The Living Tombstone - Goose Goose Revolution (Untitled Goose Game) - INSTRUMENTAL

Instrumental version for those who want less vocals and honks!
➢ Download link for the instrumental version coming soon, you can get the original version here:
Music Production/Mixing - Yoav Landau
Lead Vocals and Lyrics - Sam Haft SamHaft
Video Production - Andrew Duemig andrewduemig
Chorus Vocals - Truly Freeman
Mastering - Leon Zervos
Cover Art - Lee Mounsey leemounseysmith
Based on the game Untitled Goose Game by House House and Panic
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A lovely day, the sun is in the sky
A lovely place, hope you don’t mind if I
Just have some fun, the only way that I know how to
I’ll make you cry, before I am done.
It’s such a gas, maybe I’ll take your keys
If I act fast, you’ll see me on TV
It’s such a blast that you’ll spit out your tea while
You’ll get what you deserve and I will take it all for free, so
Honk (“honk!”) if you’re hungry for chaos
Come on, “honk! honk!” like a horrible goose
Spread your wings as you spread your malediction with me!
I’ll never , endeavor , to be a little better
A gander , offender , I’ll offer no surrender
The mayhem , the panic , the madness and the havoc
The nightmare , the devil , with feathers and a beak
The rules are lies, you fight for what you get
Just pick a prize, don’t care who you upset
You think we live in a society, but*
You’ll get what you deserve and I will take it all for free, so
*alt: You feel so safe in your society, but
Honk (“honk!”) if you’re hungry for chaos
Come on, “honk! honk!” like a horrible goose
Spread your wings as you spread your malediction with me!
Honk (“honk!”) if you’re ready for battle
Come on, “honk! honk!” like a horrible goose
Spread your wings as you spread your revolution with me!
See the goose is coming
You hear the honk and you start running
White and yellow birdie
It’s gonna fight you might get hurt, We
see the goose approaching
We hear the honk it’s so imposing
Just another level
Is this a birdie or a devil


  1. Blixer


    5 ore fa

    Vitec play должен это увидеть.

  2. neko cat neko

    neko cat neko

    7 ore fa

    Man, the instrumental version sucks for me. The original one bops.

  3. tommykaine


    2 giorni fa

    if i put it on 0.25 and low Quality it looks badass

  4. Caleb Hornback

    Caleb Hornback

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  5. KTracegamer


    9 giorni fa

    Da H O N K is To S T R O N K

  6. CosmicFox


    25 giorni fa

    This is a sentient death rock moment

  7. ༺༒Bri Blitz༒༻

    ༺༒Bri Blitz༒༻

    Mese fa

    |\__/| ( • X • ) /| ⑅ \-︻デ═一 FIRE.

  8. IamCrissGD UwU

    IamCrissGD UwU

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  9. Уляна Лук'янова

    Уляна Лук'янова

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  10. James Okeefe

    James Okeefe

    Mese fa

    Well that’s enough internet for today

  11. Heather Hudson

    Heather Hudson

    Mese fa

    I didn't realize this was the instrumental version and honestly thought it was just a joke on how no one talks in the game for some reason...

  12. だらしない


    Mese fa


  13. Aidyn Galvan

    Aidyn Galvan

    2 mesi fa

    it just isent the same without a goose yelling at you about how he will ruin your life



    2 mesi fa

    I just downloaded the game and then I see this

  15. Тарас Луценко

    Тарас Луценко

    2 mesi fa

    i like purple and instrumental types

  16. Blue tooth Hose

    Blue tooth Hose

    3 mesi fa

    I got a shampoo commercial

    • Blue tooth Hose

      Blue tooth Hose

      3 mesi fa

      I think the goose is trying to tell me something

  17. Quartiermeister F

    Quartiermeister F

    3 mesi fa

    I liked these kind of songs more now its all just Zero, Zero and even more Zero its anoying

  18. kazethekomical


    3 mesi fa

    bro this that one kids mic whos always blasting music on max volume into his mic

  19. HazardCat


    3 mesi fa

    chaotic, goose like

  20. alan aleksandrowicz

    alan aleksandrowicz

    3 mesi fa

    Honk-Posted By Subaru Gang

  21. Arnau Nicolau

    Arnau Nicolau

    3 mesi fa

    those 167 people who disliked were attacked by утка

  22. Arnau Nicolau

    Arnau Nicolau

    3 mesi fa

    i swear i can hear the lyrics

  23. killer1gamer1


    3 mesi fa

    "INSTRUMENTAL" but the goose honks

  24. Glitching Ninja

    Glitching Ninja

    3 mesi fa

    *Goose died*

  25. TumbleWede


    3 mesi fa

    *_peace was never an option_*

  26. AlienTitiMilk


    3 mesi fa

    Haha goose

  27. Fabric Technology

    Fabric Technology

    3 mesi fa

    Эта песня отсылка на Империю Гусей???

