Right Now RED Ver. (Deltarune Song)- The Living Tombstone

Red version is here... right now :D
Check out the game Deltarune and Undertale by Toby Fox
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➢Music Production - Omni
➢Verse 1 Vocals - Damsel is Depressed
➢Chorus 1 Vocals - Emi Jones
➢Verse 2 Vocals - Sam Haft SamHaft
➢Chorus 2 Vocals - Yoav Landau
➢Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music)
➢Video Production - Custom Phase customphase
➢Charecter Art - Alternate Drifter Alt_Drifter
➢Typography - Lee Mounsey LeeMounseySmith
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  1. The Living Tombstone

    The Living Tombstone

    Anno fa

    Lemme hijack the comments real quick, I want to thank my fans for waiting 6 months for a new video to come out, it did take a while. and I respect your patience and understanding very much. thank you guys

    • 조제현


      Mese fa

      Henry stickmin song please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heidi ColbySanchez

      Heidi ColbySanchez

      Mese fa


    • Clara Afton

      Clara Afton

      Mese fa

      @Kris Castro I believe so

    • Kris Castro

      Kris Castro

      Mese fa

      So red is the remix and blue is Regular. Right?

    • Clara Afton

      Clara Afton

      2 mesi fa

      hh you're cool goodbye-

  2. Jeremy Rakes

    Jeremy Rakes

    17 ore fa

    1:18 my favorite part

  3. NATIVE 1605

    NATIVE 1605

    22 ore fa

    The first drop is what redeems this song slightly

  4. Kyle Reese

    Kyle Reese

    Giorno fa

    great animating thought

  5. Kyle Reese

    Kyle Reese

    Giorno fa

    and that dab in the robot part XD

  6. Kyle Reese

    Kyle Reese

    Giorno fa

    2D characters on a 3D backgroun XD

  7. Scary Mattressツ

    Scary Mattressツ

    2 giorni fa


  8. Exotic Butters

    Exotic Butters

    2 giorni fa

    This man predicted splatoon 2

  9. Chara Kawaii

    Chara Kawaii

    3 giorni fa


  10. Tesa Digrazia

    Tesa Digrazia

    5 giorni fa

    100 gecs

  11. Big Band

    Big Band

    6 giorni fa

    _What if you wanted to go to the heaven._ *_But then God said:_* 1:39

  12. Roninho


    7 giorni fa

    Bro this is so fucking edgy

  13. Hugh Neutron

    Hugh Neutron

    8 giorni fa

    I think their was helium in the chalk she ate.

  14. Demi 11

    Demi 11

    9 giorni fa

    did the mech just sneak a dab?- Susie must be enjoying this

  15. 레드리더,블루 나이트

    레드리더,블루 나이트

    12 giorni fa

    Red mean dynamite pop And blue mean latro pip Red is rockstar cover drop the beat

  16. Eppier


    12 giorni fa

    I feel like im on an acid trip

  17. Mikey Mania

    Mikey Mania

    14 giorni fa

    Beat dropped harder than my parents dropped me on my head as a kid.

  18. c r a z y b i r d _b r

    c r a z y b i r d _b r

    14 giorni fa

    that song is amazing, people criticize the vocals, but for me it's ok

  19. zero _two

    zero _two

    17 giorni fa


  20. Kevin Wells

    Kevin Wells

    18 giorni fa

    Why does this red version change beats randomly like SICKOMODE

  21. AshoXD


    18 giorni fa

    Susie an Lancer are the only who is not a sprite 🤣

  22. alexys gaming

    alexys gaming

    19 giorni fa

    Like if this songs needs to be in just shapes and beats😂😂... but not as a normal level, but as a boss!!

  23. Lexur Wander

    Lexur Wander

    19 giorni fa

    me listening to blue ver: so this is a song i can relax to ? me listening to red ver: *so that was a fricking lie*

  24. Lexur Wander

    Lexur Wander

    19 giorni fa

    you hear that ? it sounds like- *14 year old emo girls listening to this yelling you dont know me*

  25. axel daelmans

    axel daelmans

    22 giorni fa

    Now lets make a level of just shapes and beats with this song!!!

  26. Mouse


    24 giorni fa

    3:12 rip susie

  27. Mouse


    25 giorni fa

    2:28 when did she get a mech!?

