The Living Tombstone - Chosen

Will I be myself again?
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Animation - The-Artery
Music Production and Mixing - Yoav Landau & Machine
Lyrics and Vocals - Sam Haft & Yoav Landau
Bass - Guy Bernfeld guybernfeldbass?hl=en
Guitar - Or "Orko" Cohen
Drums - Maxime Cholley MaximeCholleyDrums/
Mastering - Leon Zervos -
Recorded in Sound on Sound Studios (Montclair, New Jersey), The Machine Shop (Belleville, New Jersey) and Graphic Nature Audio (Belleville, New Jersey)
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Will I be myself again?
Where does it end? And where does it begin?
‘Cuz I don’t know what I did that made me
Chosen by a force beyond control
Beyond remorse, and I don’t know
If I will make it through this, losing who I am.
A mind without a home. Leaving behind
the comfort that I’ve known. Where do I roam?
A stranger to myself. Born to be here,
But living somewhere else.
And I’m searching for the reasons I’ve been
Chosen by a force beyond control
Beyond remorse, and I don’t know
If I will make it through this, losing who I am.
Let me out
Let me out
Let me out
Losing everything I called human.
Free will is miles away. I heard you play
In the digital cabaret, but I’m okay.
I won’t disobey if you
Take my by the hand and make me
Chosen by a force beyond control,
I’ll play a part, you’ll make me whole.
You’ll be my voice, I’ll be your soul,
You’ll take my choice and I don’t know
How you will make me new but
This is who I am.


  1. Jake MacHarg

    Jake MacHarg

    Ora fa

    You got me singing this song

  2. nightlight.


    20 ore fa

    yes you are yourself forever, be yourself forever. God chose you to spread His Love far and wide. expect changes to happen in your life. Jesus is coming back so get ready. You’re a good person and doesn’t deserve to be treated horribly. So may He be with you



    Giorno fa

    Dream Theater wants to know your location

  4. bencaja uwu

    bencaja uwu

    Giorno fa

    The lights are amazing especially at singing part at the end

  5. Ello World

    Ello World

    2 giorni fa

    Where can i buy the suits?

  6. Anime Guy

    Anime Guy

    2 giorni fa

    I think they are making a alternative world

  7. Official Livvyscoot

    Official Livvyscoot

    2 giorni fa

    1:06 Holy-

  8. Tonia Apelar

    Tonia Apelar

    2 giorni fa

    awesome song!!

  9. 13 Point Black

    13 Point Black

    3 giorni fa

    Guys, Look! Daft Punk recruited new members!

  10. Koala Warrior XD

    Koala Warrior XD

    3 giorni fa

    This was premiered in my birthday :' ) Everything about this video is beautiful

  11. CJ Johnson

    CJ Johnson

    3 giorni fa

    It so good it looks so real

  12. Why am I here Jimm

    Why am I here Jimm

    4 giorni fa

    2:05 red was not the imposter

  13. I5ab311a & M0nty

    I5ab311a & M0nty

    7 giorni fa

    Wait the living tombstone uses the same intro as my church? -some guy on live chat

  14. Benjamin Monge

    Benjamin Monge

    7 giorni fa

    Why can i see this on radios one day

  15. Spitfire


    8 giorni fa

    They never fail to impress!

  16. soy chef

    soy chef

    8 giorni fa

    i guess this'll do instead of cyberpunk

  17. Clayton Gjerløv Vinter

    Clayton Gjerløv Vinter

    8 giorni fa

    Oh i like the Nine Inch Nails vibes!

  18. Fake Vines

    Fake Vines

    9 giorni fa

    I memorized this whole song and it captions don’t work on it for me so I have an amazing memory.

    • Rancord123


      Giorno fa

      All you need is a few rewatches, it’s very catchy just like all the other songs in the album

  19. Ghost


    10 giorni fa

    Among Us 2050:

  20. Andres Espinel

    Andres Espinel

    10 giorni fa


  21. ᴍ ᴏ ᴛ ʜ

    ᴍ ᴏ ᴛ ʜ

    10 giorni fa

    1:22 *Red was not the imposter* (i know his name is Armstrong but i wanted to make an Among Us joke)

  22. Blunderkit


    11 giorni fa

    interesting detail: zero_one is the only one with a crack in his skull icon.

