Right Now (Deltarune Song) Instrumental- The Living Tombstone

Ooooohhhh, I'm uploading the instrumental right now!
Check out the game Deltarune and Undertale by Toby Fox
Available on online music stores: COMING SOON
➢Music Production - Yoav Landau
➢Verse 1 Vocals - Damsel is Depressed
➢Chorus 1 Vocals - Emi Jones
➢Verse 2 Vocals - Sam Haft SamHaft
➢Chorus 2 Vocals - Yoav Landau
➢Guitar Recordings - Orko
➢Mixing and Mastering - Ara Adkins (Recursion Music)
➢Video Production - Custom Phase customphase
➢Susie Drawing - Alternate Drifter Alt_Drifter
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  1. Nomad _00

    Nomad _00

    Mese fa

    Where could I get sheet music?

  2. Testyhawk7


    2 mesi fa

    Why does the intro sound like someone aggressively shitting

  3. Gojirawars 03

    Gojirawars 03

    2 mesi fa

    Yeah personally I much prefer this sick bass without the honestly god-awful lyrics... Sorry, TLT.

  4. Gage Fredrickson

    Gage Fredrickson

    3 mesi fa

    *tough guy snapping*

  5. Kevin Hu

    Kevin Hu

    4 mesi fa

    I wish there were words.Where are the words anyway?

  6. rat lord

    rat lord

    4 mesi fa

    my favourite part of the song was: grxsusivdfshshs **clap** grxsusivdfshshs **clap**

  7. Drakyyy


    4 mesi fa

    I just realized this is the instrumental and i was like "whY tHe lYriCs diSsApeAred?"

  8. Radiobunnyactive


    5 mesi fa

    I want to do a cover of this song so bad it’s my fav

  9. AKN100


    6 mesi fa

    Hol up this video is claimed by his own song

  10. Lara9253 Garcia_playz

    Lara9253 Garcia_playz

    6 mesi fa

    Wow , Nice Video

  11. Sofi Ganen

    Sofi Ganen

    7 mesi fa


  12. mitArgod


    9 mesi fa

    Been so longgghhg

  13. h yangbu

    h yangbu

    10 mesi fa

    I'd like to think that Susie's knees have buckled more times than i would know

  14. Joseph Bonura

    Joseph Bonura

    11 mesi fa

    The instrumental version is actually good I didn’t like the lyrics version.

  15. DaNy


    11 mesi fa

    guys, tell me please in what program you do your songs?

    • DJ Newber

      DJ Newber

      11 mesi fa

      FL Studio

  16. Wayverlee Soulsong

    Wayverlee Soulsong

    11 mesi fa

    Me: where are the vocals? _notices lyrics_ Me: oh, right

    • Nora Opa

      Nora Opa

      6 mesi fa


  17. Eduardo Moreira

    Eduardo Moreira

    11 mesi fa

    That bass tho

  18. Batabii


    11 mesi fa

    I thought this was going to be a song that was actually in the game...

  19. why its none of your business

    why its none of your business

    11 mesi fa

    I love this

  20. Tom Aylward

    Tom Aylward

    Anno fa

    The intro kind of sounds like a Ford commercial

  21. No Longer Used.

    No Longer Used.

    Anno fa

    Susie is *TOO STRONG* for those *TIK TOK MEMERS*

  22. Dendy


    Anno fa

    *As you watch this song, you felt the power of mean girls shine within you...

  23. AnsZey


    Anno fa

    i wish this in roblox for codes for people to hear if there is please send the code or just don't

  24. kaitsonic


    Anno fa

    I clicked this thinking it was the one with lyrics so when it just showed the words I thought I broke yt

  25. sweet candy uwu

    sweet candy uwu

    Anno fa

    The musical have 6 years in a music

  26. xxjolee


    Anno fa

    Good, now make one with only Susie’s voice.

  27. Donovan W.

    Donovan W.

    Anno fa

    An instrumental makes sense because deltarune and undertale characters don't speak full English

  28. ZappingHero


    Anno fa

    I actually kinda giggled on the part at 0:30 in this version here kinda recently, lol.

  29. Toxic Felis

    Toxic Felis

    Anno fa

    does anybody have the bass tab or know where i can find it? i would love to learn how to play this badass bassline

  30. LifeLess


    Anno fa

    Yeah, this is what you use to test your friends to see if they really like TLT's music...but at the same time who wouldn't?

