The Living Tombstone - Squid Melody [Blue Version] (Splatoon Original Track)

Kid, Squid, it doesn't matter. This is the all new Living Tombstone Splatoon track!
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Music Production and Vocals - Yoav Landau
Animation: Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi -
Intro Artwork: Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano -
Editing and VFX: Pedro "NewClank" Calvo -
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Verse 1:
I can't believe what I'm feeling when I'm right near
Your vibrant colors makes the sadness disappear
Such is love, makes me happy we're both artists
We changed the world together, more than we first started,
Let’s paint the world with the colors of the rainbow
Make vivid images to look outside our windows
So take your brush, don’t be afraid to show your talent
Spread your designs and drown the earth with your palette
Chorus x2
Your drawings look like heaven to me
Such piece of art makes a lovely gift to see
I hope one day we will share memories
You paint the world and I’ll play my melodies
Like every artist we have ups and downs
Our closest friends can’t always just bring us around
So just remember and listen to what I said
Create as much art as you can before you will drop dead
Verse 2:
Don’t be afraid to try a different angle
Sometimes ideas can come from looking at examples
I’ll be your guide, follow me on an adventure
We’ll conquer minds and amaze the world together
Splash every color and spray in every shading
Assault their senses with the art that you’re persuading
You won’t believe that your job is almost over
It’s kind of sad that it could have been much longer
Chorus x2


  1. • Its Løst Vickÿ •

    • Its Løst Vickÿ •

    15 ore fa

    Imagine this 60 FPS

  2. liz sotelo

    liz sotelo

    18 ore fa

    The song: *exists* All people: NEW MEME DETECTED

  3. Toxic _bit

    Toxic _bit

    Giorno fa

    This was form 5 years ago feel old yet?

  4. •Kazami•Is•Tired •

    •Kazami•Is•Tired •

    Giorno fa

    It hurts to see how easily theyre getting splatted

  5. Gdashfan13 GD

    Gdashfan13 GD

    Giorno fa

    Nintendo put this song in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Moray Towers stage .

  6. G1itch


    2 giorni fa

    Who else came from Geometry dash

    • the Beatles fan

      the Beatles fan

      2 giorni fa


  7. third chorus kid

    third chorus kid

    2 giorni fa

    The living tombstone in inkling era: This song but about humans on a real battlefield

  8. julius Villaverde

    julius Villaverde

    3 giorni fa

    Me 2% you 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

  9. Melanie Osorto Blandin

    Melanie Osorto Blandin

    3 giorni fa

    the song: haha i will ink u animation community: yes,yes we’ll turn that into edge



    3 giorni fa


  11. AuroraKat


    3 giorni fa


  12. •X-Skull Splatoon•

    •X-Skull Splatoon•

    3 giorni fa


  13. Dean Isaac

    Dean Isaac

    4 giorni fa

    *listens to Squid Melody* I love this song

  14. Nylaa does YT

    Nylaa does YT

    4 giorni fa

    Who’s here vibing to melodies

    • Nylaa does YT

      Nylaa does YT

      4 giorni fa

      Of the song

    • Nylaa does YT

      Nylaa does YT

      4 giorni fa

      I mean the melody parts

  15. clueechi


    4 giorni fa

    I LOVE this song

  16. Luigi Fan

    Luigi Fan

    5 giorni fa

    Memes: so we are going to take this but make it scary

  17. Burger Guy

    Burger Guy

    5 giorni fa

    god..i remember watching this when i was obsessed with splatoon...i feel so old yet i’m only 13 T-T

  18. Sophia Andrews

    Sophia Andrews

    5 giorni fa

    Blue version: Splatoon franchise on the outside & the Turf Wars Purple version: Hero Modes & lore Red version: Octo Expansion & its lore

  19. I am a simp

    I am a simp

    5 giorni fa

    This sounds like reko and nao from yttd as a song

  20. chaipas22


    5 giorni fa

    Squid melody looks like..... Melody meme!!

  21. Agent three

    Agent three

    6 giorni fa

    Callie: has lips Me: 👁👄👁

  22. ArtInMotion517


    7 giorni fa

    this song gives me turf war motivation

  23. Victor Von Doom

    Victor Von Doom

    7 giorni fa

    "Metal D's"

  24. Ratagamic


    8 giorni fa

    Okay its been several years since I first heard this, but goddam these lyrics are actually so uplifting and encouraging

  25. Angle Pog

    Angle Pog

    8 giorni fa

    This bad

  26. Eric TheBigBro

    Eric TheBigBro

    9 giorni fa

    Guys can we get an f in the chat for all the colors that died?

  27. xo xo

    xo xo

    9 giorni fa

    The original song: * happy things * The fandoms: no boi :,,,,,,v

  28. can I reach 1K or 1M subs in 11 years with no vid?

    can I reach 1K or 1M subs in 11 years with no vid?

