Pikachu's Lament [Red Instrumental]-The Living Tombstone (ft. Sam & Bill)

Attention all Roblox gamers! Sing along with the Pokémon red instrumental, and listen to Pikachu's Lament on Spotify, featured on Sam & Bill's new album "Geek Friend Experience"
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➢ Music Production: Yoav Landau & Vylet Pony - VyletPony
➢ Music, Lyrics and Vocals - Sam and Bill -
➢ Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music) -
➢ Video Production - Coda -
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  1. bad_boypikachu


    Giorno fa

    This sounds more vaporwave-like than anything.

  2. Blueberry 1997

    Blueberry 1997

    Mese fa

    0:43 Best Part

  3. Furpaw


    Mese fa

    sounds sick on 0.75x speed

  4. Furpaw


    Mese fa

    why did i not find this song sooner?

  5. Zury Puebla

    Zury Puebla

    Mese fa

    your music sucks now

  6. Akumu kyūtī

    Akumu kyūtī

    2 mesi fa

    Could you use this to make covers of your tho?

  7. ClkWrK Music

    ClkWrK Music

    3 mesi fa

    He walks the night He does not care if it's wrong or right He feels alright He's looking for a fight Hey Mister Pikachu How many Pokemon did you kill today? Small yellow murderer There's got to be a better way You don't have to catch them all In your little Pokéball You don't have to be the best That no one ever was You don't wanna be the next Dead Pidgey in this Pokédex You don't have to catch them, them, them, them, them Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today What kind of sick sick man Just beats up on Pokémen Do you have undiagnosed issues with your dad? A Jigglypuff that's been treated rough A Lickitung with a punctured lung A Wobbuffet, you cut off his head A Mr. Mime with renal failure You don't have to catch them all In your little Pokéball You don't have to be the best That no one ever was You don't wanna be the next Dead Pidgey in this Pokédex, no You don't have to catch them Them, them, them, them Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today Don't kill, don't kill Don't kill no Pokémon today Don't kill, don't kill Go go go go go away Don't kill no Go go go away Don't kill no Pokémon today You don't have to catch them all In your little Pokéball You don't have to be the best That no one ever was You don't wanna be the next Dead Pidgey in this Pokédex, no You don't have to catch them You don't have to catch them

  8. YourLordAri!


    3 mesi fa

    ok so if you notice in the original when the beat drops there's always a sound at the beat drop (like the dudududu) but idk why ist not in the instrumental version and it high key makes me sad

    • Mia Avakin

      Mia Avakin

      2 mesi fa

      Right, like I was so ready for it and just never came

  9. Zillerick


    3 mesi fa

    I'm getting 90s vibes 👁💧👄💧👁

  10. [nome criativo]

    [nome criativo]

    4 mesi fa


  11. Алмас Токшалов

    Алмас Токшалов

    4 mesi fa

    Why Intrumental version of this song is not in playlist for "Insrumantal versions of the songs from TLT"?

  12. RipleyandWeeds


    5 mesi fa

    oh wow i love hotline miami

  13. Batsoy Gaming Official

    Batsoy Gaming Official

    5 mesi fa

    Why is nobody talking about Pikachu literally murdering, a charizard.

  14. Johannsen Gozo

    Johannsen Gozo

    5 mesi fa

    Justice for Charizard!

  15. Johannsen Gozo

    Johannsen Gozo

    5 mesi fa

    Rip Charizard

  16. The Peanut

    The Peanut

    5 mesi fa

    pikachu goes fucking berserk

  17. EpicTacoCatGalaxy


    5 mesi fa

    it feels like a part of the soundtrack to a really bad ass futuristic vaporwave

  18. Cloudy Doodle

    Cloudy Doodle

    5 mesi fa

    “ *attentionallRobloxgamers!* ”

  19. Jay Pug

    Jay Pug

    5 mesi fa

    dont pin this comment

  20. Jolteon3720 [FE2]

    Jolteon3720 [FE2]

    6 mesi fa

    Its funny how its supposed to be instrumental so they also removed him saying his words. 0:51

  21. Bread Bear_ Gaming

    Bread Bear_ Gaming

    6 mesi fa

    Ash is in this wut

  22. Ft Renault

    Ft Renault

    6 mesi fa

    What is Pikachu lamenting?