  31. Shina


    Anno fa

    I like the instrumental but im scared i wont like the vocals Someone reassure me p l e a se

  32. It’s Human

    It’s Human

    Anno fa


  33. SnowwyDaCreeper


    Anno fa

    The vocal choices were the only problem I had with this song because everything else straight up SLAPS

  34. cheezybruh001


    Anno fa

    This is much better than having an child with Daddy issues running it

  35. Undecisive Angel

    Undecisive Angel

    Anno fa

    (For those who prefer or3os ver) I would not mind you, blow your mind but Id much rather blow your brains out Fright or flight you cant decide if I'm biting off your face I get my way through genocide cause freaks like you just waste my time Why find another way when you can't control your fate Oooh I'm gonna kill you right now Ready? Oooh I'm gonna kill you right now Woah woah woah I'm gonna kill you right now Woah I'm gonna kill you right now, ready? Woah, I'm gonna kill you right now Woah woah woah I'm gonna kill you right now Interlude Woah woah woah I'm gonna kill you right now Woah woah woah I'm gonna kill you right now

  36. TH3R34LJ3FF


    Anno fa


  37. TH3R34LJ3FF


    Anno fa


  38. Mister Student Loan

    Mister Student Loan

    Anno fa

    That doggo thing looks like that chimera that the weird dad made from his own daughter in FMA

  39. Hor se

    Hor se

    Anno fa

    There was so much potential for lyrics that were actually good here.

  40. Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams

    Anno fa

    Excuse me,Susie,Funny running to you... *_Runs away_*

  41. Summet 14

    Summet 14

    Anno fa

    All it is is ooh Ima kill u plz get better lyrics

  42. Justin Carawan

    Justin Carawan

    Anno fa

    I prefer the tune to the actual music.

  43. bestmanalive99


    Anno fa

    This Bass line, really reminiscent of mystery skulls

  44. boom boom

    boom boom

    Anno fa

    wait you made another song

  45. TorusMabus


    Anno fa

    The bass is grittier than sandpaper of the highest grit

  46. Ethan


    Anno fa


  47. Toodles Yes

    Toodles Yes

    Anno fa

    The beat is so thick you can cut it with a knife

  48. i Sseven

    i Sseven

    Anno fa

    Can we get davie on this bass line

  49. Crazy.Pyromaniac IG

    Crazy.Pyromaniac IG

    Anno fa

    Put it x1.25, It feels like something you would dance to

    • Ghatos


      Anno fa

      yeah XD

  50. Wren Giles

    Wren Giles

    Anno fa

    When is red

  51. Keaton Robel

    Keaton Robel

    Anno fa

    let's take a moment to respect the instrumental versions of music.

  52. vampire mistress

    vampire mistress

    Anno fa

    We need red version of both now pls

  53. Jones Studios

    Jones Studios

    Anno fa

    Just make up your own lyrics and use this as karaoke. It'll definitely sound better than the original.

    • Shina


      Anno fa

      I sang my own lyrics in my mind lol

  54. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    Anno fa

    The instrumental îs much better that actual song

  55. Axola


    Anno fa

    you know undertale & deltarune? :ъ

  56. BG Beriña

    BG Beriña

    Anno fa

    Please Make A Red Version Of Right Now

  57. Diamond Drizzle

    Diamond Drizzle

    Anno fa

    *2:17**-**3:07* *My favorite part :3*

  58. ZappingHero


    Anno fa

    I think this song and the "I Don't Know What Sex Is" one are probably the only two songs on Living Tombstone (well not really the only two ever, but the two I can mention for now) where I actually prefer the Instrumental version more than the vocal one (except for the part at 2:38 in the vocal version that I find it pretty cool). The other ones (such as Globgob, Baldi and Pikachu) I enjoy both, vocal and instrumental (especially because I know the vocalist on the Baldi one too).

    • Dark Wolf

      Dark Wolf

      Anno fa

      Is a girl man

  59. Andronix Rockmad

    Andronix Rockmad

    Anno fa

    I love that

  60. Taven Otteson

    Taven Otteson

    Anno fa

    I think so many people don't like the original because it's too real.

