The Living Tombstone - Squid Melody [Red Version] [ INSTRUMENTAL ] (Splatoon Original Track)

Kid, Squid, it doesn't matter. This is the all new Living Tombstone Splatoon red track!
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Music Production and Vocals - Yoav Landau
Animation: Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi -
Intro Artwork: Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano -
Editing and VFX: Pedro "NewClank" Calvo -
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Verse 1:
I can't believe what I'm feeling when I'm right near
Your vibrant colors makes the sadness disappear
Such is love, makes me happy we're both artists
We changed the world together, more than we first started,
Let’s paint the world with the colors of the rainbow
Make vivid images to look outside our windows
So take your brush, don’t be afraid to show your talent
Spread your designs and drown the earth with your palette
Chorus x2
Your drawings look like heaven to me
Such piece of art makes a lovely gift to see
I hope one day we will share memories
You paint the world and I’ll play my melodies
Like every artist we have ups and downs
Our closest friends can’t always just bring us around
So just remember and listen to what I said
Create as much art as you can before you will drop dead
Verse 2:
Don’t be afraid to try a different angle
Sometimes ideas can come from looking at examples
I’ll be your guide, follow me on an adventure
We’ll conquer minds and amaze the world together
Splash every color and spray in every shading
Assault their senses with the art that you’re persuading
You won’t believe that your job is almost over
It’s kind of sad that it could have been much longer
Chorus x2


  1. Adam King

    Adam King

    Giorno fa

    Let’s paint the world Me: Nope it’s all red

  2. Adam King

    Adam King

    Giorno fa

    Red and blue mix to purple asr meh lol

  3. Mitchell Nonya

    Mitchell Nonya

    3 giorni fa

    Hahahahahahahahahah wat the actual fuck

  4. •[ Redichu ]•

    •[ Redichu ]•

    10 giorni fa

    Huh? It had lyrics-? 5 years not knowing this song had lyrics, I feel stupid as hell :)

  5. Roo Roo Chan

    Roo Roo Chan

    18 giorni fa

    I like it! its become a lot of great memes!!

  6. iamstreaming12


    Mese fa

    This could be a nice outro music

  7. moonii -

    moonii -

    Mese fa

    So this is where that creepy meme comes from.

  8. Catalina Napoli

    Catalina Napoli

    Mese fa

    I love this, I would listen to this for the rest of my life I mean the instrumental version

  9. Goknodes Animation

    Goknodes Animation

    2 mesi fa

    I love this song

  10. The Popling

    The Popling

    2 mesi fa

    How is this creepy? It's just cool.

  11. -margarita -

    -margarita -

    2 mesi fa


  12. Andres Villanueva

    Andres Villanueva

    2 mesi fa

    Hmm sounds like good Yes no? Mhmm? Idk.

  13. rosida sutarman

    rosida sutarman

    2 mesi fa

    0:19 why a fish on hes hair :/

  14. Zoey Zuniga

    Zoey Zuniga

    2 mesi fa

    I like the blue one

  15. stephen sorensen

    stephen sorensen

    2 mesi fa

    Why does it sound louder in the instrumental version

  16. ¡pardo_ Channel!

    ¡pardo_ Channel!

    2 mesi fa

    The song is extra gliched men

  17. ꧁khanza꧂ cute :3

    ꧁khanza꧂ cute :3

    3 mesi fa

    This one is caraoke?

  18. Ezilla Killa

    Ezilla Killa

    3 mesi fa

    What was the difference between the red version and blue version

  19. Miriam Castillo

    Miriam Castillo

    3 mesi fa

    Welp I belive this sounds better then the blue one

  20. bloodbonnie king

    bloodbonnie king

    4 mesi fa

    You don't even need to say anything and it already sounds like it's talking



    4 mesi fa

    I hate the ones that people make there faces the characters it’s so creepy as hell its so weird

  22. Lynn and present

    Lynn and present

    4 mesi fa

    Listen to it at speed 0.75 It sounds actually darker somehow

  23. e


    4 mesi fa

    1:42 violino our guitar

  24. Gamer _ Chan

    Gamer _ Chan

    4 mesi fa

    Me when I hit my funny bone: 0:06

  25. Enjie Bethrin

    Enjie Bethrin

    4 mesi fa

    I still love it and I still love this part 1:26

  26. pixels GamR

    pixels GamR

    4 mesi fa

    All the haters Dun dun

  27. VansLeoPascal Tarule

    VansLeoPascal Tarule

    4 mesi fa

    Wheres meggy!?