  28. CosmicFox


    25 giorni fa

    man if this came out in 2015 you best believe I would be addicted to this

    • JacobThePlante


      21 giorno fa

      yeah this song is kinda behind its time but still great

  29. TopHatDemon TDM

    TopHatDemon TDM

    27 giorni fa

    I always though she'd sound more edgy

  30. Shade - gaming and memes

    Shade - gaming and memes

    27 giorni fa

    Blue version: **cool song** Red version: *I N S A N I T Y*

  31. Joshua Kelly

    Joshua Kelly

    27 giorni fa

    Lancer verse: *exists* Me: *confused screeching*

  32. Margaretha Strömbäck

    Margaretha Strömbäck

    28 giorni fa

    Great! N o w t h e w o r l d r e v o l v i n g

  33. Feli not Fellia

    Feli not Fellia

    29 giorni fa

    susie's axe/guitar reminded me of Marceline's axe/guitar anyone else?

  34. Cypress Stockman

    Cypress Stockman

    Mese fa

    Hey anyone have guitar tabs for this please?

  35. Finger guns Uraraka

    Finger guns Uraraka

    Mese fa

    I refuse to believe this came out a year ago. I refuse.

  36. Carto Darko

    Carto Darko

    Mese fa


  37. Leave Me Alone I’m A Salad

    Leave Me Alone I’m A Salad

    Mese fa

    This gives me extreme beat saber vibes

  38. ニクラス


    Mese fa

    I love this red/blue project. In most cases I like red better, but it's really cool hearing both versions.

  39. ZaylaLen


    Mese fa

    Lol it sounds like a seven year old being edgy XD

  40. ゴゴゴKwisp


    Mese fa

    I dont know what just happened but im here for it

  41. TheBlandCharlie


    Mese fa

    mecha dab expire me

  42. Diego 11 :D

    Diego 11 :D

    Mese fa

    Electronic vs rap

  43. REM BOU


    Mese fa


  44. The fire man 17

    The fire man 17

    Mese fa

    The live tombstone really likes making blue and red versions of songs,huh? First squid melody,now this lol

  45. Trainer Red memes BR

    Trainer Red memes BR

    Mese fa

    Man what the heck is this? Danganronpa?

  46. Timmity3


    Mese fa

    All the rebranding. All the work. Three Red-Blue song pairs. Maybe four. Three being memes.

  47. OrangeVacktor


    Mese fa

    When Susie makes her giant robot dab, I was dying of laughter. I'm sorry, that meme is old but I still find it funny.

  48. Rayan Abdullah

    Rayan Abdullah

    Mese fa

    Lancer Was Good At Dat

  49. Parker Matthews

    Parker Matthews

    Mese fa

    i saw the robot do a dab

  50. Alonzo Liberato

    Alonzo Liberato

    Mese fa


  51. dizz ceaola

    dizz ceaola

    Mese fa


  52. Teivil


    Mese fa


  53. Charex


    Mese fa

    *why is this so funni*

  54. · Stoopid Potato ·

    · Stoopid Potato ·

    Mese fa

    This sounds like a mlp song until you hear the lyrics

  55. Heidi ColbySanchez

    Heidi ColbySanchez

    Mese fa


  56. a humble animator

    a humble animator

    Mese fa

    this song confuses the hell outta me but I love it!

  57. Jack Drill

    Jack Drill

    Mese fa


  58. Pixelated GAMER

    Pixelated GAMER

    Mese fa

    Why did you have to dab just no plz no noooooooooooooo she’s doing it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me: I’m gonna kill you no sorrys

  59. Tornado the gamer 0129

    Tornado the gamer 0129

    Mese fa

    This is the essence of a final boss

  60. Star Fox

    Star Fox

    Mese fa

    2:51 suzie just be chilling.. in her giant robot

  61. -_xMaroon the axolotlx_-

    -_xMaroon the axolotlx_-

    Mese fa

    🕺y̵̥̐o̶̜͗u̵̘͊ ̸͈̔c̶̰͝a̸̠͠n̴̼̉t̶̢̑ ̶̨̓e̸̠̎s̵̹̋c̸͓̉ȃ̴͎p̴͛͜e̴͙͊ ̷͓͝t̷͖̑h̸͙̕ḙ̷͋ ̶̧͊c̷̠̕ò̴̺n̸̹͂g̴̻͠ȧ̵͜💃

  62. boneslash


    Mese fa

    the lancer part was the best 1:38

  63. boneslash


    Mese fa


  64. ZarKus


    Mese fa

    there isnt a place or a dimension where this is a good song. theres nothing good about it like actually no part of it is good. this is the first song i rly dislike. (if u tell me that noone asked then im just gonna say that these are used for feedback and stuff)

    • Jack Drill

      Jack Drill

      Mese fa

      yeah you right

  65. The Salesman

    The Salesman

    Mese fa


  66. LF EL

    LF EL

    Mese fa

    he is dead

  67. بني ادم يرقص لوصوله لل30 مشترك

    بني ادم يرقص لوصوله لل30 مشترك

    Mese fa

    evreyone:wHY Do susie voice is like a baby? me:that is good voice for a burney girl

  68. sabonete em pó branco

    sabonete em pó branco

    Mese fa


  69. RDCatz12


    Mese fa

    wait are the red versions serious or are they just a joke?

