The Living Tombstone - A Doll's House (In Sound Mind OST) [feat. Hayley Nelson]

Here's the 1st song from the soundtrack for the psychological-horror game In Sound Mind
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Yoav Landau - Music Production, Mixing
Video Production - Andrew Duemig andrewduemig
Hayley Nelson - Vocals
Or "Orko" Cohen - Guitar Recordings
Yair Ben-Dor - Lyrics
Leon Zervos - Mastering
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Remember, when you're young
You surrender to the world
Cry when sad or laugh when happy
so simple.
We use to play with dolls
Go to the movies, or the mall
I remember- How they told me
How they sold me,
How I'm lonely
When the world came crashing down on me
I did not die, I went to sleep
I watch you as I am dreaming
Through the mist, I persist.
You promised me a cure
Promised a life boat, and I'm sure
You're judgmental, like the others
I, trusted, let you in
Let you see through my broken skin
Let you tell me- people would love me
Not get sick of me
get rid of me
When the world came crashing down on me
I did not die, I went to sleep
I watch you as I am dreaming
“Look away!”, I’m screaming
Oh, When the world came crashing down on me
I did not die, I went to sleep
I watch you as I am dreaming
Through the mist I persist
My scars they remain
my past and my pain
I would tell you all about it
If you’d listen…


  1. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    14 ore fa

    Sometimes I wonder if y'all actually like scary games or if it's just the demons siphoning negative energy hovering above you

  2. Paige Turner

    Paige Turner

    Giorno fa

    Youre judgmental are like The others

  3. Milagros Caballero

    Milagros Caballero

    15 giorni fa

    Me atrvo aconmentra pro que no me van atender y escrevi en el cha

  4. Roberts world

    Roberts world

    20 giorni fa

    Don’t forget to do a undertales mad mew mew song

  5. rudo 277piloto

    rudo 277piloto

    20 giorni fa

    "I fell asleep" shes in a coma

  6. DuckSoHigh


    24 giorni fa

    Hey is there like the spooky version like from the trailer

  7. Foxyfox 99

    Foxyfox 99

    29 giorni fa

    This is so underrated it ls amazing love it keep up the good work ( I know I'm late)

  8. Selerdwman60


    Mese fa

    Well, I can't play it, but I've seen videos, and in my opinion in sound mind it deserves to be game of the year, it's one of the best games I've seen in my life, and the truth is I don't know if they accept suggestions from here but it would be fine That they put lower graphics options, so that more people can play it, even without that it seems to me that it is the best game of 2020! :3

  9. Knuckles6000


    Mese fa

    Idk why, but I can't stop listening to this. Great job Yoav.

  10. Boniku Kun uwu

    Boniku Kun uwu

    Mese fa

    *Can u do a song about Danganronpa?* *(It would be good if it includes all the danganronpas, or at least 1,2 and 3, you can see a summary of the games :D)*

  11. Nero


    Mese fa

    this song hits you much more when you played the game/demo of the game it came from

  12. Iris Lightwood

    Iris Lightwood

    Mese fa

    What theories do you have about the game?

  13. Alexandre de la Roche

    Alexandre de la Roche

    Mese fa

    Damn, this gave me chills

  14. Gluten why just why

    Gluten why just why

    Mese fa

    This is one's childhood personified.

  15. J0XSIX


    Mese fa

    Soy el único que habla español, Vaya

  16. Matt Ice 22

    Matt Ice 22

    Mese fa

    Look at the views

  17. Caroline Parsons

    Caroline Parsons

    Mese fa

    somebody tell me why i relate to this song soooooo much its scary how much i relate

  18. DaDerpNinja


    Mese fa

    Woooh got chills :) This made me Cry alot

  19. Roberts world

    Roberts world

    2 mesi fa

    Real game

  20. Roberts world

    Roberts world

    2 mesi fa

    Please make a song called the battle cats

  21. Hayden X Sniper

    Hayden X Sniper

    2 mesi fa

    I saw the game teaser and it reminded me of GTFO

  22. Phuc Nguyen

    Phuc Nguyen

    2 mesi fa

    I'm here too late

  23. MELI Kun

    MELI Kun

    2 mesi fa

    This is...beautiful

  24. TheAmiGuito


    2 mesi fa

    I seriously prefer the original from the teaser, this new girl is pretty bad in comparison to the other TLT singers, I still remember her from the gameboy blue edition song and she still sounds so unnatural.

  25. Good Believer

    Good Believer

    2 mesi fa

    These guys are healers and I'm really glad they exist

  26. Rique e Gui campos pereira

    Rique e Gui campos pereira

    2 mesi fa

    Nenhum Brasileiro

  27. fandom encounter

    fandom encounter

    2 mesi fa

    Who else is reminded of the witches house rpg? Feels nostalgic ☺️

  28. bob da esquina

    bob da esquina

    2 mesi fa

    PUTAQPARIU i almost cry hearing this

  29. Lavariel


    2 mesi fa

    beautiful !

