The Living Tombstone - Squid Melody [Red Version] (Splatoon Original Track)

Kid, Squid, it doesn't matter. This is the all new Living Tombstone Splatoon red track!
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Music Production and Vocals - Yoav Landau
Animation: Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi -
Intro Artwork: Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano -
Editing and VFX: Pedro "NewClank" Calvo -
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Verse 1:
I can't believe what I'm feeling when I'm right near
Your vibrant colors makes the sadness disappear
Such is love, makes me happy we're both artists
We changed the world together, more than we first started,
Let’s paint the world with the colors of the rainbow
Make vivid images to look outside our windows
So take your brush, don’t be afraid to show your talent
Spread your designs and drown the earth with your palette
Chorus x2
Your drawings look like heaven to me
Such piece of art makes a lovely gift to see
I hope one day we will share memories
You paint the world and I’ll play my melodies
Like every artist we have ups and downs
Our closest friends can’t always just bring us around
So just remember and listen to what I said
Create as much art as you can before you will drop dead
Verse 2:
Don’t be afraid to try a different angle
Sometimes ideas can come from looking at examples
I’ll be your guide, follow me on an adventure
We’ll conquer minds and amaze the world together
Splash every color and spray in every shading
Assault their senses with the art that you’re persuading
You won’t believe that your job is almost over
It’s kind of sad that it could have been much longer
Chorus x2


  1. Vangvang z

    Vangvang z

    8 ore fa

    Ah yes I remember animation memes using this and i was scared

  2. Adam King

    Adam King

    16 ore fa

    I can’t believe of I’m f-

  3. Jake Free Music

    Jake Free Music

    Giorno fa

    Also the subtitles at the start say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 👀

  4. Jake Free Music

    Jake Free Music

    Giorno fa

    How parents see nerf wars: blue *How me and my friends see nerf wars:*

  5. Mati gameplays

    Mati gameplays

    2 giorni fa

    This song is dark like the splatoon history

  6. Temmie


    2 giorni fa

    dont be a brush

  7. Cas DJ

    Cas DJ

    3 giorni fa

    What is the meaning of this track?

    • Cas DJ

      Cas DJ

      2 giorni fa

      @PomtnessWell, in the game!

    • Pomtness


      2 giorni fa

      Cool Glitchy effects

  8. FritzTheMemeFox444


    3 giorni fa

    "Don't be a brush" But I want to be a brush :(

  9. bill fulwig

    bill fulwig

    3 giorni fa

    1:05 slaps fucking hard

  10. [バカダ]bakada ch.

    [バカダ]bakada ch.

    3 giorni fa

    Me:it scard My brain:but i want play splatoon

  11. VDG -Dusktail

    VDG -Dusktail

    4 giorni fa

    Car as we have our ups and downs

  12. Spinel


    4 giorni fa

    Did everyone know the music about that a everyone try to make her one artist the boy want make a about that melody- and the girl win

  13. Ellie


    4 giorni fa


  14. Gravity Club

    Gravity Club

    4 giorni fa

    What a pillow fight is to the parents (at least my parents): blue What a pillow fight is to the kids: red

  15. Кира Сурина

    Кира Сурина

    4 giorni fa

    Blue is worse than red😓

  16. bad_boypikachu


    4 giorni fa

    Most people: *(Are here because of the animation memes)* Me: *(Here for the song)*

  17. FunShineTimePlaysGames 3582

    FunShineTimePlaysGames 3582

    5 giorni fa


  18. Jonah Ortiz

    Jonah Ortiz

    5 giorni fa

    I sound so creepy

  19. Jenna Wilson

    Jenna Wilson

    5 giorni fa

    This song creeps me out-

  20. steph&randy


    5 giorni fa

    H io

  21. Caden Kerr

    Caden Kerr

    6 giorni fa

    I now get it! They put the blue song for this. And they put this song to!

  22. T Boogie

    T Boogie

    8 giorni fa

    This is like if a kid had all the crayons and just went dummy on the coloring book

  23. Gabriel Howell

    Gabriel Howell

    8 giorni fa

    If you thought this sounded fucking cool like I did, the genre is Oldstyle Electro.

