The Living Tombstone - Lazy (Visualizer)

Animation by Coda
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Lights out
Eyes closed
Day gone
Stay home
The clock running out although I should be rushing
I can’t follow through time has flew and I’m doing nothing
Feel so
Lazy, I
Can’t motivate from the weight that I’m under
I’m so overwhelmed so just
Go ahead and take it’s yours
I’m losing the will I had to move
I’ve no longer got a thing to prove
Becoming so lazy it’s crazy that they see a way me and you can
Deliver something new
I’m losing the hours in the gloom
Confined to my bed it’s like a tomb
If I do not wake up and shape up I’ll break all
The promises that I was making to you
Week lost
Self blame
Slack off
Play games
With nothing to show from my procrastinating
I sit on my couch and waste time I should be creating
Checked out
Cold streak
Check in
Next week, I’m
Sick of the same little lies to get over,
I’m tired of the games so just
Go ahead and take it’s yours
I’m losing the will I had to move
I’ve no longer got a thing to prove
Becoming so lazy it’s crazy that they see a way me and you can
Deliver something new
I’m losing the hours in the gloom
Confined to my bed it’s like a tomb
So help me I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy
I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy
I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy I’m lazy
I’m lazy I’m lazy, losing touch and shutting down until I’m lost
It was supposed to be so effortless
A brand new challenger but nonetheless
I thought that I was ready so I told em yes
They needed record speed, I acquiesced
It was easy for while
Then I let the work compile for another day
Then another off day
Then it was a more often than not day
I was screwed, underwater, I was
Like a lamb to the slaughter
I used the think that I was worthy
It’s been a long time since No Mercy
So I’m done
Go ahead and take it’s yours
I’m losing the will I had to move
I’ve no longer got a thing to prove
Becoming so lazy it’s crazy that they see a way me and you can
Deliver something new
I’m losing the hours in the gloom
Confined to my bed it’s like a tomb
If I do not wake up and shape up I’ll break all
The promises that I was making to you
I’m losing the friends I thought I knew
I’ve no longer got a thing to do
Becoming so lazy they blame me cuz they see that maybe I’ll never
Deliver something new
I’m losing the hours in the gloom
Confined to my bed it’s like a tomb
If I do not wake up and shape up I’ll break all
The promises that I made you
Lost it all, they call me and I cannot answer the question
So I stall, I can’t bear to listen
Shut them out, I start to doubt
I had any promise, so I give up
And drift gently to sleep...


  1. Lavva Animation

    Lavva Animation

    2 ore fa

    This is basically me in a nutshell.

  2. Piss Man

    Piss Man

    6 ore fa

    holy shit why is this so accurate to how its been doing online school for me?

  3. Rattus Gluttos

    Rattus Gluttos

    2 giorni fa

    The visuals accurately show how it feels (ಥ﹏ಥ) And the text, gosh it hits hard, so relatable

  4. The Arkenstone

    The Arkenstone

    2 giorni fa

    its been a long time since No Mercy........fuck that’s too good

  5. Godd Howard

    Godd Howard

    4 giorni fa

    I say same to a lotta dumb shit but this... i dont say same too... *_I agree with it._*

  6. Thatguyonyoutube


    5 giorni fa

    I'd at least appreciate royalties if you're going to sing about my life.

  7. banditism


    6 giorni fa

    Tv, Maybe?

  8. itsaskyfall


    8 giorni fa

    i can relate to this and its all too real... guys its kinda scaring me....

  9. Falysyu Harris

    Falysyu Harris

    9 giorni fa

    Had this MOOD for the longest time.....

  10. Toby Tribbitt

    Toby Tribbitt

    9 giorni fa

    Ironically, i am listening to this even though i should be doing things.

