Pikachu's Lament- [Blue Instrumental]-The Living Tombstone (ft. Sam & Bill)

The instrumental of the Pokémon inspired Pikachu's Lament is here!
Hear the original on Spotify, featured on Sam & Bill's new album "Geek Friend Experience":
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- Credits -
➢Music Production - Yoav Landau & Sam Haft - SamHaft
➢Music and Lyrics - Sam & Bill -
➢Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music) -
Video Production:
➢Director of Photography - James R. Wells
➢Camera Operator - Max Perreira
➢Video Editing - Sam Haft & Pedro Calvo
➢Assistant Editor - AficionadosChris
➢Hair and Makeup - Sarah Bedrick
➢Assistant Director - Navarre Paulino
Sam & Bill - Themselves
Pikachu - Justice Kibbe
Tommy Kang - The Percussionist
Alex Murray - The Bassist
David Wall - The Drummer
Yoav Landau - Pigeon
Thanks to:
Star Tyner
Gabrielle Hughes
Taylor MacDonald
Francesca Galesi
Jonathan Levy
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  1. debil drog

    debil drog

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    Living tombstone's least viewed video

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    ジYoung Boi21

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    I am scared, disgusted and many other things I can’t comprehend

  3. TaeandSugaKookiesXx


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    I hat all the Pokémon songs you did 😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  4. DJ Newber

    DJ Newber

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    I don't like this song but i love it!!

  5. Gmatt Online

    Gmatt Online

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    i dont really like this

  6. Mary Velasco

    Mary Velasco

    Anno fa

    I dont known why but when I hear it instrumental I hear sam & bill singing *GUYS IM HEARING VOICES HELP*

    • Feltric Fence

      Feltric Fence

      2 mesi fa

      Hey I know it's been like a year but I would like to inform you that that's pretty normal: if you expect there to be singing or a sound that's not present, your brain tends to fill in the gaps. It's just a psychological quirk that like 99% of us have. Don't worry about it! ^^

  7. ClanZapHero with gaming & funny editing videos

    ClanZapHero with gaming & funny editing videos

    Anno fa

    I actually like the vocal one more, but hearing this version while watching the video here feels kinda weird but funny, lol. 😂😂

  8. Boxed Water

    Boxed Water

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    Least viewed video on the channel.

  9. Pichu Тне Сuте Роскет Моиsтея

    Pichu Тне Сuте Роскет Моиsтея

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    I expected it to be like Midna's Lament but Pikachu but oh

  10. RCavi Young_CN300

    RCavi Young_CN300

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    Nothings Volume Theres volume 0%

  11. the none sense sisters

    the none sense sisters

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    Probably not the best place to say it but yo respect bro I love all the people you subed to You did your part👌👌👌👌👌👌👊👊👊👊

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    RMS Oylimpic

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    its Funny and Kinda creepy at the Same time. i like it!🤣

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    the new kid

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  16. Cloud Fall

    Cloud Fall

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    Is this just a me problem or is there no voice

    • DJ Newber

      DJ Newber

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      This is an instrumental version bro

  17. 【M1sterFuFu Bloxikin】

    【M1sterFuFu Bloxikin】

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    that pokemon cosplay is werid why did you made it a human

  18. TheExpoGamingTM


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    And the red version? >:v

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    Dominater VI

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    Not to rush anyone or anything, but are you making another Christmas song?

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    TheLivingTombstone, I want to use your vids for reaction mash-ups. But ScreenWaveMediaMusic shows copyrights. So can I use them?

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    i like this song and all but the subtitles confused me!! XD after a month or more that it will take you to do the red version... maybe you should do a FNAF 6 song! oh and maybe it could be the first ever blue v red from the FNAF songs you have or you could also try making each song a blue v red... just some ideas (I REALLY WISH TO HEAR MY ORDINARY LIFE BUT LIKE BLUE/RED!!!) it'd be so cool (/Oo0)/~~*.';"+.┼

    • noah winkler

      noah winkler

      2 anni fa

      The red is coming in around a week already. :) Also Yoav said he wasn't gonna do anymore Fnaf songs back in may, it's kinda annoying that everyone is still trying to make him do it even though he doesn't want to. :/

    • Jaime Monzon Bautista

      Jaime Monzon Bautista

      2 anni fa

      @Blue Tronic Bear true, guess we'll just have to appreciate what he gives us... except for the Globglobgabgalab red song, that was pure cringe XD

    • Blue Tronic Bear

      Blue Tronic Bear

      2 anni fa

      It would be interesting if he makes a FNAF6 song. But however, TLT said he would rather not make one that feels like it's forced by a lot of people.

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