  28. Peppichino


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    3 mesi fa

    Peace was never a option



    3 mesi fa


  31. Ярослав Самотес

    Ярослав Самотес

    3 mesi fa

    I love goose .

  32. Dr. Samuel Hayden

    Dr. Samuel Hayden

    3 mesi fa

    P e a c e W a s N e v e r A n O p t i o n

  33. Nom Nom playz msm and more!

    Nom Nom playz msm and more!

    3 mesi fa

    *Peace was never an option*

  34. mocha_bear 153

    mocha_bear 153

    3 mesi fa


  35. theguynobodylikes


    3 mesi fa

    Why does this give me GreenDay vibes

  36. Connor Crews

    Connor Crews

    3 mesi fa

    On a discord server some people were downloading tons of Desktop gooses so I played this song in there * With a bot named tony *

  37. Flame Princess

    Flame Princess

    3 mesi fa

    WTF? "Only available for music premium members"? Fuck this era

  38. Tmhband 787

    Tmhband 787

    4 mesi fa

    The French Revolution but with ducks

  39. mob_cristo


    4 mesi fa

    a musica bugada so da para ver o ritimo dela

  40. Joshua Knight

    Joshua Knight

    4 mesi fa

    man i love the internet

  41. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

    4 mesi fa

    This is fake, the goose still honks In this version Smh

  42. Unkn0wn Vr

    Unkn0wn Vr

    4 mesi fa

    “My time has come”

  43. Piffa


    4 mesi fa

    Esto es simplemente arte.

  44. Thedevil's goose V

    Thedevil's goose V

    4 mesi fa

    Heheheheh hahahahaahah hey did you know that I am the devil

  45. baylz26


    4 mesi fa

    That goose kinda be vibing do

  46. Stari Candi

    Stari Candi

    4 mesi fa

    “Hjönk hjönk am goose.”

  47. Liquified Studios

    Liquified Studios

    4 mesi fa


  48. ༺༒Bri Blitz༒༻

    ༺༒Bri Blitz༒༻

    4 mesi fa

    We need to get the goose army to dance to this song

  49. Ezequiel Luis YT

    Ezequiel Luis YT

    4 mesi fa

    0:21 I like this part (Sorry that song no voice For lyrics) And How you makes instrumentals?

  50. EmojiPlay


    4 mesi fa

    me before drugs: 0:01 me after drugs: 0:07

    • Mr. Stonks

      Mr. Stonks

      4 mesi fa

      Epic gamer moments

  51. RD ED

    RD ED

    4 mesi fa


  52. Megan Garrido

    Megan Garrido

    4 mesi fa

    The music video: absolute amazingness (made up word) Me: YES ME EVERYDAY EVERY SINGLE DAY

  53. Milkfoo Featherz

    Milkfoo Featherz

    4 mesi fa

    this is what that farmer hears when you hold that thing I mean man.

  54. Angrysponge


    4 mesi fa

    Goose was never a option

  55. keyla pink

    keyla pink

    4 mesi fa

    i like the music cuz its so cool goose

  56. Seed Less

    Seed Less

    4 mesi fa


  57. Sketchy Wolf

    Sketchy Wolf

    4 mesi fa

    I love this. Love it so.

  58. Five Meter

    Five Meter

    4 mesi fa


  59. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy

    4 mesi fa

    The goose stole the lyrics Can't have shit in Detroit

  60. atique chowdhury

    atique chowdhury

    4 mesi fa

    You get what you Deserve !!!