  30. FLOFF _

    FLOFF _

    2 mesi fa

    Is the music from the trailer yours too?

    • FLOFF _

      FLOFF _

      2 mesi fa

      @Dilan Avendaño Cervantes That means there will be soundtrack on youtube? The music and the demo are the things that got my interest and I am not a horror game fan but a story game fan. I especially like sad stories!

    • Dilan Avendaño Cervantes

      Dilan Avendaño Cervantes

      2 mesi fa

      All the soundtrack in the game is made by TLT

  31. DJekrom


    2 mesi fa

    This is SO beautiful!!!

  32. luel


    2 mesi fa

    Cool cool

  33. Cloudy The fox

    Cloudy The fox

    3 mesi fa

    This is for everyone in 5 years... did this become nostalgia

  34. TheWilderCat


    3 mesi fa

    Why does this feel so nostalgic? It feels like a dream you had when you were young.

  35. Matilda Richardson

    Matilda Richardson

    3 mesi fa

    This song makes so much more sense after watching the demo of the game lol



    3 mesi fa

    Why does this feel like a stab in the heart...anyways hello!!!



    3 mesi fa


  38. Tavish Jamison Fawkes

    Tavish Jamison Fawkes

    3 mesi fa

    This song gives me the chills!

  39. AngelTheVoo


    3 mesi fa

    I been here since the pony days when I was 5 💪💪

  40. Luna _Star Animations

    Luna _Star Animations

    3 mesi fa

    This is lovely, the sound and the voice sounds beautiful.

  41. Phaota


    3 mesi fa

    Beautifully done song. Love it and Hayley's voice is wonderful. Kind of reminds me of the fantastic albums by one of all-time favorite groups, "Delerium". Highly recommend them.

  42. Eetu Laitinen

    Eetu Laitinen

    3 mesi fa

    the game demo is the scariest game i have ever played while being one of the best overall games i have played

  43. el lefty

    el lefty

    3 mesi fa

    I present that this is a reference but i don't know for what

  44. randomland 2.0

    randomland 2.0

    3 mesi fa

    *play this song at my funeral please*

  45. the man behind the slaughter

    the man behind the slaughter

    3 mesi fa

    purple text purple guy *the man behind the slaughter*

  46. A_ 87

    A_ 87

    3 mesi fa

    The demo is fucking awesome I can’t wait for the rest of the game

  47. Ms. Menacing

    Ms. Menacing

    3 mesi fa

    Speed up to 1.25, you're welcome.

  48. Cody Moran

    Cody Moran

    3 mesi fa

    Now if we can just find the song used in the trailer

  49. slime Kirby

    slime Kirby

    3 mesi fa

    I like all songs your tlt

  50. Under_Score


    3 mesi fa

    Emotional Nuff Said...

  51. NightmoonII


    3 mesi fa

    My pasta and pain

  52. Dragons Vendetta

    Dragons Vendetta

    3 mesi fa

    hate and love you right now, this hits way to close to home.

  53. Tilly Rando

    Tilly Rando

    3 mesi fa

    I litterally understood everything in this song it almost song the song of my life growing up it was so deep

  54. Mr. Error

    Mr. Error

    3 mesi fa

    The singer of this is indescribable, idk how to tell you that this is so great

  55. Papatomi xD

    Papatomi xD

    3 mesi fa

    Name of the game xd

  56. Burppro


    3 mesi fa

    The gitaur is great

  57. Andres Villanueva

    Andres Villanueva

    3 mesi fa

    "I went to sleep" Such inspiring lyrics

  58. The Oxford Comma

    The Oxford Comma

    3 mesi fa

    Let's write a song together

  59. Aru Kim

    Aru Kim

    3 mesi fa

    Watch this at 1.5’s great...

  60. A Akd

    A Akd

    3 mesi fa

    After listening to this so many times I can say that this is one of your best songs in my opinion. Thanks so much TLT for such an amazing song. I can't play the game since my PC won't run it, but I'll upgrade it soon. I know what to play first.

  61. Claudia Padilla

    Claudia Padilla

    3 mesi fa

    I really love this song as it proves Yoav can be versatile

  62. Gãshâ mégåñ

    Gãshâ mégåñ

    3 mesi fa

    Русские мне нужен перевод этого шедевра:')

  63. Adnan Omerovic

    Adnan Omerovic

    3 mesi fa

    Games name please

    • Adnan Omerovic

      Adnan Omerovic

      3 mesi fa

      @Captain Crash thx

    • Captain Crash

      Captain Crash

      3 mesi fa

      it's in the title "in sound mind"

  64. Turner plays Rhythm games

    Turner plays Rhythm games

    3 mesi fa

    I bet this is the credits song

  65. Liliana Maxey

    Liliana Maxey

    3 mesi fa

    Great job yoav 👍

  66. Kermit beast 6000

    Kermit beast 6000

    3 mesi fa

    Can we get the song from the announcement trailer please

  67. Simi Mini

    Simi Mini

    3 mesi fa

    God, I could fall asleep to this, it's so calming and smooth but also has the beat that keeps you excited, or at least to me UvU

  68. Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    3 mesi fa

    This sounds like a mix of Undertale and Steven Universe... It's... Perfect.. And the lyrics are kinda nostaligic

  69. Hyraethian Rabbit

    Hyraethian Rabbit

    3 mesi fa

    You had me in the first second.