  61. Sofía Sánchez Salegna

    Sofía Sánchez Salegna

    Anno fa

    This is errape!

  62. jungkook stan

    jungkook stan

    Anno fa

    Lol I'm surprised I could just sing the song the somewhat close vocals. Good job memory, ya didnt fail me this time Edit: where red version, and I sung it with mah eyes closed

  63. CheezDoodle


    Anno fa


  64. Robert Koski

    Robert Koski

    Anno fa

    It’s good but no one is singing and I wish the words are being sang

  65. WangleLine


    Anno fa

    Ooooohhhh, I'm in love with this :D

  66. Emergency Food Paimon

    Emergency Food Paimon

    Anno fa

    I keep seeing Justin Y.

  67. Tattel Furby Nightmares,

    Tattel Furby Nightmares,

    Anno fa

    this is so cringy

  68. chris


    Anno fa


  69. WarmEgg Toast

    WarmEgg Toast

    Anno fa

    I thought last one was blue.

  70. Neroctopus' mess

    Neroctopus' mess

    Anno fa

    Knock Knock! Who's there? Tik Tik Tok? *NO!!!*

  71. Nerevaldo The minotaur skeleton

    Nerevaldo The minotaur skeleton

    Anno fa

    waiting for the red version...

  72. Taronyx


    Anno fa

    I wish tlt made me a theme song instrumental... 😔

  73. Master Tankov

    Master Tankov

    Anno fa

    Some damn good quality tunes here

  74. snap that Childs back goldfish

    snap that Childs back goldfish

    Anno fa

    hey i wanted to tell you some living tombstone where is you old profile picture where you were a a (my little pony) and i dare you to bring that up again as the profile picture

  75. †Lilith Succubus†

    †Lilith Succubus†

    Anno fa

    cant wait for the red version ^-^

  76. Living Squad

    Living Squad

    Anno fa


  77. Lucas Martin

    Lucas Martin

    Anno fa

    I prefer this to the original

  78. Directspoogles


    Anno fa

    this sounds badass without vocals

  79. Sans Minorie

    Sans Minorie

    Anno fa


    • Sans Minorie

      Sans Minorie

      Anno fa

      Yeah just like undertale

    • Souzah


      Anno fa

      '-', its Deltarune

  80. Nath&DJ Vids

    Nath&DJ Vids

    Anno fa

  81. Fab


    Anno fa

    quite people piss me off !

  82. Fab


    Anno fa

    you are feeling that you gonna have a bad time

  83. Cheeze y

    Cheeze y

    Anno fa

    Music-good barf

  84. OskiBoski Boski

    OskiBoski Boski

    Anno fa

    (*) sans 😭😭😭

  85. Mr. Noob

    Mr. Noob

    Anno fa

    You can sing your own *and probably better* Lyrics with this instrumental

  86. plab


    Anno fa

    What are the entirely of the lyrics.

  87. Ogre load Memes

    Ogre load Memes

    Anno fa

    Idk if it’s just me or Susie makes it better

  88. carlos Medina

    carlos Medina

    Anno fa

    it's beautiful

  89. Эдди Глускин

    Эдди Глускин

    Anno fa

    Bass guitar music

  90. MaosKung


    Anno fa

    I dislike how big susies hands are, the fact is they’re just way too blown out of proportion. Would’ve been better just to use her sprites like in the case of lancer.

  91. COSMIC💫


    Anno fa

    2:36 I like this

  92. SavedBurrito565


    Anno fa

    It’s horrible

  93. Paramaguru Master

    Paramaguru Master

    Anno fa

    why do i feel like i shouldnt have heard this

  94. Yuji OTAKO

    Yuji OTAKO

    Anno fa

    Sempre que eu vou jogar fico escutando essa música ela é muito boa

    • Souzah


      Anno fa

      krai, finalmente achei um br nesse canal

  95. Jose


    Anno fa


  96. Bill Yakontov

    Bill Yakontov

    Anno fa


  97. RareArcadeMaster


    Anno fa

    can this music have red version

  98. Amazeme


    Anno fa

    uh an intrumental no lyrics i am gonna have *A BAD TIME*

  99. plant


    Anno fa

    red version when babe

  100. person


    Anno fa

    At ×2 speed, if it was less distoriented, it could be some type of battle theme.

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