  11. grayson reams

    grayson reams

    9 giorni fa

    i like how the song ends when he says hes going asleep

  12. Andres Espinel

    Andres Espinel

    11 giorni fa


  13. Chambliss Family

    Chambliss Family

    13 giorni fa

    maybe this is not only about drunk guy but, about tlt themselves, " I'm losing the will ", "I'll break all the promises I made", " wasting time I should be creating", "then it was a more often than not day" , "they expected record speed" and " they see a way that me and you can deliver something new " there is still more take a sec to let ALL that sink in, this could maybe be the fact they songs at once, they be tired dude

  14. theotherhand


    14 giorni fa

    So.... If you won't deliver something new, aren't you lying because you had to make this?

    • theotherhand


      4 giorni fa

      @Millie Grant also that theory is so much of a stretch, its dumb.

    • theotherhand


      11 giorni fa

      @Millie Grant you can read the lyrics. its in the desc.

    • Millie Grant

      Millie Grant

      11 giorni fa

      I think he saying “can’t,” also I’m pretty sure the songs about the “process” that goes on beforehand, those are the thoughts that go on in his head.

  15. i spy an alberto

    i spy an alberto

    14 giorni fa

    yo tlt make costumes of the characters

  16. nightlight.


    16 giorni fa

    I can help and collab with you! I can sing very well and you can teach me how to make music with you so you won’t go throughout this alone

  17. nightlight.


    16 giorni fa

    i’m lazy too I put effort into things that I do but then I feel like I wanna give up. but never give up on your dreams, you can do it I believe in you

  18. wretchking 07

    wretchking 07

    17 giorni fa

    Hey if you dont want to make stuff all the time do it when you want to dont make it a chore, it's okay if you want to do som else other than make music

  19. Curtis Ratliff

    Curtis Ratliff

    17 giorni fa

    The Songs Name: Lazy The Song Itself: Just ate an entire bottle of gummy vitamins

  20. James Rose

    James Rose

    17 giorni fa

    Im only here cause I feel so lazy

  21. EBurger joint

    EBurger joint

    17 giorni fa

    I'm in this song and I don't like it

  22. Rentaro Satomi

    Rentaro Satomi

    17 giorni fa

    This a a real feeling that I have for the last 10 years I wonder if it has a name?

  23. Logynski Beeski

    Logynski Beeski

    18 giorni fa

    I personally believe that this song is more cathartic than many other TLT songs, which explains the references/direct mentions of previous songs and the other items that lead to this conclusion.

  24. Jeanelle Smith

    Jeanelle Smith

    18 giorni fa

    is it weird that I'm listening to this while trying to do overdue work?

  25. Zypher S.

    Zypher S.

    19 giorni fa

    Blink 182 much?

  26. Dark Assassin

    Dark Assassin

    19 giorni fa

    ah yes a worthy component Richard Watterson

  27. Professor DoctorDoctor

    Professor DoctorDoctor

    19 giorni fa

    I wonder if I'm depressed or just extremely lazy. I can't really tell anymore.

  28. jeep biscuit

    jeep biscuit

    20 giorni fa

    mabye u just got adhd

  29. Not a Mortis.

    Not a Mortis.

    20 giorni fa

    WOW! I like eggs bro!

  30. matty


    20 giorni fa

    This guy has been making music through my life

  31. Eliany Alcantara

    Eliany Alcantara

    21 giorno fa

    My favorite of the album with long time friends ლ(・﹏・ლ)

  32. Janeydis Ramirez

    Janeydis Ramirez

    21 giorno fa

    It's so beautiful Es bellísimo

  33. Mire Despair VA

    Mire Despair VA

    22 giorni fa

    Why is this so relatable? But dang your music is awesome it really inspires me

  34. MORRIS 3006

    MORRIS 3006

    22 giorni fa

    Gah! why does this sound so different than before!?

