Meet Rust!

Introducing... Rust!
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Animation & Directing - Leigh Lahav @OnlyLeigh
Written - Sam Haft SamHaft
Motion Graphics & Design - Lee Mounsey LeeMounseySmith
Character Rigs - Nekori Ben Dor
Additional Elements - Yuval Buzaglo
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  1. onekingdom1


    Ora fa


  2. Memeth Machineth

    Memeth Machineth

    Ora fa

    This is sick but I want one for doc he’s my fav

  3. Harvister.c


    11 ore fa

    A communist skeleton bot

  4. Izumi yuriko Cockies UwU

    Izumi yuriko Cockies UwU

    2 giorni fa

    ezquiuzmi?? :,v

  5. strazylol


    3 giorni fa

    so, is the next album he makes in about 1 or 2 years gonna be rust? epic

  6. EADarkness1 gaming

    EADarkness1 gaming

    3 giorni fa

    Rust_010 ?

  7. Russian Goose

    Russian Goose

    3 giorni fa

    This is turning into like the tf2 meet the team series

  8. DefNotDylanYT


    4 giorni fa

    Why does he sound like an SCP lol

  9. Lamp


    5 giorni fa

    Forgot about you for like a month

  10. ElKezote


    5 giorni fa

    Wait... 1984... The bite of ´83... *IS THE LIVING TOMBSTONE TRYING TO FIT INTO THE FNAF TIMELI-*

  11. Leyza Fool

    Leyza Fool

    5 giorni fa

    Is rust actually a Russian? I didn't now that..

  12. TreePlayz


    6 giorni fa

    There’s 01... and rust... RUST010

  13. N00biea


    6 giorni fa

    helo rist

  14. Braylon Beier

    Braylon Beier

    7 giorni fa

    Rust is probably good at the game Rust

  15. craft


    7 giorni fa

    Communism... yeah!

  16. Joãozinho _

    Joãozinho _

    8 giorni fa

    Of course the youngest is going to be a commie, it makes a lot of sense

  17. The Watcher

    The Watcher

    8 giorni fa

    0:39 "Obeying the propaganda of Capitalism."

  18. Nathaniel Fong

    Nathaniel Fong

    8 giorni fa

    I bet he likes 1984...

  19. Vendy Bird Švadl

    Vendy Bird Švadl

    9 giorni fa

    0:55 Purple: mechanic stuff Zero_one: computer glitchy Red: blur Blue: ghost like?

  20. asDeZoN


    10 giorni fa

    0:37 - best moment

  21. Raul Pestonit Jr

    Raul Pestonit Jr

    10 giorni fa

    you thought you could sneak in the goose by using the old communism routine huh

  22. Nathen Marks

    Nathen Marks

    10 giorni fa

    I can't wait to meet the rest of them

  23. Crypto


    10 giorni fa

    So rust is communism?

  24. NGI Anti-nightcore & Nightcore

    NGI Anti-nightcore & Nightcore

    10 giorni fa

    My favourite part in this video is the rasist part lmao :))))))

  25. I AmLord killer bee

    I AmLord killer bee

    11 giorni fa

    Ha communism isn’t it beautiful

  26. Chambliss Family

    Chambliss Family

    12 giorni fa

    the way he said rust is the only one bound to a physical object makes me think that zero_one and the other tombsonas are something other than masks or suits like other people said, maybe they might be their instruments, looking at the fact that rust is the only tombsona without one(yes zero_one has one if you didn't know) edit: yes instruments are physical objects but with rust, I meant bound to his suite, and since they said he had more human emotion, he has a HUMAN suite, while the others have plain objects

  27. Krnixle


    13 giorni fa

    It’s funny how the goose from untitled goose game appeared when the propaganda started

  28. Omar Arafa

    Omar Arafa

    13 giorni fa

    Needs more rust

  29. Mr_Rust1000


    13 giorni fa

    О, ЭТО Я!

  30. a kid falling apart

    a kid falling apart

    13 giorni fa

    ive heard the game "rust" so many times i thought this was gonna be about the game "rust"

  31. Máximo Fernández Guezikaraian

    Máximo Fernández Guezikaraian

    14 giorni fa

    More like dust

  32. Unverified Idiot

    Unverified Idiot

    14 giorni fa

    So rust is a communist?

