The Living Tombstone - Sunburn

A song about losing yourself in the fiction of somebody else.
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Animation - Studio Meala
Music Production and Mixing - Yoav Landau & Machine
Lyrics and Vocals - Sam Haft & Yoav Landau
Bass - Guy Bernfeld guybernfeldbass?hl=en
Guitar - Or "Orko" Cohen
Drums - Maxime Cholley MaximeCholleyDrums/
Mastering - Leon Zervos -
Recorded in Sound on Sound Studios (Montclair, New Jersey), The Machine Shop (Belleville, New Jersey) and Graphic Nature Audio (Belleville, New Jersey)
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You’re losing yourself . with the life that you are leading honey
You’re somebody else . when you pick up the phone oh-oh-oh
You’re falling apart . every time he says he needs you baby please
It’s breaking my heart to see you go on. Oh-oh-oh
You say my name and the world turns
Hold me in your arms and my heart burns like the sunlight
And I can’t fight . the way you hypnotize me like you do
I see your eyes and my day starts
You tell all your lies and you break hearts I still need you
Cuz I’m free to . my daydream may be fake but babe you are too
You’re letting him win . you forgive him and he smiles and carries on
You’re giving it up, you’re living a lie oh-oh-oh
I know you can’t be alone . You would rather what you have than the unknown
You poison yourself, but you’re enjoying the show, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
You say my name and the world turns
Hold me in your arms and my heart burns like the sunlight
And I can’t fight . the way you hypnotize me like you do
I see your eyes and my day starts
You tell all your lies and you break hearts I still need you
Cuz I’m free to . my daydream may be fake but babe you are too
Love is blind when you are staring at the sun
You close your eyes cuz you got nowhere to run
When you lose your head your heart has nowhere left to turn
Let it burn, let it burn, I’m yours until you’ve had all your fun
I’m losing myself
You smile and I get sunburned


  1. Eridan Ampora

    Eridan Ampora

    3 ore fa

    This is so amazing omg

  2. Liv Louis

    Liv Louis

    3 ore fa

    looking all the skull references i missed last time I watched, wow

  3. Bakugou Katsuki

    Bakugou Katsuki

    3 ore fa

    Still proud of the skull dude from 'Drunk' from sobering up and making his own company! You go dude!

  4. blackwlf


    4 ore fa

    Such an amazing video for such an amazing song!

  5. Katrina Stark

    Katrina Stark

    7 ore fa

    For some reason, I really wanna hear this song remixed with Clarity by Zedd.

  6. Anonymous


    15 ore fa

    Why doesn't she wear mask?

  7. Firenzar Frenzy

    Firenzar Frenzy

    18 ore fa

    The thing that makes TLT's songs so cool is the message, delivered both by audio and visuals. It always has a theme of innocence decaying into something like anger consuming you, losing your innocence, or an issue like relations or depression, or not being able to turn back from a decision Songs like 'My everyday life' and 'Cut the cord' show this so well and this song adds to that list.

  8. Not sus normal microwave not human

    Not sus normal microwave not human

    Giorno fa

    glad see the drunk guy is getting back on his feet

  9. Lux


    Giorno fa

    wow this is beautiful

  10. PurPoll


    2 giorni fa

    Did my girl here just jump out of a train to hop on this lady’s bike???

  11. AntiLuka


    2 giorni fa

    To those of you who dont know riding a bicycle at night feels the same as the riding segments in this clip if you have headphones on and get something to kick off be it a blunt or an energy drink.

  12. day lay

    day lay

    2 giorni fa

    Biker girl just leaved her team in club full of police. I dont think it is good

  13. G0THGF


    3 giorni fa


  14. Maxime Périgny

    Maxime Périgny

    3 giorni fa

    The animation is insane

  15. TwinStudios


    4 giorni fa

    Hey Living Tombstone! Is it okay if I use this song for an animatic I'm making? I had an idea for it and would love to be able to post it on ITput! (I know he probably won't reply but do y'all think that's okay?)