  61. bayan jodeh

    bayan jodeh

    4 mesi fa


  62. Help me get 100k subs

    Help me get 100k subs

    4 mesi fa

    I cany hear what hes saying bruh

  63. Tella's Channel

    Tella's Channel

    4 mesi fa

    Goose: hyonk hyonk, *peace was* *-never-* *an option*

  64. Pickle boy

    Pickle boy

    4 mesi fa

    This is a new era of evoulotion

  65. Eclipxer


    4 mesi fa

    Time to vibe

  66. Jeremy smirf

    Jeremy smirf

    4 mesi fa

    duck (goose) don't be bad don't grab my horn with that horn i listen to music don't be bad please

  67. Rhys yeet

    Rhys yeet

    4 mesi fa

    *HONKS ANGERLY* idk play splatoon 2 or something ya silly goose

  68. Pinkie Plaza

    Pinkie Plaza

    4 mesi fa

    ah yes this is what iam finding for!!!

  69. landgaming


    4 mesi fa

    “It’s butiful :3”

  70. AlexYourBestFriend


    4 mesi fa

    *video starts* normal goose: yay *GOOSE STARTING FALLING OF THE SKY* *Gigant goose kill baby goose* *baby goose explode* *Gigant goose puts music, and he dont know of baby goose* sad story

  71. Fakegamerhouse Tv-luca negri

    Fakegamerhouse Tv-luca negri

    4 mesi fa

    X:no one can make a song of this game The living tombstone:peace was never an option

  72. Riley Walsh

    Riley Walsh

    4 mesi fa

    no but yes help

  73. Arthur ·—·

    Arthur ·—·

    4 mesi fa


  74. T.E .D.D

    T.E .D.D

    4 mesi fa

    People: what a mean goose Goose: *pulls out knife* peace was never an option



    4 mesi fa

    Boneworks song please

  76. Apple Sauce

    Apple Sauce

    4 mesi fa

    Even the honks! LOL 🤣🤣👏👏

  77. Yen Cheong

    Yen Cheong

    4 mesi fa


  78. Tasha De La Garza

    Tasha De La Garza

    4 mesi fa

    That be me and my brother 🤣🤣

  79. Samyueru Lagann

    Samyueru Lagann

    4 mesi fa

    Its time to BIRD UP

  80. Idalia Garcia

    Idalia Garcia

    4 mesi fa

    O O >

  81. Juan BENÍTEZ

    Juan BENÍTEZ

    4 mesi fa

    Buena canción.

  82. toneri otsutsuki

    toneri otsutsuki

    4 mesi fa

    Deer simulator goat simulator and Untitled goose game will have a legendary battle

  83. O Doutor

    O Doutor

    4 mesi fa

    📻Quack 📣

  84. Boi E

    Boi E

    4 mesi fa


  85. Miroslawa Korda

    Miroslawa Korda

    4 mesi fa

    Goose uwu

  86. Ruger Blush

    Ruger Blush

    4 mesi fa

    inGeometry Dash?

  87. Danuta Piwowarczyk

    Danuta Piwowarczyk

    4 mesi fa

    Deer simulator:a good friend

  88. ah y3s

    ah y3s

    4 mesi fa

    I am the 1k comment

  89. Spanish or Vanish

    Spanish or Vanish

    4 mesi fa

    Who has listened to this song so much that you hear the voice perfectly

  90. 55hrs Cort

    55hrs Cort

    4 mesi fa


  91. 55hrs Cort

    55hrs Cort

    4 mesi fa


  92. Pedro Hereu

    Pedro Hereu

    4 mesi fa

    ¿Quién le haría una canción al Gansojuego?

  93. •rat•


    4 mesi fa

    I can't get over the intro. 😂

  94. Saudi Meme

    Saudi Meme

    4 mesi fa

    How did you make it edgy

  95. Goose Honker

    Goose Honker

    4 mesi fa


  96. Nonsocial


    4 mesi fa

    Me:ok time to go to sleep My brain: Me: You know brain *SOMETIMES*

  97. - _ - The

    - _ - The

    4 mesi fa

    did anyone see that our little friend got crushed by a beeg er version of him

  98. Smashed fur ball

    Smashed fur ball

    4 mesi fa

    Mmm i see you think its honk but its HJÖNK HJÖNK

  99. CoolDerp25


    4 mesi fa

    The bridge is literally the Princedom Fitting

  100. Veru Koubic

    Veru Koubic

    5 mesi fa

    *Can you do 100 years of this I CANT GET ENOUGH*

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