snow ༄

    20 ore fa


  18. Jerryforecast Yt

    Jerryforecast Yt

    23 ore fa


  19. WolfyG_amer


    Giorno fa

    Does anyone care about the fact that cappy is legit crying.

  20. Jinn Gaming

    Jinn Gaming

    Giorno fa

    Mario : *Enjoying this music video* Looks at the dislikes Mario : *"PEACH STOP MAKING ALT ACCOUNTS TO DISLIKE ME AND PAULINE DANCING!"*

  21. zaskia najla 9-1

    zaskia najla 9-1

    Giorno fa

    why do I feel dejavu when listening to this song, like I have heard it in my previous life

  22. Commandervideo


    Giorno fa

    why are so many of these comments from a month ago

  23. Noel Contreras

    Noel Contreras

    Giorno fa

    peach suffering mario and pauline:💃🕺

  24. AndyOMG5 Andy

    AndyOMG5 Andy

    Giorno fa

    Mario looks like a child here

  25. Azmal Khan

    Azmal Khan

    2 giorni fa

    2:24 Cappy... more like DEAD

  26. Matt Gonzales

    Matt Gonzales

    2 giorni fa

    Ano de perro

    • Dusk 72

      Dusk 72

      2 giorni fa

      Es lo que yo desayuno cada mañana

    • Matt Gonzales

      Matt Gonzales

      2 giorni fa


  27. PøgÇhamp


    2 giorni fa

    Why does this have 21k dislikes?

  28. Levelit 57

    Levelit 57

    2 giorni fa

    I like to imagine Mario is singing the background

    • Kadin Briscoe

      Kadin Briscoe

      2 giorni fa

      He is

  29. ๑Emma's Animation๑

    ๑Emma's Animation๑

    2 giorni fa

    Pauline isn't the mom of Mario ._.?

    • Minecraftboy 270

      Minecraftboy 270

      2 giorni fa

      um no

  30. Axel Valdivia

    Axel Valdivia

    2 giorni fa

    me gusta el diseño de mario

  31. Anthony Z

    Anthony Z

    2 giorni fa


  32. Lucky creature

    Lucky creature

    2 giorni fa

    love the art style!

  33. shadow bunked

    shadow bunked

    2 giorni fa

    I refuse to believe that super Mario odyssey came out in 2017

  34. Crazy Kitty

    Crazy Kitty

    2 giorni fa

    \+ !9 9!3 (9!!/ 5/“@ -!985 5) ;,-5 5$-5 5$36 -43 53! (5 5/“”?

  35. Crazy Kitty

    Crazy Kitty

    2 giorni fa

    So no one gonna talk about the fact that the humans in this universe are 10 feet tall?

  36. Samira’s World USA عالم سميرة

    Samira’s World USA عالم سميرة

    2 giorni fa

    Pauline: *gives party/festival all about him* Peach: Cake?!!!

  37. Samira’s World USA عالم سميرة

    Samira’s World USA عالم سميرة

    2 giorni fa

    Mario HAS PARTY ALL ABOUT HIM Luigi: :0

  38. Enkhjin Batzorig

    Enkhjin Batzorig

    3 giorni fa

    I wish someday i could dance with MARIO

    • inot_ rosy

      inot_ rosy

      3 giorni fa


  39. g00glyb0i


    3 giorni fa

    Can we just understand how under appreciated this is

  40. Pussy Slayer

    Pussy Slayer

    3 giorni fa

    Realistened to this after this. Ain’t gonna lie I teared up 😭

  41. KXDiaz


    3 giorni fa

    Everyone’s comments are so repetitive. It’s basically just: Peach: Cake Pauline: Have big festival C’mon guys let’s be original for once

  42. Lopk YT

    Lopk YT

    3 giorni fa

    Hey guys wanna hear an original comment? Peach bad pauline good.