  24. CrostX482 GD

    CrostX482 GD

    8 giorni fa

    Cool glitch effects (:

  25. esme.053 Hehe

    esme.053 Hehe

    8 giorni fa

    Idk why it’s an odd feeling that somethings behind me. First I listened to this was a hidden room down stairs all by myself while my mom was working upstairs ☺️

  26. Mcdj Studios

    Mcdj Studios

    8 giorni fa

    i love the chorus to this version, it just makes me feel like evil and like a demon with a weird glitch happening, its awseome

  27. ɐ̸̛́W̸̋̃ʎ̸ǝ̸̌̎l̸̇̚ı̵̾͘ɯ̵̍̚S̵̏͝


    9 giorni fa

    The person that did subtitles GOD

  28. shellou vautier

    shellou vautier

    9 giorni fa

    Animation meme song?

  29. Kuba L

    Kuba L

    9 giorni fa

    Gnome nassin 2:52

  30. Te Małe Mydło U Sąsiada

    Te Małe Mydło U Sąsiada

    9 giorni fa

    He cant feel when he cant believe.

  31. caprisun


    9 giorni fa

    i didnt know this is where the animation meme audio came from

  32. julio anibal

    julio anibal

    9 giorni fa

  33. ender


    9 giorni fa

    1v100 in a nutshell

  34. Juan Miguel Arbulu

    Juan Miguel Arbulu

    11 giorni fa


  35. The magnificent sans

    The magnificent sans

    11 giorni fa

    X2 and its really cool

  36. Seth Jones

    Seth Jones

    11 giorni fa

    When you go insane cuz your wii u is broken. Cuz you will never see your friends again

  37. Helen Walle

    Helen Walle

    12 giorni fa

    Wait is this what the melody meme is supposed to be?

  38. BrumpoJumpo


    12 giorni fa


  39. Kenshie Kyle

    Kenshie Kyle

    12 giorni fa


  40. Game On

    Game On

    12 giorni fa

    Who’s watching this in 2020 I know your watching this.

  41. Weeby InternetTrash

    Weeby InternetTrash

    12 giorni fa

    spread your designs and drown the WINDOWS

  42. Eliaskun 64

    Eliaskun 64

    12 giorni fa

    you hear inklings: panik you are not playing splatoon: kalm YOU ARE NOT PLAYING SPLATOON!: PANIK!

  43. iñaki medina

    iñaki medina

    13 giorni fa

    Blue:adventure Red:online

  44. Meme


    13 giorni fa

    My zoom meeting be like:

  45. Luchi Luchi

    Luchi Luchi

    14 giorni fa


  46. 8-Bit Fin

    8-Bit Fin

    14 giorni fa

    It sounds like a demon saying Oreos over and over again lmao

  47. juan ignacio

    juan ignacio

    14 giorni fa

    Scariest And y love it 😰😰

  48. [GD] Dxrkness

    [GD] Dxrkness

    14 giorni fa

    2:01 best part btw

  49. [GD] Dxrkness

    [GD] Dxrkness

    14 giorni fa


  50. Angel the weirdo

    Angel the weirdo

    15 giorni fa

    Can’t believe I’m the 7,000,009 watcher

  51. {Just Terry}

    {Just Terry}

    15 giorni fa

    i don't like it bc edgy kids use this song for memes and trying to be EDGY-

  52. cami_ sushi

    cami_ sushi

    15 giorni fa

    f por el o la que hizo los subtítulos del español

  53. Madison Page

    Madison Page

    16 giorni fa

    Guys listen to the with caption on the lyrics sound so scary..

  54. Zoe!! :3

    Zoe!! :3

    16 giorni fa


  55. Fat Goat Bot

    Fat Goat Bot

    16 giorni fa

    this moment is odd 0:31

  56. Энси


    16 giorni fa

    Ret better Than Blue

  57. Rose_ Button-14

    Rose_ Button-14

    16 giorni fa

    Me in sixth grade: Blue-life at school Red-life at home

  58. Spiderrhon


    16 giorni fa

    I got here Becuase of sonic.exe



    17 giorni fa

    Blue (me): wifi is good C: Red (me): WIFI IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. AshoXD


    18 giorni fa

    What is this supposed to be?

  61. ツSrMystery


    19 giorni fa

    *Vietnam noises*

  62. withered hyper Rafunic3C thhg

    withered hyper Rafunic3C thhg

    19 giorni fa

    Best part 0:46

  63. Galaxy Kat

    Galaxy Kat

    20 giorni fa

    Remember DON'T BE A BRUSH

  64. radd


    20 giorni fa

    i just, i just cant believe what im feeling when im-

  65. pepper mint pup's gaming

    pepper mint pup's gaming

    20 giorni fa

    Amazing i remember the two songs together it created melody meme

  66. Jes5e 12oss

    Jes5e 12oss

    21 giorno fa

    Don’t get cooked, Stay off the hook at 1.25 Speed.