  35. Siri IOS 14

    Siri IOS 14

    23 giorni fa


  36. Batataum


    23 giorni fa

    I’m losing the friends I thought I knew , hit hard

  37. Radraccoon


    24 giorni fa

    This one's a little too close to home for me

  38. 5150Echo


    24 giorni fa

    Me approved

  39. John Loewin Bagano

    John Loewin Bagano

    25 giorni fa

    Stay home as TlT says

  40. LeStorm


    25 giorni fa


  41. Andres Villanueva

    Andres Villanueva

    25 giorni fa

    Stayin' still eyes closed! (My ordinary lofe remake??)

  42. Violet Munson

    Violet Munson

    25 giorni fa


  43. Cinnamon oatmeal

    Cinnamon oatmeal

    25 giorni fa

    the people who disliked clearly aren’t depressed

  44. DetroitBecomeDefective


    26 giorni fa

    This is literally just me the day before the group project is due but I didn't do my part

  45. Fillet


    26 giorni fa

    i really hope we gonna get another album like this, maybe named after another tombsona. Also being electronic/rock

  46. Kian Laxton

    Kian Laxton

    26 giorni fa

    I've never related a song to this extent, love it!

  47. Tornado3422


    28 giorni fa

    why must you hurt me in this way song

  48. Exequiel


    29 giorni fa

    The Worlds Is end and allá Is sleep forever .-.

  49. Faron42


    Mese fa

    i think when he said "My bed is like a tomb" is a refrance to there band name

  50. Techno mechamorph

    Techno mechamorph

    Mese fa

    who else got the sample?

  51. Storm Anteater

    Storm Anteater

    Mese fa

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it

  52. Nickname


    Mese fa

    Yo living tombstone, you ok?

  53. NechoJak


    Mese fa

    genuinely, if you feel yourself relating a little bit too much to this song, please contact a professional for depression screening. sincerely, a person with diagnosed depression who relates a little bit too much to this song.

  54. Seal Pup

    Seal Pup

    Mese fa

    The Smart kid after getting one problem wrong: 1:20

  55. boomblaster kjjj

    boomblaster kjjj

    Mese fa

    Ah yes. My theme song.

  56. Richard Handcock

    Richard Handcock

    Mese fa

    I work out to this music

  57. Dictator Duck

    Dictator Duck

    Mese fa

    Just noticed that the skull guy is sleeping while getting carried away in a huge fucking tornado

  58. i lied, there are no tech tips take of your clothes

    i lied, there are no tech tips take of your clothes

    Mese fa

    This song resembles my life being lazy and not accomplishing things that should be done

  59. O.C.G. Channel

    O.C.G. Channel

    Mese fa

    im only one see references in text to No mercy, Blood it the water and other songs?

  60. Arrrtistic Gamer

    Arrrtistic Gamer

    Mese fa

    I relate to this song a lot... *and I seriously hate that realization*

  61. Obinnaya Ogbunamiri

    Obinnaya Ogbunamiri

    Mese fa

    Wow watching this in quarantine hits hard

  62. Heroic Vandal

    Heroic Vandal

    Mese fa

    Bought and downloaded the album but these videos and visualizers are too good to pass up!

  63. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira

    Mese fa

    That's a little too precise for comfort

  64. Villain Deku

    Villain Deku

    Mese fa

    for someone so lazy these are some damn good lyrics

  65. Joshua Holdsworth

    Joshua Holdsworth

    Mese fa

    This song is honestly so resonant. This is basically the summation of all my problems. Thank you for this song Though I find it ironic I'm procrastinating while listening to this song

  66. hkatrina


    Mese fa

    Literally the perfect description of how online schools going as the days go on.

  67. TheCheesyKid


    Mese fa

    I like the sudden beat change.

  68. Jared Fischer

    Jared Fischer

    Mese fa

    Poor guy, can’t sleep in the tornado.😔

  69. MadameSinistre


    Mese fa

    Okay this is slowly becoming personal- I need to get up and stop procrastinating

  70. Papatomi xD

    Papatomi xD

    Mese fa

    someone hear the voice of a woman ?