  28. Showledge of games and shows

    Showledge of games and shows

    4 mesi fa

    I start that music because my dog died on 2013

  29. Eden :3

    Eden :3

    5 mesi fa

    So this is where is came from..

  30. cuteanaestyo & cuteycat

    cuteanaestyo & cuteycat

    5 mesi fa

    The red prettiest sounds in acapella

  31. Maria Merticaru

    Maria Merticaru

    5 mesi fa

    am I the only one who is traumatized by the beginning because of the animations?

  32. cuteanaestyo & cuteycat

    cuteanaestyo & cuteycat

    5 mesi fa

    o o o o was added for slowed voice lol

  33. Gaming Chihuahua

    Gaming Chihuahua

    5 mesi fa

    Imagine a karaoke of this song...

  34. IDKnow 224

    IDKnow 224

    6 mesi fa

    Who else is vibing during this part: 1:26

  35. Create with Nate

    Create with Nate

    6 mesi fa

    I like the one with the lyrics instead, not the instrumental, but its still 😎

  36. x JDN64

    x JDN64

    6 mesi fa

    Now ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you throw your Wii U out the window. *Scientifically proven*

  37. masky boy

    masky boy

    6 mesi fa

    Ok I have the lyrics ahh aeee aaaaaa ga gaaa ggaaaaa aaahhhh aeee

  38. Dare Devil

    Dare Devil

    7 mesi fa

    seems like this computer is broken *throw computer in trash*

  39. Everything Amberly

    Everything Amberly

    7 mesi fa


    • closed


      4 mesi fa

      ITput is on a drug called "ITput and COPPA logic"

  40. That One Pigeon

    That One Pigeon

    7 mesi fa

    Uh oh my copy if Splatoon got corrupted lmao

  41. Sxyren


    7 mesi fa

    1:25 best part and beyond

  42. Imaj


    7 mesi fa

    Sad thing is I find this now,4 years after this came out.

  43. MINECRAFTIAN gaming 3000

    MINECRAFTIAN gaming 3000

    7 mesi fa

    Turn the speed into 1.25X its so cool to hear👌👌

  44. Ynky ówò

    Ynky ówò

    8 mesi fa

    Animators: *its real estate*

  45. Gabriel E. Ortiz B

    Gabriel E. Ortiz B

    8 mesi fa

    Hmm is anybody here?

  46. ammar hamzah

    ammar hamzah

    9 mesi fa

    i think im always late for a good song....

  47. TrashLord Gaming

    TrashLord Gaming

    9 mesi fa

    I wonder if anyone had a seizure from this

  48. Imagine Being Me.

    Imagine Being Me.

    10 mesi fa

    Deep inside my mind i still hear the lyrics. bruh this is just extreme quiet lyrics version

  49. OOF2020!


    11 mesi fa

    Well I still can her the lyrics...only me??? Ok

  50. Miles Prower

    Miles Prower

    11 mesi fa

    This is not instrumental, the lyrics say "Mom"

  51. Arjelia Baeza-Sanchez

    Arjelia Baeza-Sanchez

    11 mesi fa

    What my parents think im doing in school: high pitch blue what im actually doing in school: low pitch red

  52. Æ Đřīvəř

    Æ Đřīvəř

    11 mesi fa

    the bass drops really hard

  53. Buyan Erdene

    Buyan Erdene

    11 mesi fa

    hey you think this like splatoon.exe then ⬇

    • Buyan Erdene

      Buyan Erdene

      11 mesi fa

      wow cool living tombstone make splatoon cooler then other songs

  54. Buyan Erdene

    Buyan Erdene

    11 mesi fa

    that's like splatoon 2.exe

  55. Livia De cordova

    Livia De cordova

    11 mesi fa

    Massa veio

  56. avo cados

    avo cados

    Anno fa

    I cAn hEar tHe lYRicS iN mY heAd

  57. The Darkest One

    The Darkest One

    Anno fa

    Wow this song change so much with no lyrics it seems more like electronic or dubstep songs

  58. Nut


    Anno fa

    Blue: Wifi Red: Fu wifi

    • Dare Devil

      Dare Devil

      7 mesi fa

      lmao fuck wifi lag

  59. H Kaine

    H Kaine

    Anno fa

    Splatoon.EXE. has stopped working. * insert game console or fix it in the settings. *

  60. MiniLEX


    Anno fa

    O_o "WTF"!