    9 giorni fa

    The nedendo splat game:D is it the 2nd 1 cos I have it!

  29. [GD] Dxrkness

    [GD] Dxrkness

    10 giorni fa

    Blue Version: Nightcore Red Version: Glitchcore

  30. X Xa

    X Xa

    11 giorni fa

    Blue: squid melody Red: inkopolis drift: skid melody

  31. Roshandar


    11 giorni fa

    Melodies NUTS HA

  32. the bamboozler

    the bamboozler

    12 giorni fa

    Blu builders and red destroyers one big tf2 reference

  33. Mr. Loverman

    Mr. Loverman

    12 giorni fa

    Guys Vivziepop didn’t animate this- Chris Niosi did..

  34. Kohrona Chan

    Kohrona Chan

    12 giorni fa

    never played splatoon? are all the characters girls?

    • raven


      11 giorni fa

      But you can choose your own character and be a guy

    • raven


      11 giorni fa

      Storywise, yeah.

  35. WeebCAT’S Ramen

    WeebCAT’S Ramen

    12 giorni fa

    Why did I get this recommended 5 YEARS LATER I literally love splatoon and have 1,050 hours on it on my switch

  36. diavolos schlong

    diavolos schlong

    13 giorni fa

    *Why does this song remind me of my trauma for no reason?*

  37. Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda

    13 giorni fa

    This is the energy I want in 2020

    • Ranpo's Hat

      Ranpo's Hat

      13 giorni fa


  38. UltraFicus


    13 giorni fa

    When you see VivziePop animated the start of the video :

    • Mr. Loverman

      Mr. Loverman

      12 giorni fa

      @UltraFicus Nah it’s fine, common mistake!

    • UltraFicus


      12 giorni fa

      @Mr. Loverman Oh... sorry...

    • Mr. Loverman

      Mr. Loverman

      12 giorni fa

      Nah she only did callie and marie at the start, Chris Niosi animated

    • Ranpo's Hat

      Ranpo's Hat

      13 giorni fa


  39. Green Boi 27

    Green Boi 27

    13 giorni fa

    This is what made me into drawing

  40. Ladaya Veloz

    Ladaya Veloz

    14 giorni fa

    The fact that I thought the animation meme community made an edgy version so they can turn the song dark when in actuality it was just the Purple Version (A mix of this and the "edgy version")

  41. Christopher_Kalel Vergara

    Christopher_Kalel Vergara

    14 giorni fa

    i think the withe color on that game are ehhhmmm :/

  42. JakeYoutubeLJ FTW

    JakeYoutubeLJ FTW

    14 giorni fa

    My younger days

  43. i lied, there are no tech tips take of your clothes

    i lied, there are no tech tips take of your clothes

    14 giorni fa

    Its been 5 years and I still replay it

  44. xX_bendy_fangal_Xx


    15 giorni fa

    Did you know Vivsiepop from Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss worked on this?

  45. Tetrispriter


    15 giorni fa

    Thanks, ITput recommendations. I almost forgot about this song

  46. •Valeria•


    15 giorni fa

    Good vibes between artists

  47. AshoXD


    15 giorni fa

    Wait, you played Splatoon? If thats the case, you enjoyed it?

  48. TheLuke


    15 giorni fa

    People who hate this song have no life.

  49. remi


    15 giorni fa

    holy shit Viziepop animated this? Nvm I discovered that I read it wrong she did the art at the begining hghfhgf

    • Bear Guy

      Bear Guy

      13 giorni fa


  50. sofia fofinha gacha clube

    sofia fofinha gacha clube

    16 giorni fa

    L'M LIKE!

  51. FlyingCats312


    17 giorni fa

    1:01 idk why I like this part animation wise

  52. Stario Vibe

    Stario Vibe

    17 giorni fa

    I love how Vivzipop has worked with the living tombstone for a long time

  53. LuisGamer2512


    17 giorni fa


  54. Rosey YT

    Rosey YT

    18 giorni fa

    V i v z i e p o p

  55. Lucas _

    Lucas _

    19 giorni fa

    "Like every artist, we have ups and downs. Our closest friends can't always just bring us around. So just remember and listen to what I said, Create as much art as you can before you will drop dead!" this verse hits me hard and i dont know why

  56. Yosu mi

    Yosu mi

    19 giorni fa


  57. Keyshawn Gurley

    Keyshawn Gurley

    19 giorni fa


  58. The Noddle Cat Channel

    The Noddle Cat Channel

    19 giorni fa

    The inklings look more like monkeys that inklings

  59. Jayda Davis

    Jayda Davis

    19 giorni fa


  60. The Void

    The Void

    20 giorni fa

    The blue version is my life 5 years ago, the red version is my life currently.