  23. Dog'o


    11 giorni fa

    WHAT IS WITH THE FINGER!? I love your songs and stuff but!

  24. enilitor gaming

    enilitor gaming

    12 giorni fa

    i just love the colors and the start this is so great!

  25. Gaitama


    14 giorni fa

    When I first heard this song I didn’t really like it that much, but then when i heard it again I loved it, don’t know what happened Edit: this basically happened with every song of the album

    • Gaitama


      Giorno fa

      @Rancord123 exactly the same as you

    • Rancord123


      Giorno fa

      Same! Drunk was the only one I really liked first time, the other songs I needed a few rewatches before I liked them but overall the whole albums a bop

  26. grayson reams

    grayson reams

    15 giorni fa

    thers a code that lats for a frame in the top corner after the closing shot on zero_one

  27. Jasmine Washington

    Jasmine Washington

    16 giorni fa

    This is 3030 the year

  28. Chambliss Family

    Chambliss Family

    18 giorni fa

    Can't wait for next album!! pls make it about "Armstrong" a name I heard from another comment

    • Rancord123


      Giorno fa

      Their names are zero_one, Rust, Armstrong, Tesla and Doc so most likely if they are doing their next album on the other members of the Tombsonas they’ll do it about Rust since he’s the one they’re featuring the most other than zero_one right now

  29. ShadowFox699


    18 giorni fa

    when i saw the ending part after the actual vid i said to myself"OH,WELL SHIT" because I usually turn the vid off before the end part plays i guess

  30. Mr. Verse

    Mr. Verse

    18 giorni fa

    im still listening to this and i cant help but listen to this everyday XD

  31. zumi _71

    zumi _71

    18 giorni fa

    Look like call of duty mobile skin like it as well

  32. Stephanie Breeden

    Stephanie Breeden

    18 giorni fa

    Make the sunburn jacket cheaper

  33. Az08ProGamers


    18 giorni fa

    This is my number 1favorite song!

  34. Chris Purdie

    Chris Purdie

    19 giorni fa

    Chosen by a force beyond remorse home leaving behind stranger to my surching

  35. welp .,.

    welp .,.

    19 giorni fa

    Woah- Is that even an animation??? That looks epic!

  36. VoodooBrew92


    19 giorni fa

    1:46 me walking into my 1.18 house

  37. Galaxy Kat

    Galaxy Kat

    20 giorni fa

    This sounds so GOOD WOW mabye my favorite in the albume

  38. Ava Script

    Ava Script

    21 giorno fa

    this is the sort of song that you feel like you've heard before even if you haven't

  39. Carter Heath

    Carter Heath

    21 giorno fa

    I saw an ad for this... a friggin ad LIKE WHAT

  40. Kai Does Stuff

    Kai Does Stuff

    21 giorno fa

    It’s among us.

  41. CBA'S World

    CBA'S World

    21 giorno fa

    Woah this is cool

  42. robertowolf 24

    robertowolf 24

    22 giorni fa


  43. robertowolf 24

    robertowolf 24

    22 giorni fa

    Amazing work

  44. ainsleyyy


    22 giorni fa

    okay is it just me or does Rust's voice give me so much serotonin-

  45. {•zRealPanther•}


    23 giorni fa

    Why am I getting GTA 5 vibes?

  46. BochiDochi


    23 giorni fa

    I like how everyone is going crazy but armstrong (red) is just ZOOMIN

  47. LazyCouchPotato


    23 giorni fa

    Zero_one is my favourite

    • tommyjoe577


      22 giorni fa

      i like rust :)

  48. Maru Mibs

    Maru Mibs

    27 giorni fa

    la quiero escuchar entera cantada a piano es hermosa !!!!!!