  70. Adriana Arrué

    Adriana Arrué

    Mese fa

    I love how susie has her ax for a guitar! and Lancer the whole gangster !! xdxd 2:48 I also love how Susie controls her robot !!! 💜💙 Psst: I love the robot (susie and the whole video) everything is very, very amazing !!

  71. Bya Owo

    Bya Owo

    Mese fa

    i love how susie sings like she has ingested a good amount of helium gas.

  72. Bryan Ornelas

    Bryan Ornelas

    2 mesi fa


  73. Black _ VoidYT

    Black _ VoidYT

    2 mesi fa

    What happend to susie and why is her voice like that

  74. Indira Sanguino

    Indira Sanguino

    2 mesi fa

    when you get mad at your friend: v

  75. B.F.G. -bardo fajny grubas

    B.F.G. -bardo fajny grubas

    2 mesi fa

    After Red version od splatoon i was scared how this woud look but its ok (thank god)

  76. fernandez fernandez

    2 mesi fa


  77. 7w7


    2 mesi fa

    W H T U

  78. Fernando Mendoza

    Fernando Mendoza

    2 mesi fa

    3:36 Susie was the impostor 0 impostor(s) remaining

  79. c r a z y b i r d _b r

    c r a z y b i r d _b r

    2 mesi fa

    now eminem is on tlt lol

  80. Omega Flowey

    Omega Flowey

    2 mesi fa

    THIS SONG IS COOL!!!!!!!! 😎👌

  81. Jpeg Demon

    Jpeg Demon

    2 mesi fa

    she just turned into a whole damn mecha im leaving

  82. Jpeg Demon

    Jpeg Demon

    2 mesi fa

    ngl red ver be hitting *different*

  83. Jpeg Demon

    Jpeg Demon

    2 mesi fa

    Blue ver Is what I say out loud Red ver Is what I say In my head

  84. realyoutuber 3d

    realyoutuber 3d

    2 mesi fa


  85. Chloe Rysz

    Chloe Rysz

    2 mesi fa

    3:00 Dab

  86. Neon Blade

    Neon Blade

    2 mesi fa

    2:42 Titanfall 3 lookin pretty wack but I'm sure Ill like it.

  87. tewch


    2 mesi fa

    I like the blue version better overall but 3:16 sounds better in this version

  88. King Pagie

    King Pagie

    2 mesi fa

    The animations in this video fill me with chronic illnesses

  89. Game Over

    Game Over

    2 mesi fa

    2:58 L o l.

  90. Эльмира Гарифуллина

    Эльмира Гарифуллина

    2 mesi fa

    2:59 **DAB INTENSIFIES**

  91. i am heavy

    i am heavy

    2 mesi fa

    red is way better

  92. Harveys Stuff

    Harveys Stuff

    2 mesi fa

    3:15 GASTERS THEME? i think it kinda sounds like it

    • Kayla Randolph

      Kayla Randolph

      2 mesi fa

      In OR3O'S version. He did show at the end so I think so yea

  93. Harveys Stuff

    Harveys Stuff

    2 mesi fa


  94. jmq365


    2 mesi fa

    Hmmm feel the transformer power when she is becomes a robot

  95. Spinbyyte


    2 mesi fa

    Blue: Happy and mild Rock Red: Insane and Extreme EDM

  96. Yutia Creation's

    Yutia Creation's

    2 mesi fa

    its R o b o t i m e

  97. シBlinqBqaddxii


    2 mesi fa

    Rip car ???-2019 3:02

  98. シBlinqBqaddxii


    2 mesi fa

    *I’m gonna kill you right now repeated 1000000000 times* Me: WEEE ALLL KNOOOOOWWWWW SHOOSHHHHH

  99. bugsy


    2 mesi fa

    i swear im watching her arm, and im not gonna lie, it looks accurate as fuck.

  100. Demon


    2 mesi fa

    This is lit.

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