  16. Splash Cat

    Splash Cat

    4 giorni fa


  17. EZ_DarkYT


    4 giorni fa

    that ending got me thou

  18. スタジオShirayuri


    4 giorni fa

    'My daydreams may be fake but babe you are too' Me: *mood.*



    4 giorni fa

    i am in love with this song



    4 giorni fa

    why... are there 1.5 THOUSAND dislikes... is it just a bunch of boomers saying "Ew ThIs SoNg NoT cLaSsIcAl AnD... WHAT WhY tHiS vIdEo HaVe GaY iN iT!"

  21. Mori Wastaken

    Mori Wastaken

    4 giorni fa

    They’re lesbians,your honor

  22. Y.V Sofia

    Y.V Sofia

    5 giorni fa

    The animation gives me Vibes from the book Goldie Vance

    • Y.V Sofia

      Y.V Sofia

      5 giorni fa

      Btw,If you don’t know what Goldie Vance is,it’s a comic book about this girl in Florida st parisina I think

  23. Gladys Herrera

    Gladys Herrera

    6 giorni fa

    Megusto este vídeo musical👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥♥♥

  24. Danku-Kun


    6 giorni fa

    3:14 A... Adorable

  25. Danku-Kun


    6 giorni fa

    Can we have more of this, Papa Tombstone?

  26. Shanice Syokau Kituu

    Shanice Syokau Kituu

    6 giorni fa

    2:58 My Diamond is that you?

  27. That one guy

    That one guy

    8 giorni fa

    Ah yes, very casual to break a train window and land on a friendly criminal motorist

  28. Houldi


    8 giorni fa

    2:33 sometimes it just clicks

  29. Electron Cannon

    Electron Cannon

    8 giorni fa

    >jump on the back of the motorcycle. >The rear suspension immediately snaps. I stay asleep.

  30. Dark trap 11

    Dark trap 11

    8 giorni fa

    Are they lesbian?

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Juicebox girl is lesbian (I think) this is just her fantasy. Biker chick only ever noticed her through the windows.

  31. EBurger joint

    EBurger joint

    9 giorni fa

    You can see the tombsonas in the club

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      That was a reference to "Chosen"

  32. Yogurt


    9 giorni fa

    Yui Kimura backstory.

  33. BinOcular


    10 giorni fa

    I love how the Chosen reference went under the radar so well. Oh, and the PC in the end might be the one from What I Want, with Zero_One being installed on it.

  34. A normal Hoovy

    A normal Hoovy

    10 giorni fa

    did no one notice the "no mercy" referance

  35. Lupita Mendez

    Lupita Mendez

    11 giorni fa

    If you look at one of the buildings at 2:43 you will see an interesting building

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Wow, how did you see that? You must have really good eyesight! Literally everyone saw it

  36. * ExiledReaper *

    * ExiledReaper *

    11 giorni fa

    So if I randomly jump on someones motorcycle I can become a gang member

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Yup. Basically.

  37. Spitfire


    11 giorni fa

    This song will be perfect for Summer 2021

  38. Fox Y /N

    Fox Y /N

    12 giorni fa

    I love this song it makes me determined and leave the rough things in the past >:)

  39. Robbie the ControllER!

    Robbie the ControllER!

    12 giorni fa

    The girl reminds me of Connie from Steven Universe.

  40. c r a z y b i r d _b r

    c r a z y b i r d _b r

    12 giorni fa

    meala studio has a new sub

  41. Fer Marin

    Fer Marin

    12 giorni fa

    Since skull guy might be stuck with zero_one already, maybe his help from zero_one made him succeed and get a job.

  42. Akuma Saikou

    Akuma Saikou

    12 giorni fa

    Oh my god wait are they the colors of the Lesbian pride flag? 😍👀

  43. Mary Catherine Albenzi

    Mary Catherine Albenzi

    13 giorni fa

    Why Does That Look Like Raven

  44. I cringed

    I cringed

    14 giorni fa

    Who else saw the video and hovered over it and knew it was an LGBTQ+ Video

  45. Maintnance


    14 giorni fa

    im pretty sure the guy was with the book on his head is dead

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Nah, if you look closely you can see that he's still breathing. he's probably just in a coma.