  33. Toms_likes_macaronies


    14 giorni fa

    a yes my favorite game Rust yes is a game

  34. Rust


    15 giorni fa


  35. Bread boi

    Bread boi

    15 giorni fa

    Very nostalgic

  36. CnG YT

    CnG YT

    16 giorni fa

    0:41 anyone notice the duck Maybe the duck has something to do with this

  37. CKS Films

    CKS Films

    16 giorni fa

    Rusty kinda crusty tho

  38. Lain Blair

    Lain Blair

    18 giorni fa

    yay its another edgy teen

  39. Miguel Angel Leobardo

    Miguel Angel Leobardo

    18 giorni fa


  40. Mike R

    Mike R

    18 giorni fa

    So you're saying i can get possesed by a communist if i wear some green metal?

  41. RandomDudeJosh


    18 giorni fa

    Soooo will there be a Rust album now?

  42. Tox 888

    Tox 888

    18 giorni fa

    Give us the rust album

  43. Clovert


    19 giorni fa

    Hehe looke for hes armor

  44. _ Saifer _

    _ Saifer _

    19 giorni fa

    So we got an album about zero_one which is Yoav, and now we gonna get an album about Rust which is Sam Haft

  45. Minecrafter 3929

    Minecrafter 3929

    19 giorni fa

    Rust is young heavy weapons guy, change my mind.

  46. AngryBirdsFanboy06


    19 giorni fa


  47. MFlint 2007

    MFlint 2007

    20 giorni fa

    Me an American:

  48. Circle As

    Circle As

    20 giorni fa

    *cuts the tags off of mattresses*

  49. Capitalist Commie

    Capitalist Commie

    21 giorno fa

    A communist who loves who does that remind me of *cough cough Antifa cough cough*

  50. SammyS44 Channel

    SammyS44 Channel

    21 giorno fa

    R U S T Y C O M M E N T

  51. wretchking 07

    wretchking 07

    22 giorni fa

    Yay communism

  52. Hia Sprey

    Hia Sprey

    22 giorni fa


  53. Cjoker Da Boi

    Cjoker Da Boi

    23 giorni fa

    *M e e t P y r o*

  54. Wames


    23 giorni fa

    I'm getting flashbacks to hiding in my little hut while my base is getting bombed by full kit's with c4s

  55. tonktruck


    23 giorni fa

    Hey rust! Where do you store all your nukes?

  56. Furry Boba Tea

    Furry Boba Tea

    23 giorni fa

    hell yea green communist skeleton



    23 giorni fa


  58. monsieur Void

    monsieur Void

    23 giorni fa

    OH, hello there don't hesitate to slip through my notification next time Rust :D, also "generally unhappy" and "lead singer" yeah that make sense

  59. WintePawz


    23 giorni fa

    Its like vocaloid but mo voice filters

  60. Jose Hiram chong Pérez

    Jose Hiram chong Pérez

    23 giorni fa

    No está en español •,-,•

  61. Joshua Mcquade

    Joshua Mcquade

    24 giorni fa


  62. darthaniel hamilton

    darthaniel hamilton

    24 giorni fa

    cant what for the album

  63. JERITH 0

    JERITH 0

    24 giorni fa

    Didnt know tombstone was a peice of shit

  64. Liam Mahan

    Liam Mahan

    24 giorni fa

    Ofc the youngest is a commie

  65. WrEnD3R :3

    WrEnD3R :3

    24 giorni fa


  66. Henry Stickmin

    Henry Stickmin

    24 giorni fa

    Rusty boi

  67. Paprika


    24 giorni fa


  68. CMMars07 LOL

    CMMars07 LOL

    24 giorni fa

    If I didn’t have you (monsters, inc.)

  69. karto ha

    karto ha

    25 giorni fa

    Наш человек

  70. Katie Ginn

    Katie Ginn

    25 giorni fa

    How schools want us to write papers: 0:33 How we wanna write papers: 0:42

  71. Fazbear Entertainment

    Fazbear Entertainment

    25 giorni fa

    Fnaf vhs in a nutshell.

  72. Woomy pl

    Woomy pl

    25 giorni fa

    1v1 rust me snipers only.