  61. H A M B U R G E R

    H A M B U R G E R

    Anno fa

    M E L O D Y

  62. [ GD ] X01

    [ GD ] X01

    Anno fa

    This is what it looks like when you say woomy 9999999999999 times ⬇️

    • Nebula


      11 mesi fa


    • Nut


      Anno fa


  63. AngelTheBot


    Anno fa

    Me drinks drugs Wow

  64. Isabella Battaglia

    Isabella Battaglia

    Anno fa

    I just like Splatoon 2 and Splatoon. btw I subbed to u :)

  65. Æ Đřīvəř

    Æ Đřīvəř

    Anno fa


  66. FunFan23


    Anno fa

    this is like shadow the hedgehog, the cooler, edgier version

  67. Eli la más basica xD

    Eli la más basica xD

    Anno fa

    R you creasi

  68. Eli la más basica xD

    Eli la más basica xD

    Anno fa


  69. Харчо GL

    Харчо GL

    Anno fa

    *PING 999+*

  70. Paul Aparicio

    Paul Aparicio

    Anno fa

    My new intro song

    • Paul Aparicio

      Paul Aparicio

      Anno fa

      I am still working on it

  71. McWorks!


    Anno fa

    A song of the great turf war

  72. Ben Galaxy

    Ben Galaxy

    Anno fa

    wow you just got a new sub

  73. Synthrai


    Anno fa

    No one: Depressed kids:

  74. Nat Z

    Nat Z

    Anno fa

    So cool meme



    Anno fa

    well is time job

  76. Cherry Chan

    Cherry Chan

    Anno fa

    Does anyone notice how this is scary if you think about the meme?

  77. Shadyar Gamer

    Shadyar Gamer

    Anno fa

    did you edit that music? bc i really like it :3

  78. DA Studios

    DA Studios

    Anno fa

    No one: Bowling alley screens when you get 3 strikes in a row:

  79. Dakotah Johnson

    Dakotah Johnson

    Anno fa

    I dunno how but it sounds more creepy with out the voice

  80. Boihotdogs Mate

    Boihotdogs Mate

    Anno fa

    When you Are on Squid Drugs

  81. Ethan Horton

    Ethan Horton

    Anno fa

    What is the difference between red songs and blue songs

  82. PainAndDespair


    Anno fa

    Edgy vaporwave

  83. Bustedrocket


    Anno fa

    Somebody please explain red vs blue versions help

  84. Tree King

    Tree King

    Anno fa

    Nothing can traumatized me redtlt:HOLD MY BEEEEEEER (2019)

  85. Snazzy Deadbeat

    Snazzy Deadbeat

    Anno fa

    No one: Meme animators: *It's free real estate*

  86. Havoc Inkarox

    Havoc Inkarox

    Anno fa

    1:26 is good

    • Crunchy, a normal cookie guy

      Crunchy, a normal cookie guy

      7 mesi fa


    • Havoc Inkarox

      Havoc Inkarox

      Anno fa

      I like my comment

  87. A-12


    Anno fa

    This is so red I can still hear the lyrics

  88. b063


    Anno fa


  89. Zen


    Anno fa

    Im becoming an emo so.I like this now



    Anno fa


  91. No Más.

    No Más.

    Anno fa

    You can tell its the same, since The red vocals sound like instrumental, Dead Ass.

  92. John Stanley

    John Stanley

    Anno fa

    It saying all kill them

  93. buncho art

    buncho art

    Anno fa

    i am now considering singing a cover of this with my friends

  94. Elly gamer

    Elly gamer

    Anno fa

    Is realice crepy

  95. Valera01062010 S

    Valera01062010 S

    Anno fa


  96. im teh bad cheese h8r

    im teh bad cheese h8r

    Anno fa


  97. DIANA Dim

    DIANA Dim

    Anno fa

    umm the song he's amazing like fnaf?

  98. Saka M0T0

    Saka M0T0

    Anno fa

    2013 anyone??

  99. MARK Plays/Music

    MARK Plays/Music

    Anno fa

    Is this copyrighted???because i am planning a disstrack with this song

  100. Abang Kecil

    Abang Kecil

    Anno fa

    More scarier den normal red version

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