  46. BochiDochi


    14 giorni fa

    At 2:13 you can actually see zero_one and his friends on the tv in the background

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Yeah, that was a teaser for "Chosen"

  47. fayre19


    15 giorni fa

    These new songs just hit so hard ❤️

  48. Abbey Broscheid

    Abbey Broscheid

    15 giorni fa

    Why did the cops show up? Is being gay against the law there? If that's the case then...uhm... WEIRD.

    • Abbey Broscheid

      Abbey Broscheid

      6 giorni fa

      @Danku-Kun Ohhhhhh ok

    • Danku-Kun


      6 giorni fa

      Also, they were causing a ruckus in the bar, one messing with the DJ table, one hitting on the bartender, and everyone got jealous when they started *SCHMOVIN* on the dance floor.

    • Abbey Broscheid

      Abbey Broscheid

      11 giorni fa

      @Bait Ohhh ok lol

    • Bait


      12 giorni fa

      @Abbey Broscheid motorcycle gangs get pulled over by the police often lol, ya know for doing illegal stuff

    • Abbey Broscheid

      Abbey Broscheid

      15 giorni fa

      Ok this comment is inappropriate and all but STILL someone care to explain why the cops show up? In that scene where a cop burst through the door, I'm REALLY confused! Do a long theory and I won't be that mad.

  49. SkylerGames


    15 giorni fa

    This made me question my sexuality

  50. PeeperKeeper


    15 giorni fa

    2:42 the guys from the song drunk POGGERS

  51. Luis Isturrieta

    Luis Isturrieta

    16 giorni fa

    So many cliches and an animation thats being overused after the Steven Universe style became famous. The song is good, but I didnt like the video

  52. mr.sceoaccmorumnetetnt


    17 giorni fa

    3:19 legend says that this guy is still sleeping on that train

  53. El primo De el primo

    El primo De el primo

    18 giorni fa

    tus animaciones son las mejores

  54. Bro I'm Just Vibing

    Bro I'm Just Vibing

    18 giorni fa

    Me: awhhh this is so cute Also me: *reads the description* *This sign can't stop me because I can't read*

  55. tre' washington

    tre' washington

    18 giorni fa

    Skull and Wolf? Makes sense to me.

  56. Atomic Crown

    Atomic Crown

    18 giorni fa

    1:14 that tunnel sequence when they enter send chills every time

  57. LazyCouchPotato


    18 giorni fa

    The girl that wants to be part of the group is Armstrong right?

  58. Korg Chlyde Collantes

    Korg Chlyde Collantes

    18 giorni fa

    1:53 if you look at the backround you can see the tlt band

  59. paul the goblin king

    paul the goblin king

    19 giorni fa

    Be gay ride cycles

  60. Agent Moth man 666

    Agent Moth man 666

    19 giorni fa

    I love this



    19 giorni fa

    The ending left me shooketh

  62. Hi I’m peppers best friend Hehe

    Hi I’m peppers best friend Hehe

    19 giorni fa


  63. Alektro


    19 giorni fa

    Moral of the video: if you ever jump out of a moving train at least try to land on a random lesbians bike

  64. hooman


    19 giorni fa

    dont tell me i'm the only one who saw that reference to "my ordinary life"

  65. Henkaan


    19 giorni fa

    PLEASE release an instrumental ver

  66. Rebecca Stroh

    Rebecca Stroh

    20 giorni fa

    I frickin love this song

    • Mimic Studios

      Mimic Studios

      19 giorni fa

      ME TOO

  67. lizndro 13

    lizndro 13

    20 giorni fa

    1:51 hey you can see Zero_one behind the dj

  68. Night Flame45

    Night Flame45

    20 giorni fa

    She jumps off the train and onto the bike, without any gear that’s gonna sting 😂

  69. Ainy A

    Ainy A

    21 giorno fa

    i need a whole cartoon on thisssss!!!!!