  70. Yeetus To Thy Feetus

    Yeetus To Thy Feetus

    3 mesi fa

    It actually makes me kinda sad because of all the nostalgia of remembering when it was so simple and now how advanced and beautiful the music is.

  71. bonnie willows

    bonnie willows

    3 mesi fa

    Its very calming such harmony

  72. JustANoob 554

    JustANoob 554

    3 mesi fa

    As I listen to this, I just noticed how sad the lyrics. I bet the one who sings had a tragic past. Hence not trusting anyone.

  73. Duy Đăng Nguyễn

    Duy Đăng Nguyễn

    3 mesi fa

    what that game

  74. Lance Adrian Chua

    Lance Adrian Chua

    3 mesi fa


  75. moone the alien

    moone the alien

    3 mesi fa

    Huge nerd alert but it gave me MLP Luna vibes

  76. MasonMinePlayz


    3 mesi fa

    If you haven't played the Steam demo of this game yet, I _highly_ recommend you do. This is one of my new favorite games right now, and I'm definitely picking it up when it releases.

  77. Saad Kool

    Saad Kool

    3 mesi fa


  78. Thepro2574


    3 mesi fa

    I can’t wait for this game

  79. Andrew Wang

    Andrew Wang

    4 mesi fa

    I am intrigued.

  80. Setokuchi


    4 mesi fa

    "When the world came crashing down on me" TOKIYO TOMARE, ZA WARUDO!

  81. EmPolarow


    4 mesi fa

    2:03 me when i see a spider

  82. Alex TDM

    Alex TDM

    4 mesi fa

    dude this guys vids are so good

  83. Nico__XD


    4 mesi fa

    really looking forward to playing it soon

  84. Amjaao_12


    4 mesi fa

    Just a normal comment so shoosh

  85. Viki


    4 mesi fa

    זה מדהים! כל הכבוד לכולכם!!

  86. Superman 500957

    Superman 500957

    4 mesi fa

    Child hood is free trial of living change my mind

  87. Krzysztof Suswał

    Krzysztof Suswał

    4 mesi fa

    This song makes the singer sound like she's about to scream but she never does. Dunno if it's just me or was it intentional, but I like it.

    • Bethany Davis

      Bethany Davis

      Mese fa

      @Darth Horse shame. Suppose I'll have to go to walkthroughs and playthroughs. It's not the same as playing it and you spoil it for yourself. Did that with The Forest.

    • Darth Horse

      Darth Horse

      Mese fa

      @Bethany Davis not sure, i assume it may not be

    • Bethany Davis

      Bethany Davis

      Mese fa

      Is the game available on mobile?

    • Violett_ _Rosess

      Violett_ _Rosess

      3 mesi fa

      Darth Horse same

    • Darth Horse

      Darth Horse

      3 mesi fa

      Kinda makes me wanna scream for her

  88. Some Chez

    Some Chez

    4 mesi fa

    Bet in the replies when you think this song would show up on peoples recommendation, km betting 2028

  89. Te Amo - Ardiza

    Te Amo - Ardiza

    4 mesi fa

    the main character of the game : sorry i forgot the cure doll:

  90. Pedro Chavarria

    Pedro Chavarria

    4 mesi fa

    A big song tlt we are The better

  91. ScoopOfButter


    4 mesi fa


  92. Archangel


    4 mesi fa

    9/10 isn’t the actual trailer voice, wouldn’t recommend

    • Archangel


      4 mesi fa

      Note: THIS IS A JOKE I don’t care if it isn’t the trailers voice I really like the song anyhow

  93. Let-let Bijaga

    Let-let Bijaga

    4 mesi fa

    I thought it was among the sleep

  94. The Greatest Deceiver

    The Greatest Deceiver

    4 mesi fa

    I don't know about you, but I kept replaying the trailer just to hear the sweat vocal and beats. Now that we have the full song, I bet ur going to repeat this as well.

  95. Gamer - Gaming[GG]

    Gamer - Gaming[GG]

    4 mesi fa

    What a voice she's got !

  96. Brandon DDD

    Brandon DDD

    4 mesi fa

    i would like to play it, if i have money

  97. ironbraker35


    4 mesi fa

    This song is basically my life.i can't understand the coincidence of how accurate it is. It just speaks my life story,and maybe other's too.And it hits hard. Im really happy i discovered you two to three years ago,or else i might not had seen this

  98. master gaming

    master gaming

    4 mesi fa

    creepy buy good song 10/10

  99. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi

    4 mesi fa

    I got goosebumps SEVERAL times listening to this.

  100. chile um anyways

    chile um anyways

    4 mesi fa

    easterf wather

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