  67. Bingo Mone

    Bingo Mone

    21 giorno fa

    Remember when this used to be an Animation meme? yeah me too...

  68. kokichi fan 331

    kokichi fan 331

    21 giorno fa

    i remember when everyobody did a meme with it

  69. Lily Wanamaker

    Lily Wanamaker

    21 giorno fa

    some one tell me why i get paranoid when i listen to this

  70. Patricia Magdalena

    Patricia Magdalena

    21 giorno fa

    Blue : Lawful good Red : Chaotic evil

  71. Sad Cube [humanoid] [Jsab]

    Sad Cube [humanoid] [Jsab]

    21 giorno fa

    Blue: Happy, joyful song Red: Awsome dupstep remix slow disorted verson Purple: Cold, fresh song

  72. hyperblue 118

    hyperblue 118

    21 giorno fa

    Sounds like melody meme

  73. FloralCream


    21 giorno fa

    * *

  74. FloralCream


    21 giorno fa


  75. StarWolf


    22 giorni fa

    It's so cool

  76. Rosey YT

    Rosey YT

    22 giorni fa

    All those memes......and the song was from the living tombstone about splatoon ;-;

  77. Slim _mp8

    Slim _mp8

    22 giorni fa

    Blue:First Part of Doki Doki Red:Second Part of Doki Doki Purple:End of Doki Doki

  78. Y3LLOW GD


    22 giorni fa

    Cursed nightmares

  79. Allina James

    Allina James

    23 giorni fa

    my eyes

  80. NX Agent 8

    NX Agent 8

    23 giorni fa

    Blue for the Inklings Red for the Octos

  81. Diego 11 :D

    Diego 11 :D

    23 giorni fa

    Blue : 2019 Red: 2020

  82. SAS Operator

    SAS Operator

    23 giorni fa

    Blue: Preparations. Red: War. Purple: -PTSD.- WAR CRIMES.

  83. Alter Ego

    Alter Ego

    24 giorni fa

    Blue=Love Red=Death

  84. Sissy and spongebob

    Sissy and spongebob

    25 giorni fa

    I hate suttering...

    • Sissy and spongebob

      Sissy and spongebob

      25 giorni fa

      I... cant... feel... it...

  85. Mrr. Nightmare

    Mrr. Nightmare

    25 giorni fa

    Hey red and blue version are used for the melody memes

  86. Shogunyan Blade

    Shogunyan Blade

    26 giorni fa

    This kind of reminds me of a five nights at Freddy song

  87. i was not an imposter lol

    i was not an imposter lol

    26 giorni fa

    This song is nice! I like when it scares me with its beat!

  88. Masked Cone Furry

    Masked Cone Furry

    26 giorni fa

    Whos here just because of the melody meme?

  89. SpartaOrb


    26 giorni fa

    blue: regular splatoon red: splatoon with guns and grenades filled with nails

  90. BimpleDrift


    26 giorni fa

    blue: peace and harmony red: peace was never an option

  91. andre ortiz

    andre ortiz

    27 giorni fa

    Red version almost look like gore

  92. zebaustin playz

    zebaustin playz

    27 giorni fa

    This actually sucks

  93. pan de marisco con mayo

    pan de marisco con mayo

    28 giorni fa

    The clothes at Night in a nutshell:

  94. Bilal Yusuf Latulatie Riza

    Bilal Yusuf Latulatie Riza

    28 giorni fa

    "Artist we" Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not a single soul: YOU HEARD ME SAID NOBODY SO THERES NO ONE HERE. Oh wait... Me: *OH MI GOSH UR SO BAD AT ENGLISH*

  95. zebaustin playz

    zebaustin playz

    28 giorni fa

    hmm whatever

  96. zebaustin playz

    zebaustin playz

    28 giorni fa

    we loved this but what is her? voice what kinda voice? is that?

  97. ЯрослаВ ФедоР

    ЯрослаВ ФедоР

    29 giorni fa

    Blue: How old i imaging that time when i had day sleep. Red: How i imagined it when i was little.

  98. Schnuffel Schnuffel

    Schnuffel Schnuffel

    29 giorni fa

    Blue: oh wow your drawing is so cool! Red: *i l i k e y o u r d r a w i n g . i s t h a t t h a t o n e g u y f r o m m y n i g h t m a r e s ?*

  99. Four has seen enough

    Four has seen enough

    Mese fa

    This song: *exists* Animation meme community: _this is mine now_

  100. Lil' Odd

    Lil' Odd

    Mese fa

    Ah- i see the difference now

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