    3 giorni fa

    One of my favorite songs of all time, it just lifts my spirits

  44. Dōvi-Sama


    3 giorni fa

    Fun fact: Pauline singer in this video is Sofia’s voice actress in Meta Runner

  45. xbox one klasky csupoBlGSCREEN screen effects Feipe

    xbox one klasky csupoBlGSCREEN screen effects Feipe

    3 giorni fa


  46. fede ferreira

    fede ferreira

    3 giorni fa


  47. Franco Agustín Fernández

    Franco Agustín Fernández

    3 giorni fa

    Ta piola xd

  48. Opie900


    4 giorni fa

    Peach: *Makes Mario a cake for the 35 years of him saving her.* Pauline: *Throws an entire festival* Mario: Sorry Peach, I'm moving out....hErE wE gO

  49. ꧁UωU•Kayla's Rainbow World• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂

    ꧁UωU•Kayla's Rainbow World• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂

    4 giorni fa

    *wait a sec isnt pauline mario's mom*

    • Minecraftboy 270

      Minecraftboy 270

      2 giorni fa

      where does pauline get referenced as mario's mom

    • ๑Emma's Animation๑

      ๑Emma's Animation๑

      2 giorni fa

      @꧁UωU•Kayla's Rainbow World• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂ O::

    • ꧁UωU•Kayla's Rainbow World• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂

      ꧁UωU•Kayla's Rainbow World• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂

      2 giorni fa

      @๑Emma's Animation๑ *O:*

    • ๑Emma's Animation๑

      ๑Emma's Animation๑

      2 giorni fa


  50. Noname


    4 giorni fa

    This is a bop tho

  51. Lower divine being

    Lower divine being

    4 giorni fa

    This slaps so much holy crap

  52. Gad ELite

    Gad ELite

    4 giorni fa

    Фёдору комиксу понравилось

  53. 1e34f _

    1e34f _

    4 giorni fa

    1:30 Me : i looking at illust!! Motion blur : bruh Me : What!!!!???

  54. Medley


    4 giorni fa

    I remember watching this 3 years ago and everybody got annoyed that I played it ALL the time

  55. Coldkilla


    4 giorni fa

    this reminds me of the when i played odyssey for the first time might give it a replay havent touched it since 3 years ago

  56. NotDr1pzy


    4 giorni fa

    Damn it’s been 3 years since I listened to this song damn time flies

  57. MetaGiga


    4 giorni fa

    This song just gets me so hyped up, you know? :D

  58. CardinalGhast


    4 giorni fa

    I don't even know what the premise would be, but I need a Super Mario anime in my life.

  59. Plane Gaming24

    Plane Gaming24

    4 giorni fa

    The first time I seen Pauline was in the Mario vs Donkey Kong mini Mario’s March again carnival shit for the DS

  60. Aiden Guzman

    Aiden Guzman

    4 giorni fa

    All I did in the game was play this song in New Donk City.

  61. ً


    4 giorni fa


  62. Fat Man

    Fat Man

    4 giorni fa

    Nobody’s talking about *daisy* or *Rosalina*.... :(

  63. Jimmy Dickman

    Jimmy Dickman

    4 giorni fa

    Mario:Saves Daisy Daisy:Nothing Mario:Saves Peach Peach:Heres a cake now leave Mario: saves Pauline Pauline:LETS THROW A PARTY

  64. King fancy Yt

    King fancy Yt

    4 giorni fa

    when life was simple

  65. Carlos Otoya

    Carlos Otoya

    5 giorni fa

    H E R E W E G O

  66. ᴘᴏᴘsʏ XD

    ᴘᴏᴘsʏ XD

    5 giorni fa

    Me in the classic games: beats bowser Toad: sorry mario ur princess is in another castel Me: yes toad I know....ITS BEEN THAT WAY FOR YEARS

  67. Ethan Baechtel

    Ethan Baechtel

    5 giorni fa

    Must be awkward for Mario to be dancing with his Ex

  68. Ashlie


    5 giorni fa

    Half of the comments are about peach

  69. Jacob Lowther

    Jacob Lowther

    5 giorni fa

    All I’m saying is Mario wasn’t cutting down on the weight for Peach

  70. Cristian capera

    Cristian capera

    5 giorni fa

    Mario is already forgetting princess peach xd :'(

    • inot_ rosy

      inot_ rosy

      5 giorni fa

      actually pauline is better than peach bc, peach only gives mario cake when he saves her but pauline gave a really big celebration by saving the city UwU

  71. Controllerhead gaming

    Controllerhead gaming

    5 giorni fa

    Um I just generally like the song it's awesome I live the background singers and it's so catchy good work

  72. creeper boom boom boom

    creeper boom boom boom

    5 giorni fa

    pauline is exactly like my reading and writing teacher and mario is just like my math and science teacher.