  23. SupaIsaiah016


    6 mesi fa

    Wait the captions author actually misspelled “Jigglypuff”

    • Furpaw


      Mese fa

      and wobufett

  24. Makamakazi


    7 mesi fa

    honestly a really good song with amazing visuals

  25. sega tendo29

    sega tendo29

    8 mesi fa

    Yes Finally

  26. Whack Da’ Mast

    Whack Da’ Mast

    8 mesi fa

    2:19 is by far my favorite part

  27. TaeandSugaKookiesXx


    9 mesi fa

    Ha yay he die bc this song sucks😂😂

  28. Talia Paris

    Talia Paris

    9 mesi fa

    Damn, he'd be the next jacket

  29. RetardMemes 360

    RetardMemes 360

    9 mesi fa

    0:42 is where is the best part

    • Giorno Giovanna

      Giorno Giovanna

      7 mesi fa

      The best part is 2:57

  30. Ubercharged Idiot

    Ubercharged Idiot

    9 mesi fa

    It has a pretty sick soundtrack blocked by the singing

  31. R Petigny

    R Petigny

    9 mesi fa

    More blue and red songs plz

  32. Jeffrey Pu

    Jeffrey Pu

    10 mesi fa

    Why did Pikachu use a bat to beat up Charizard instead of his powers???

  33. XD C mamo

    XD C mamo

    10 mesi fa

    Thats ilegal

  34. Aibrix Fariolen

    Aibrix Fariolen

    11 mesi fa

    So good soundtrack

  35. ceaj


    11 mesi fa

    Now I saw that this was published on my birthday-

  36. Pikachu YT

    Pikachu YT

    11 mesi fa

    Pikachu :D

  37. Jumble Drops1029

    Jumble Drops1029

    Anno fa

    Yo, this stuff's kinda dark...

  38. Bluebelles MyCat

    Bluebelles MyCat

    Anno fa


  39. No one here ;v;

    No one here ;v;

    Anno fa


  40. H A M B U R G E R

    H A M B U R G E R

    Anno fa

    V A P O R W A V E

  41. Vanessa Maipio

    Vanessa Maipio

    Anno fa

    Hit or...

  42. allie goth

    allie goth

    Anno fa

    0:42-1:21 is my absolute favorite part. 😍

    • Blueberry 1997

      Blueberry 1997

      Mese fa

      Mine too

  43. Monetه Aria:D

    Monetه Aria:D

    Anno fa

    why pikachu??

  44. DE NORTH


    Anno fa

    am I on drugs or somethin

  45. Alison Dougall

    Alison Dougall

    Anno fa

    Shadow pikachu confirmed Great

    • Alison Dougall

      Alison Dougall

      Anno fa

      Shadow pokemon added to the game watsup

  46. Blaceigh 283

    Blaceigh 283

    Anno fa

    that pikachu must have a lot of xp

  47. Sam Judge

    Sam Judge

    Anno fa

    80s man...right on.

  48. M1R4N


    Anno fa

    Hotline Pallet Town

  49. kirsys garcia

    kirsys garcia

    Anno fa

    Why doesnt he have a ferrari TestaRossa

  50. Xx-Domenico entratainiment-xX

    Xx-Domenico entratainiment-xX

    Anno fa

    the 80s stile remix

  51. Chattur


    Anno fa

    I came here for Pikachu with sunglasses, I am satisfied.

  52. YoungZebra-ROBLOX


    Anno fa


  53. Kevin Barcelo

    Kevin Barcelo

    Anno fa

    2:19 2:31 2:38

  54. ลี ล้อทองพานิชย์

    ลี ล้อทองพานิชย์

    Anno fa

    he want EXP???

  55. Eternalll


    Anno fa

    This is oof

  56. Alex


    Anno fa


  57. Fragile


    Anno fa

    What the fuck.

  58. •Stik- Denis•

    •Stik- Denis•

    Anno fa

    Восмидисятые?🤐 Только Не Говорите Что Русский 😒

  59. KoenigsSchwert 24

    KoenigsSchwert 24

    Anno fa

    Welp, gotta chatch em‘ all!

  60. The cooler L I n k

    The cooler L I n k

    Anno fa

    So Pikachu Is Killing Pokemon And Putting It In His Lab and Driving.

  61. Æ Đřīvəř

    Æ Đřīvəř

    Anno fa

    3 million subs? Congrats!

