The Living Tombstone - The Ghostbusters Theme [Instrumental] (Remix)

Let's celebrate the impending release of 2016's Ghostbusters reboot with a remix of the theme of the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters.
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Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Yoav Landau
➢ Based on theme song by Ray Parker Jr. -
➢ Or "Orko" Cohen - Lead Guitar Recording
➢ MowtenDoo - Visual Designer -
➢ ScottFalco - Special Thanks -
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  1. Spring cheeks

    Spring cheeks

    14 giorni fa

    2:36 spooky dance

  2. Spring cheeks

    Spring cheeks

    14 giorni fa

    there are 213 persons that are not afraid of ghost

  3. HmMMmmMm WhAT

    HmMMmmMm WhAT

    15 giorni fa


  4. That one guy

    That one guy

    21 giorno fa

    if there something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call? Me: law enforcement ? song : nah you gotta call dem ghost busters that use vacuums to suck up them paranormal ooga booga ghosts

  5. RightnyZRemix 1.0

    RightnyZRemix 1.0

    26 giorni fa

    I always love going back on youtube to these awesome remixes 😁👍

  6. Jake Bear

    Jake Bear

    27 giorni fa

    doesn't feel the same without lyrics

  7. SatireStephen


    28 giorni fa

    Now do joel ghostbusters

  8. Sour Pennies

    Sour Pennies

    28 giorni fa

    This is my birds favorite song thank you

  9. Drolletjes squad

    Drolletjes squad

    28 giorni fa

    can i use it in one of my video's? i will credit you and btw i love this song!

  10. Lynne Jones

    Lynne Jones

    Mese fa

    I saw this on jaystation

  11. discontinued channel

    discontinued channel

    Mese fa

    very gvtgooooooooooooddddddhubuguhjbjbu

  12. teenager of Fire

    teenager of Fire

    Mese fa

    Happy Halloween everybody

  13. Karim’s World

    Karim’s World

    Mese fa


  14. KIA Killer

    KIA Killer

    Mese fa

    I want to hear this in Ghostbusters 3 afterlife

  15. Raul Lucero

    Raul Lucero

    Mese fa

    monsta x

  16. MyShii


    Mese fa

    its 2020 and i got here bc of the ww2 edit my friend sent me

  17. tsukkisaurus rex

    tsukkisaurus rex

    Mese fa

    *im an adult virgin* no? nobody? alright

  18. Zeek Suds

    Zeek Suds

    Mese fa

    I really dig your style meng

  19. Katence Hightower

    Katence Hightower

    Mese fa

    just so u guys know dont carve a pumpkin and play this song at 3am

  20. Bairno_Boy


    2 mesi fa

    Four female ghostbusters? The feminists are taking over! 🎶 I'm an adult virgin! 🎶

  21. Untitled


    2 mesi fa

    I'm an adult Virgin

  22. Valentinms08


    2 mesi fa

    The best remix ever

  23. Scream Man

    Scream Man

    2 mesi fa

    *me and the boys when the refrigerator closes by itself at 3:12 AM*

  24. Biscuitdog FN

    Biscuitdog FN

    2 mesi fa

    Ah yes, the neighborhood is staring at me again for blasting this in my car.

  25. Smogg's Kelloggs

    Smogg's Kelloggs

    2 mesi fa

    I know I’m 4 yeas late but this is a fucking BANGER definitely adding to my playlist 😂

  26. The Kodex

    The Kodex

    2 mesi fa


  27. discontinued channel

    discontinued channel

    3 mesi fa


  28. idiotic FurI

    idiotic FurI

    4 mesi fa

    Now the only thing that I hear is "ima adult virgin"

  29. Jayposts


    4 mesi fa

    Famous last words: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

  30. Martha & Antonio Ortega

    Martha & Antonio Ortega

    4 mesi fa

    _I need to get milk_ *I need milk for my cereal*

  31. Franchibaq


    4 mesi fa

    *I Broke Replay Button*

  32. Purple Power

    Purple Power

    5 mesi fa


  33. Purple Power

    Purple Power

    5 mesi fa

    696k views Nice

  34. Luca Wilson

    Luca Wilson

    5 mesi fa

    I got this in mp3, noice



    6 mesi fa

    Wow this song is a beauty for instruments and synth

  36. Bread


    6 mesi fa

    The Living Tombstone makes the best remixes to every single song.

  37. Just JS

    Just JS

    6 mesi fa

    Nazi theme song:

  38. Oskar Jung

    Oskar Jung

    7 mesi fa


  39. Totally Not rexshilo

    Totally Not rexshilo

    8 mesi fa

    Original is still better

  40. Win XP Professional

    Win XP Professional

    9 mesi fa

    Play to scare the ghosts so you don’t have to pay money for the ghostbusters!!!

  41. Emberwatch Studio

    Emberwatch Studio

    9 mesi fa

    The original SCP.

  42. Mr fasafes

    Mr fasafes

    10 mesi fa


  43. Cryptonic


    11 mesi fa

    If there’s a psyco dictator, In your third world country, Who you gonna call, Seal team 6.