  73. imducnhat


    5 giorni fa

    i came here for memories, not a first date

  74. Solar Flare

    Solar Flare

    5 giorni fa

    never thought mario could be so anime ;-;

    • inot_ rosy

      inot_ rosy

      5 giorni fa

      IKR XD

  75. Omega


    5 giorni fa

    i can't stop crying because it all reminds me of the good old mario odyssey era one or the best mario adventure

  76. Fairy Tailer1080

    Fairy Tailer1080

    5 giorni fa

    This puts me in the best of moods ^_^

  77. シDoodleyΘkylinシ 360

    シDoodleyΘkylinシ 360

    5 giorni fa

    Love it!!! ❤❤❤

  78. Critical Strike

    Critical Strike

    5 giorni fa

    why does mario look like a child

    • marion vill

      marion vill

      5 giorni fa

      while I found that Mario is 3'8" i could not find how tall Pauline is.

  79. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

    5 giorni fa

    *This slaps and he deserved to go to heaven, to the top of heaven*

  80. It's Totally MJ

    It's Totally MJ

    5 giorni fa

    peach is punching her screen right now

  81. Randy


    5 giorni fa

    i da best

  82. Joshua Bernal

    Joshua Bernal

    5 giorni fa

    Is it just me or does mario look like a kid with a fake mustache

  83. Kujera studios

    Kujera studios

    6 giorni fa

    This is 3 years ago since ive watched it. I never subscribed since i didn’t have a account I was 10. I am going to today

  84. Howling Moon-chan

    Howling Moon-chan

    6 giorni fa

    Hey cg5!i love your music!also if I trick you you pin me plz ...Read more

  85. Samuel Levy

    Samuel Levy

    6 giorni fa

    While Mario save: Peach: just kisses Mario's cheek Pauline: *Sing a song to him and organize a festival for him* *Some woman are better that others...*

  86. Yeet2kllzBTW


    6 giorni fa

    Can we all agree that Pauline is way better then peach 😳

  87. Mrawesomeboss


    6 giorni fa

    Tbh peach seems more like a love interest to Mario and Pauline seems more like a best friend

  88. Fat Man

    Fat Man

    6 giorni fa

    Some young kid: wait this isn’t from tiktok? Me: *Never has been*

  89. Asher Clutch

    Asher Clutch

    6 giorni fa

    No joke Mario really looks like a kid like an actual child wearing a fake mustache am I the only one that sees that

  90. Bonnie gaming2.5

    Bonnie gaming2.5

    6 giorni fa

    This song puts me in a good place

  91. King fancy Yt

    King fancy Yt

    6 giorni fa

    BRO i was so young i loved Mario the new game came out my mom got me a cake and a ninendo switch she gave me a big piece of cake and my Mario game was in there and just listening to this makes me tear up living tombstone thanks for being in my life

  92. Jake Rozewicz

    Jake Rozewicz

    7 giorni fa

    2:18 Cappy's face during this sequence XD

  93. Prosamurai blue

    Prosamurai blue

    7 giorni fa

    who loves this song

  94. Im Blu

    Im Blu

    7 giorni fa

    Mario kinda small

  95. Chillzy gaming

    Chillzy gaming

    7 giorni fa

    Your sitting here crying with happiness because you remember you adventures and memories with mario man this is my life 😁😢😢

  96. Randal Sphar

    Randal Sphar

    7 giorni fa

    Pauline is better than peach

  97. Robo Luigi

    Robo Luigi

    7 giorni fa

    Traducción a español.- Mario:*salva al reino champiñón y a Peach más de 50 veces* Peach:*le da un beso y un pastel* Mario:*salva a new donk y a Pauline* Pauline:*F I E S T A*

  98. Alternativa Digital

    Alternativa Digital

    7 giorni fa


  99. Alternativa Digital

    Alternativa Digital

    7 giorni fa


  100. TOP 7

    TOP 7

    7 giorni fa


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