  62. Super Leven

    Super Leven

    Anno fa

    👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 ?👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 I had a fact for you: -you cannot count how many ok emoji i just placed

  63. GhostFacer


    Anno fa

    is that an fanmade pikachu on acid? (lolol)

  64. Keegan McFarlane

    Keegan McFarlane

    Anno fa


  65. Михаил Кудимов

    Михаил Кудимов

    Anno fa

    yeah, synthwave

  66. TehBreeze


    Anno fa


  67. e621 621

    e621 621

    Anno fa

    0:41 Rip

    • esix


      Anno fa

      _pikachu_ _kill_ _-charizard-_

  68. Judah Bentley

    Judah Bentley

    Anno fa

    [reads desc] i wonder what they want us for...

  69. 𝔻𝔻𝕂 (DDK Gaming)

    𝔻𝔻𝕂 (DDK Gaming)

    Anno fa

    Someone mash this up with hit or miss please.

  70. Sebastian Lindberg

    Sebastian Lindberg

    Anno fa

    It's too good

  71. PaulYU cousin

    PaulYU cousin

    Anno fa

    pikachu stats: 0 fucks given

  72. Владислав Ключников

    Владислав Ключников

    Anno fa

    + ushi

  73. ZappingHero


    Anno fa

    I actually really liked both, this & the vocal-version, this is like a personal jam, but the vocal version of the Red one gives me the pure magical feels so much! :D

  74. Kawailoli Uzumaki

    Kawailoli Uzumaki

    Anno fa


  75. Carlos Chieni

    Carlos Chieni

    Anno fa

    i love this instrumental an the efects OMG

  76. the determined soul

    the determined soul

    Anno fa

    Why does Pikachu have Ness's bat? 😨

  77. Justin Andre Garrido Garcia 1 B

    Justin Andre Garrido Garcia 1 B

    Anno fa

    Gta versión Pokémon

  78. Evan Patrick

    Evan Patrick

    Anno fa

    Is that a muse background

  79. Support Oficial

    Support Oficial

    Anno fa


  80. Maxime Deslauriers

    Maxime Deslauriers

    Anno fa

    Danni? Dannydavikachu is that you?

  81. The man behind the murder

    The man behind the murder

    Anno fa

    Hotline kanto

  82. Clearly_Clover


    Anno fa


  83. Vienna Savage

    Vienna Savage

    Anno fa

    Who needs smug anime girls when you have smug pikachu?

  84. CheeseyTacoCat


    Anno fa

    Attention all Roblox GAMERS. Builderman is in big trouble and he needs your help. He is fighting John Doe himslef, but to beat him hes gonna need a ban hammer and couple of million robux, so hes going to you to put the serial code and expiration date and the numbers on the back of your credit card. BUT you gotta act fast.

  85. profonu games

    profonu games

    Anno fa

    when you love 80's, 90's song and this background style and also you are psych-lover of delorean that you can see that it's delorean electro beacouse there is screen in the middle inside the car

  86. Fivelemons gaming channel

    Fivelemons gaming channel

    Anno fa

    Savage pikachu A C T I V A T E

  87. Alfred C:

    Alfred C:

    Anno fa


  88. Berry_Man


    Anno fa

    *Lv.9000 pikachu mafia be like*

  89. Scooby this isnt weed

    Scooby this isnt weed

    Anno fa


  90. Metaforic - Berry

    Metaforic - Berry

    Anno fa

    Someone hear the eco of the voices?

  91. SmegEgg


    Anno fa

    This was really uncanny for some reason

  92. Maniacal_Warlock


    Anno fa

    Hotline Miami 3 OST - Lament of a Serial Killer

  93. RaiZzen Rabie

    RaiZzen Rabie

    Anno fa

    Wtf pika pikar😂gold song 👍🗻

  94. Cross Imagine

    Cross Imagine

    Anno fa

    tbh, the music speaks to me a lot, as if it matches my personality

  95. Santiago Rodriguez

    Santiago Rodriguez

    Anno fa

    get back together i need the orange living tombstone because that was what felt empowering to me

  96. Herokflowr Flower

    Herokflowr Flower

    Anno fa

    ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ ah i got screamed by a lightn ok its pikachu go away from my bed

  97. Florana Terron

    Florana Terron

    Anno fa

    the vaporwave style is really nice and i think suits the video :3

  98. un succ

    un succ

    Anno fa

    Succman approves this.

  99. FlavoredDaniel


    Anno fa

    When you are playing a randomized nuzlocke and your pikachu is a higher level then a elite four members pokemon

  100. MasonMinePlayz


    Anno fa

    I'm already Pikachu.

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