  49. Lovevideos Collection

    Lovevideos Collection

    27 giorni fa

    wow. the animation in this is really damn good. Awesome work dude ^_^

  50. RapidJay


    28 giorni fa

    i listened to this like in August but for some reason, this was in my head the whole day

  51. TheDessinator 01

    TheDessinator 01

    29 giorni fa

    Hey guys.....can someone else confirm that this song sounds a lot like "Space oddity ? Idk, i feel like i'm the only one to have noticed it. Maybe even TLT could confirm.

  52. Yuckie


    29 giorni fa

    I can't believe I hung on to nostalgia tlt! This entire album is so freaking good!!

  53. Neko Hacker

    Neko Hacker

    Mese fa

    not gonna lie red is sus.

  54. Braydon CORBIN

    Braydon CORBIN

    Mese fa

    Rust: 🖕 cops

  55. Squardson


    Mese fa

    Used to listen when fnaf was brand new still, missed it and came back to a reborn masterpiece of an artist... Only question is, is he still solo or is it a full band now?

    • jeep biscuit

      jeep biscuit

      26 giorni fa

      me too, i was obsessed in the 4th grade and its like the band changed with me

    • TheNotSoConfusedSophmore


      Mese fa

      Its sorta like a full band

  56. jostled trout

    jostled trout

    Mese fa

    red sus

  57. Kendorable


    Mese fa

    I know this song is about the pressure of maintaining a popular persona, but some of these words really hit me hard as an autistic person, especially "A mind without a home. Leaving behind the comfort that I’ve known. Where do I roam? A stranger to myself. Born to be here, but living somewhere else."

  58. Kitty


    Mese fa


  59. the gaming guys

    the gaming guys

    Mese fa

    My favorite song why did this comment feel like a month ago

  60. Jerrell Navs

    Jerrell Navs

    Mese fa

    2:03 Red was not the imposter.

  61. Ack


    Mese fa

    I bet Tesla and Rust listen to russian hardbass at 3 am

    • TheNotSoConfusedSophmore


      Mese fa

      I can totally see this

  62. Trixia


    Mese fa

    First of all, this song sent me to another universe Second of all, god I wish I had vocals like that 😔

  63. Decamark


    Mese fa

    *Armstrong was not the imposter* 1 imposter remains

  64. Noob Guy

    Noob Guy

    Mese fa

    Yes yes yes so so so so so good good

  65. Schnee Queen

    Schnee Queen

    Mese fa

    Whenever you guys do an actual concert, I expect these outfits...

  66. TheNotSoConfusedSophmore


    Mese fa

    crap im now simping for rust

  67. EeeYeeRee


    Mese fa

    1.25X speed.

  68. Abroadwhale9


    Mese fa

    1:23 Red was The Imposter...

  69. Fegan Floop2006

    Fegan Floop2006

    Mese fa

    I remember when this was just a small channel making fnaf songs

  70. L Bird

    L Bird

    Mese fa

    I'm a fan of the new Tombstone Crew!

  71. PhoenixWonder


    Mese fa

    Tombsonas take over their host, at least thats what I've gathered from Zero_Ones introduction and how in What I Want they become Zero_One. I feel like this song has 2 meanings, one you may ascertain from the first listen, he is not specifically chosen by something but has to make decisions and do things he had never expected. The second meaning, he is literally chosen by the force (Tombsona) to be a part of something greater (The Living Tombstone). It is probably painfully obvious I just thought I'd write my thoughts down in this comment

  72. Gregory Richard

    Gregory Richard

    Mese fa

    the animators for these are super talented

  73. banditism


    Mese fa

    the start is like a start of a movie

  74. Anton Baldwin-Roberge

    Anton Baldwin-Roberge

    Mese fa

    Rust is in here,

  75. Pucx


    Mese fa

    Even though Rust is the youngest... He's still the coolest.