  71. LamaLama


    Mese fa

    He must be lazy to sleep in a hell tornado.

  72. Zota Productions

    Zota Productions

    Mese fa

    Been here since 1 mil...I just want to say that you are simply amazing and you are your very own style

  73. KazMos Art

    KazMos Art

    Mese fa

    The lyrics be hitting us hard just like the beats in this song. Hope you're doing well TLT.

  74. Comrade Chaos

    Comrade Chaos

    Mese fa


  75. Unstoppable Plays!

    Unstoppable Plays!

    Mese fa

    This song hits different when you have adhd ot executive dysfunction....fuck man :/

    • Unstoppable Plays!

      Unstoppable Plays!

      24 giorni fa

      @Hypedd i feel attacked..

    • Hypedd


      Mese fa


  76. Liam___Boi


    Mese fa

    Hmm no captions. I guess they were to *lazy* to add them

  77. Danku-Kun


    Mese fa

    Bruh, Imagine sleeping during a Spaghetti tornado...

  78. EatMyBirdz


    Mese fa

    Omg this song references to No Mercy

    • Lucky Dove

      Lucky Dove

      Mese fa

      Yes, It does.

  79. ????????


    Mese fa

    So this could be a representation of online school aswell.

  80. dante herrera

    dante herrera

    Mese fa

    love it thats me

  81. Esteban Silvia

    Esteban Silvia

    Mese fa

    This hits home hard like a bat to the face.

  82. Kat R.

    Kat R.

    Mese fa

    i too love sleeping while there's a black hole is forming in the background

  83. Wizard McBean

    Wizard McBean

    Mese fa

    how did it take me so long to notice the little chiptune chorus of No Mercy at 2:03, what a cool little easter egg :)

  84. Roman Afton

    Roman Afton

    Mese fa

    "Im Losing The Friends" Me: are you *DRUNK?*

    • Hypedd


      Mese fa

      I think he’s the same person as the guy in drunk.

  85. 600billionlazer


    Mese fa

    these lyrics really slapped me in the face I need to get a day job

  86. Stone Swaney

    Stone Swaney

    Mese fa

    this is everyone at my school and me



    Mese fa

    atleast this laziness provides a boppin song

  88. Redlando 64

    Redlando 64

    Mese fa


  89. Redlando 64

    Redlando 64

    Mese fa


  90. Skippy


    Mese fa

    this is my new song for when i go on myy bed

  91. Christine Morgan

    Christine Morgan

    Mese fa

    Bruh, new challenger, possible smash bros X smash mouth reference?

  92. Sophie Lange

    Sophie Lange

    Mese fa

    I hope y’all are doing good you guys are awesome

  93. Squiddy WOOMY16

    Squiddy WOOMY16

    Mese fa

    I swear TLT needs multiple awards

  94. CookieLoverDom


    Mese fa

    Oh boy. A song to waste time on and enforce self hate. In style.

    • CookieLoverDom


      Mese fa

      And before anyone asks, no i don't think i'll work on it just out of nowhere.

  95. Aden Robinson

    Aden Robinson

    Mese fa

    I'ts been a while since I've listened but dang you got some great bangers Tombstone

  96. James Bogucheski

    James Bogucheski

    Mese fa

    Sometimes I train for an hour or two, but either way there's another 22 hours in the day. So I clean the house, cook, organize some stuff... Watch a few novelas.... There's still some 17 hours in the day. I sleep every night for 8. What do I do for 9 hours of the day? Sheesh.

  97. war2winn


    Mese fa

    that's the sin i have to fight for, what about you?

  98. Joseph Robles

    Joseph Robles

    Mese fa

    1:34 is my favorite part I love the background sfx

  99. Royce F

    Royce F

    Mese fa

    All rise for the ADD anthem (I have ADD don't kill me)

  100. RivusTheFerret


    Mese fa

    Where my executive dysfunction gang at?

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