  61. SAS Operator

    SAS Operator

    20 giorni fa

    Blue: Preparations. Red: War. Purple: -PTSD.- WAR CRIMES.

  62. Psycho_ Gaming303

    Psycho_ Gaming303

    20 giorni fa

    i just realized that VivziePop worked on part of this TwT

  63. i love plants

    i love plants

    21 giorno fa

    Your drawing looks like heaven to me

  64. Jobro


    21 giorno fa

    Everytime i hear this im likr: this sounds weird af... but kinda good too

  65. Jonathan Lemus

    Jonathan Lemus

    21 giorno fa

    i listened to this song 3 years ago and now i am 10

  66. i love plants

    i love plants

    21 giorno fa

    I think im just sieng an inkling just walking

  67. Kirby Whitehead

    Kirby Whitehead

    21 giorno fa

    Anyone notice how these guys aim sucks?

  68. Sentry Nest

    Sentry Nest

    21 giorno fa

    is nobody gonna talk about how the art was made by VIVZIEPOP

  69. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia

    22 giorni fa

    the song: talent the meme: *DIE*

  70. Kira the Cat

    Kira the Cat

    22 giorni fa

    This song slaps hard but it slaps even harder on x0.75 speed.

  71. ava ceniceros

    ava ceniceros

    22 giorni fa

    OMG i just got MAJOR flashbacks

  72. Emiliano 56

    Emiliano 56

    22 giorni fa

    This song i describe un 4 letters E P I C

  73. Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez

    23 giorni fa

    I'm gonna say the N word, Nostalgia.

  74. Super Mario Fan

    Super Mario Fan

    23 giorni fa

    🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩⬛️🟩⬛️

  75. Jo Pp

    Jo Pp

    23 giorni fa

    His music is it's own genre, greatest music youtuber i listen too.

  76. AQUA


    24 giorni fa


  77. ThekawaiiMelonGirl


    24 giorni fa

    " create as much art as you can before you will drop dead " me: I NEED MY ART SUPPLIES HURRY WERE IS IT

  78. Polaris Ravioli

    Polaris Ravioli

    24 giorni fa

    waiiittt- this is a splatoon song?? i never knew

  79. Erraa


    24 giorni fa

    parents reaction when I show them my mlp oc: 0:28

  80. Bilal Yusuf Latulatie Riza

    Bilal Yusuf Latulatie Riza

    24 giorni fa

    "Your drawings look like heaven to me!" Me: **Trying to draw hell if that looks like heaven**

  81. ツ•Doi•ツ


    25 giorni fa

    Music: *happy af* Gacha and animation Community: Wow this is a good song for a GORE meme :D

  82. BigBoySlips


    25 giorni fa

    Who else is here for nostalgia

  83. Dana Sofia Ortiz Martinez

    Dana Sofia Ortiz Martinez

    26 giorni fa

    como se llama el juego

    • Daniel Rodriguez

      Daniel Rodriguez

      8 giorni fa


  84. Laser Tubby

    Laser Tubby

    26 giorni fa

    Blue version: so take your bursh, dont be afraid to show your talent :D Red version: dont- dont- dont- take your brush- dont take your- brush- dont take it- dont- dont- be afriad- show your talent..

  85. Salina Tyler

    Salina Tyler

    27 giorni fa

    the song matches 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% with splatoon and splatoon 2

  86. 「Arctic Gecko」

    「Arctic Gecko」

    28 giorni fa

    *reads artwork credits* wait VIVZIEPOP

  87. gabriel cesarꤶ

    gabriel cesarꤶ

    28 giorni fa

    What horror?

  88. gabriel cesarꤶ

    gabriel cesarꤶ

    28 giorni fa

    Robber this song iss not you

  89. Charmagne Mansayon

    Charmagne Mansayon

    Mese fa


  90. Close to me

    Close to me

    Mese fa


  91. The Crying Child

    The Crying Child

    Mese fa

    Mums when you make a horrible drawing and show it to her:

  92. Grace Adams

    Grace Adams

    Mese fa

    A work of art, truly

  93. XxGlitch WolfyFoxX YT

    XxGlitch WolfyFoxX YT

    Mese fa

    Melody meme be like:

  94. Zoe does roblox

    Zoe does roblox

    Mese fa

    This song fits CC's voice-

  95. 細野洋平


    Mese fa


    • 細野洋平


      Mese fa


  96. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara

    Mese fa

    yall are just now finding out about this smh

  97. Frankitoo2


    Mese fa

    Anyone remember this song?

  98. Scenic Carton

    Scenic Carton

    Mese fa

    Buena canción esta chula

  99. Melone


    Mese fa

    I listen to this song on repeat..I love it so much

  100. Nicky Ballaud

    Nicky Ballaud

    Mese fa

    this song let me play splatoon

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