  76. Caroline Mew

    Caroline Mew

    Mese fa

    Oooooh I see, each character represents a part of the team

  77. Blurk 3

    Blurk 3

    Mese fa

    Is it me or am I seeing a video game cutscenes throughout this whole video

  78. Kazuma Kemlo

    Kazuma Kemlo

    Mese fa

    Names (canon): Green: Rust Orange: Zero_One Red: Armstrong Purple: Tesla Blue: Doc Personalities (canon): Zero_One: Childish, Curious Rust: Rebellious, Against capitalist propagand- Personalities (not canon just what I guess): Doc: Serious, Gentleman like Tesla: Smart, Witty Armstrong: Courageous, Ambitious Appearances (idk why I put this but these are canon): Zero_One: Has neon lights on a metallic looking bodysuit, thin, face is a cracked, orange LED skull on a screen. He has what looks to be headphones on his head. Rust: Has green lights on riot armour & helmet and wears a trench coat, average body size, face is a green LED skull on a screen. He wears fingerless gloves too. Armstrong: Wears an astronaut suit & helmets with red lights just below elbows & on ankles. Above average body size. Red screen where there is usually a transparent plastic visor on his astronaut helmet shining through to a metallic skull. Tesla: Wears a stereotypical Russian jacket & hat with purple lights on pipes that run from below his shoulders to his shoulder blades. Thin. Face is a purple mask that lights up with gears for eyes. Doc: Wears a sleeveless leather jacket & trousers with no lights. His skeleton seems to be visible through his skin, showing up glowing light blue. He seems to have what looks like flasks & vials on his belt. His face is the outline of a skull in light blue lights. He wears a top hat & several necklaces. Part in the band (prob not but maybe canon but why are you still reading this it took so long to make aaaaaaaaa): Zero_One: Songwriter Rust: Singer Armstrong: Bass? Guitarist? Tesla: Guitarist? Bass? Doc: Drummer Weaknesses (why am I writing this shit): Zero_One: Loneliness Rust: Rebellious (is that really a weakness idk) Armstrong: ??? Tesla: ??? Doc: ???

  79. Arka Arham

    Arka Arham

    Mese fa

    Hey look it's the new specter skin from call of duty mobile

  80. CYKA_ BLYAT123

    CYKA_ BLYAT123

    Mese fa

    Red sus

  81. LudNessMonster


    Mese fa

    1:23: RedSus was not the imposter

  82. Farfalleus


    Mese fa

    This entire thing is just about yourself

  83. Alison Brown

    Alison Brown

    Mese fa

    2:03 Red was not The Imposter

  84. The random kid 100%

    The random kid 100%

    Mese fa

    Wait I just found out they yoused stop motion on the last part

  85. Fabliso


    Mese fa

    I was able to smell my arm pit

  86. Manolo Olonam

    Manolo Olonam

    Mese fa

    I'm the only person that think that a videogame with these characters can be so epically?



    Mese fa

    3:18 what i want

  88. CakeGamez


    Mese fa

    It's not a phase MOM!

  89. Matie Matie Mr. Man

    Matie Matie Mr. Man

    Mese fa

    After I read the comic book this song's music video and lyrics mean something entirely different

  90. Merhabe Thankful

    Merhabe Thankful

    Mese fa

    New Bionicle gen looks amazing!

  91. Bayleigh Quinn

    Bayleigh Quinn

    Mese fa

    I kinda miss the old skull picture

  92. Anwar Bahrain Mendez Cordero

    Anwar Bahrain Mendez Cordero

    Mese fa

    No one: The guy who forgot to turn On his mike: 2:04

  93. Cacto Extreme

    Cacto Extreme

    Mese fa

    1:38 after i played "the messenger" i can't stop think about this scene...

  94. hey its mhd

    hey its mhd

    Mese fa

    i think TLT is the imposter

  95. just you're run of the mill fish

    just you're run of the mill fish

    Mese fa

    Personally im most interested in red's story

  96. Alex321 Yagami

    Alex321 Yagami

    Mese fa

    among us

  97. PayDay Slay :P

    PayDay Slay :P

    Mese fa

    I wish you made a vinyl record of this

  98. banana


    Mese fa

    Damn Caroline's dad DID have wild college days

  99. OmittedDruid


    Mese fa

    god i hope my animations are this good some day i would be really happy

  100. isekai - llo

    isekai - llo

    Mese fa

    Amma be serious with you chief' The song is dope but the animation is freaking amazing

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