  70. Jimmy Sirenhead

    Jimmy Sirenhead

    21 giorno fa

    *I liked it when they went down the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid*

  71. TopHatDemon TDM

    TopHatDemon TDM

    22 giorni fa

    Love all the references

  72. TopHatDemon TDM

    TopHatDemon TDM

    22 giorni fa

    Aw cute

  73. ChoBoiBigly


    22 giorni fa

    girl breaks the matrix to be a biker

  74. Darkner


    23 giorni fa

    remember kids don't break train doors and jump on motorcycles

    • Leif Millelnuie

      Leif Millelnuie

      20 giorni fa

      Pretty Sure the vidéo tells us to exactly that.

  75. Mr J Oldnall

    Mr J Oldnall

    23 giorni fa

    this song is THE vibe.

  76. Mizio 3256

    Mizio 3256

    23 giorni fa

    I love how at first i didnt notice that bet when they are jamming to the tunes in the bar you can see the band behind them with 01. :3

  77. Starry Animator

    Starry Animator

    23 giorni fa

    *Thats a bit gay*

  78. Sunny Fox

    Sunny Fox

    24 giorni fa

    Does this remind anyone else of Steven Universe, somehow? Also, Kill La Kill...

  79. Orange Lolacs

    Orange Lolacs

    24 giorni fa

    1:00 *mako from Kill La Kill!*

  80. OrleansWarrior


    24 giorni fa

    Historyan: they were great friends

  81. Ian Gutierrez Flor

    Ian Gutierrez Flor

    24 giorni fa

    2:01 THAT GIRL .____. nice

  82. Az08ProGamers


    25 giorni fa

    Happy living song

  83. zulfica


    25 giorni fa

    me when i first saw this on release: this better not awaken anything in me

  84. Dan Glz

    Dan Glz

    25 giorni fa

    i like how most of the lyrics talk about a some sort of love triangle, but the storyboard and animation is just like "hey, dont get caught in your imagination" sort of things

  85. Dark -Roblox

    Dark -Roblox

    25 giorni fa

    The Animation And song Are Cool

  86. Pigs Wth Chickens

    Pigs Wth Chickens

    26 giorni fa

    I love this futuristic world TLT made with the zero_one album, its so intriguing and I want to know everything about this place, the lore and the characters! Really fun album too!!!!

  87. Juanpablo Veronico

    Juanpablo Veronico

    26 giorni fa

    This is better then stranger things



    26 giorni fa

    Theory: this is a time loop with universal travel where she is in and not in the gang at the same time. At the beginning she doesn’t notice herself in the gang whilst when the loop starts again she does



      20 giorni fa


  89. HaulkCool Kid

    HaulkCool Kid

    26 giorni fa

    Great anime

  90. Funtime FredBoi

    Funtime FredBoi

    27 giorni fa

    Her: *Literally jumped out of a train on to your motorcycle* Me (the other girl): *Understandable have a nice day*

  91. mythical wolf

    mythical wolf

    27 giorni fa

    Watching this gives me cold chills, amazing job!!

  92. EZ - DualScreen

    EZ - DualScreen

    27 giorni fa

    3:41 I just saw a paradox kkk

  93. Aldous


    27 giorni fa

    1:52 Took me a while to realise that the tombstonians were at the backround

  94. Ack


    27 giorni fa

    1:54 just realised where they’re at

  95. Aphoria


    28 giorni fa

    can we just talk about how the group actually fits with the Tombsonas? at least in my eyes-

  96. Nightcore Dashie

    Nightcore Dashie

    28 giorni fa

    I keep hearing "gay stars" beastly song tho

  97. Pedro Augusto de Souza

    Pedro Augusto de Souza

    28 giorni fa

    look the photo of my profile, just this

  98. Sushi Bee

    Sushi Bee

    29 giorni fa

    Studio Meala should get more view for working so hard on this video but I also love how much they work to together on everything 😊😃✨👏

  99. almooneh lmao

    almooneh lmao

    29 giorni fa

    who is the girl at 3:24

  100. Age S

    Age S

    29 giorni fa

    Why do I love this song so much?

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