  44. Harrison Holmes

    Harrison Holmes

    Anno fa

    Who els is here cos planet chunky

  45. PRORC4567


    Anno fa


  46. Green Bay

    Green Bay

    Anno fa

    The dancing punk in song

  47. Neeka Sagley

    Neeka Sagley

    Anno fa

    Great to hear this

  48. Anthony Golden Gaming

    Anthony Golden Gaming

    Anno fa

    Anthony Halloween Song Remix Ghostbusters Remix!

  49. Josiah Cazares

    Josiah Cazares

    Anno fa

    For making this remix

  50. Josiah Cazares

    Josiah Cazares

    Anno fa


  51. Miki mikulisek

    Miki mikulisek

    Anno fa

    Very good

  52. Arconis The Wolf

    Arconis The Wolf

    Anno fa

    where did the lyric version go...

  53. the


    Anno fa

    _beat_ _beat_ _beat_ _beat_ _beat_ _beat_ *Ah shit, here we go again.*

  54. Tiigeri AJ

    Tiigeri AJ

    Anno fa

    liked this so fast, the video didn't even have time to start

  55. Snowyy


    Anno fa

    Who you gonna call? *THE NERDS!*

  56. Benjamin S. Hebb

    Benjamin S. Hebb

    Anno fa

    I'm currently putting together a little Ghostbusters-related video, would it be ok if I use this track for the ending credits?

  57. • {Lil Devil Claudiu} •

    • {Lil Devil Claudiu} •

    Anno fa


  58. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher

    Anno fa

    where is the non-instrumental?

  59. KATE2080


    Anno fa

    진짜 개띵곡이다.........

  60. StunkZ


    Anno fa

    I really wish this was on spotify

  61. Daniel E

    Daniel E

    Anno fa

    Wow. Just wow.

  62. Sweater


    Anno fa

    When there’s something strange in your neighborhood who you Gonna call The police !!!!!

  63. Daniel Frank

    Daniel Frank

    Anno fa

    If it had a deeper bass then it'd be good.

  64. Nato papava

    Nato papava

    Anno fa

    this has a big beat

  65. Caleb Soto

    Caleb Soto

    Anno fa

    2016: lo new movie of ghostbuster but no have soundtrack Tombstone: ....

  66. ShayEhNam


    Anno fa


  67. Darina Boranbaeva

    Darina Boranbaeva

    Anno fa

    Русские вперед

  68. Greg Heffely

    Greg Heffely

    Anno fa

    Jaystaion brought you here like if that’s true

    • chris crampton

      chris crampton

      Anno fa

      Yea Its Dancing Pumpkin Man by jaystation 3 am video

  69. Dove Doggman

    Dove Doggman

    Anno fa

    what happened to the original? :/ not there anymore

  70. Fluffy The Hybrid :3

    Fluffy The Hybrid :3

    Anno fa

    *If something noob* *and you hate noobs* *who you gonna call?* *noob-busters*

  71. HarpyTheRedPanda


    Anno fa

    I want this on Spotify...

  72. Lanze Doctolero

    Lanze Doctolero

    Anno fa


  73. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton

    Anno fa


  74. Ceren Caulfield

    Ceren Caulfield

    Anno fa


  75. boukje meurs

    boukje meurs

    Anno fa

    Ik vind het leuk

  76. Super MSIR

    Super MSIR

    Anno fa

    I'm -not- afraid of ghosts

  77. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas Jackson

    Anno fa


  78. Andrena Scholl

    Andrena Scholl

    Anno fa

    bustin bustin bustin bustin....

  79. Water4OneDollar


    Anno fa

    I don't like this song I LOVE this song

  80. AntCamArtist


    Anno fa

    What happened to the old lyrics with sound??

  81. Skull Shot

    Skull Shot

    Anno fa

    The living tombstone used to be my life

  82. GAMustang


    Anno fa

    R.i.p. Remix

  83. Prince Richard Brony

    Prince Richard Brony

    Anno fa

    The Dance Pumpkin Man is summoned at 3 AM!

  84. onue onue

    onue onue

    Anno fa

    Good song 😉

  85. Pedoro -V

    Pedoro -V

    2 anni fa

    Go ghost busters

  86. Car Man

    Car Man

    2 anni fa

    i like the song with no lyrics awesome!!!!

  87. Jaximon Westar

    Jaximon Westar

    2 anni fa


  88. KingBardOG


    2 anni fa


  89. V o r T e X

    V o r T e X

    2 anni fa

    That bring the past

  90. Entered name Game

    Entered name Game

    2 anni fa

    This ghostbuster music is so cool😎

  91. master hacker 99

    master hacker 99

    2 anni fa

    You better call ghostbusters

  92. El perdedor

    El perdedor

    2 anni fa


  93. chris crampton

    chris crampton

    2 anni fa

    i'm here from jaystation dancing pumpkin

  94. meledu diaz perez

    meledu diaz perez

    2 anni fa

    It's good very good

  95. meledu diaz perez

    meledu diaz perez

    2 anni fa

    No se podría esperar más de the living los sigo desde las canciones de fnaf

  96. Berzia


    2 anni fa

    Really my real life name is Parker

  97. Scp-999


    2 anni fa


  98. Joseph Kercado Vargas

    Joseph Kercado Vargas

    2 anni fa

    2018 Anyone

  99. Mohammed Iqbal

    Mohammed Iqbal

    2 anni fa

    سكول سكول

  100. kule kid 69

    kule kid 69

    2 anni fa

    *_yall already know what's goin' down_*

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