  73. The Brave Cat :3

    The Brave Cat :3

    25 giorni fa

    New songs comin' up boys

  74. Andres Villanueva

    Andres Villanueva

    25 giorni fa

    0:40 : you guys caught the duck?

    • Paprika


      24 giorni fa

      Ye bro!

  75. Axolotl Fairy

    Axolotl Fairy

    25 giorni fa

    Ok one is invention/creativity Rust is anarchy/rebellion Armstrong (the red one) is probably gonna be exploration Doc (the blue one) is probably spiritualism/the unknown ....the heck is tesla (the purple one) supposed to represent?

  76. Holy Axolotl

    Holy Axolotl

    25 giorni fa

    Stan rust

  77. EggNachos


    25 giorni fa

    got a bit communist for a second

  78. Diego Arita

    Diego Arita

    26 giorni fa

    I like the communist skeleton new friend

  79. Cool creeper Exploder

    Cool creeper Exploder

    26 giorni fa

    When’s the next fnaf songs

  80. Holgzac6


    26 giorni fa

    finally, a decent advert on youtube that's not toilet paper or dog food

  81. Mail-chan


    26 giorni fa

    Cutting the tags off of the mattress as a consumer isn't illegal. It is, however, illegal for the manufacturer to cut the tag off, as it tells the consumer what exactly is inside the mattress. This is because during the late 1800s and early 1900s, government officials became concerned about the materials manufacturers were using to stuff mattresses. Source: The place that never lies, the Internet

  82. Truth Roberson

    Truth Roberson

    26 giorni fa

    They should make another spooky remix for Halloween

  83. The random kid 100%

    The random kid 100%

    26 giorni fa

    I believe that next music vid comes out on Nov 3

  84. Abraham Yanes

    Abraham Yanes

    26 giorni fa

    When are you gonna make a song about Pickle Rick??

  85. isaiah Mitton

    isaiah Mitton

    26 giorni fa

    Not to be picky but where's the fnaf help wanted song

    • The random kid 100%

      The random kid 100%

      25 giorni fa

      @isaiah Mitton me to

    • isaiah Mitton

      isaiah Mitton

      26 giorni fa

      @The random kid 100% ok just kinda hyped for security breach

    • The random kid 100%

      The random kid 100%

      26 giorni fa

      I think right now they are focusing on the album

  86. Useless Marky

    Useless Marky

    26 giorni fa

    after 317 videos 9 years and all the other accounts i made here i am re-visiting the youtuber who had the music i loved for years♥

  87. Rhyker The doggo

    Rhyker The doggo

    27 giorni fa


  88. smartpug967


    27 giorni fa

    I just read the comic book... wtf did I just see?

    • smartpug967


      24 giorni fa

      @Paprika pretty good once you figure out the lore

    • Paprika


      24 giorni fa

      How is it???

  89. Tyler Krystal

    Tyler Krystal

    27 giorni fa

    I miss The Living Tombstone pony 😿

  90. Aaron Magnifisaurus

    Aaron Magnifisaurus

    27 giorni fa

    Do you take requests? If so could you make a Bowser song

  91. Hakim Al

    Hakim Al

    27 giorni fa

    Imagen If This Guy Is Red Color

  92. Yeti spaghetti

    Yeti spaghetti

    27 giorni fa

    Hey rust the 80’s called

  93. Joseph Ginty

    Joseph Ginty

    27 giorni fa

    In Soviet Russia you don't meet rust rust meets you

  94. donut corpser

    donut corpser

    27 giorni fa

    0:40 If you look closely you can see a goose

  95. פרדי הגיימינג

    פרדי הגיימינג

    27 giorni fa

    שלום לך!!

  96. TheCoolShiba


    27 giorni fa

    communism skeleton man

  97. ШиРоКиЙ БаСя!

    ШиРоКиЙ БаСя!

    27 giorni fa

    The Living Tombstone you remember your FNaF songs? And your voice looks familiar Robin In Teen Titans Go!

  98. Learke


    27 giorni fa

    ALBUM 2?!!!!

  99. MOBS PLAYZ YT .10k subscriber before 2022

    MOBS PLAYZ YT .10k subscriber before 2022

    28 giorni fa

    The living tombstone channel icon looks like call of duty ghosty

  100. RainingCloud


    28 giorni fa

    R u s t I s R u s t .

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