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  1. Sk8 Ratz

    Sk8 Ratz

    8 giorni fa

    2020 anyone?

  2. aydenism


    4 mesi fa

    does anyone notice that it says world?

  3. yeetus cringe

    yeetus cringe

    5 mesi fa

    Wait its one person ibthought it was a whole band

  4. Clouds


    Anno fa

    3 years later and I finally realized the bag says shekles

  5. Adil Naser

    Adil Naser

    Anno fa

    But u copyright all the music and milk memes

  6. Rhyth / Slibby

    Rhyth / Slibby

    Anno fa

    Lmfao people trademarking random words brb while I trademark rhythm

  7. 다람이쮸글


    Anno fa

    1:00 ~ 1:10 I want Full Version.

  8. Modocrisma2


    2 anni fa

    I think he should do more videos like this. I miss his vlogs and stuff too.

  9. The Demon

    The Demon

    2 anni fa

    I claim every word that exists and that will exist

  10. Nokid83


    2 anni fa

    its time to *fucking stop*

  11. Λfluxity


    2 anni fa

    whats the name of the song at the end

  12. Tophat Boi

    Tophat Boi

    2 anni fa

    Hey I at least liked sister hate

  13. Chickie Nuggie

    Chickie Nuggie

    2 anni fa

    I miss u being at bronycon :(

  14. Fandomtrash Sky

    Fandomtrash Sky

    2 anni fa

    I’m gonna trademark the trademark so now you gotta take this pice of art down or ur gonna get a visit from Mr. fbi

  15. Keith Kania

    Keith Kania

    2 anni fa

    Just glad you realize your bronie vids were just NO

  16. misterMauro17BA


    2 anni fa

    Cuál es la canción de fondo que pone al final del video ...........!!!!!!

  17. iSwirlix


    2 anni fa

    That accent 🔥🔥

  18. Hoah


    2 anni fa

    His music have copyrights?

  19. Gary Heaton

    Gary Heaton

    2 anni fa

    I NEW IT I NEW I NEW IIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!! I SAW YOU ON GOOGLE IMAGES! (When I was looking at normal((ish)) shit. As usual)

  20. UGLY


    2 anni fa


  21. _TheAlmostEliteGamer _

    _TheAlmostEliteGamer _

    3 anni fa

    It’s sad ITput let’s it happen too

  22. Cyberbrickmaster1986


    3 anni fa

    Why are The Fine Bros. still a thing, when they never truly apologized for their actions? And why are people not talking about them anymore?

  23. Santiago Annunziato

    Santiago Annunziato

    3 anni fa

    Hm, Go figure

  24. Chilldown


    3 anni fa

    Wait... so you’re not going to trademark remix™?

  25. Mikey


    3 anni fa

    Try to remix one of oliver heldens song's

  26. A guy named LYnX

    A guy named LYnX

    3 anni fa

    At first I thought it read “Copyrighting the WORLD Remix”



    3 anni fa

    I wish you did vlogs again, they were a nice bonus to go with your awesome music.

  28. Sir Brokoli

    Sir Brokoli

    3 anni fa

    I'm still watching this video now and then its so fucking gooooood

  29. Imma go now

    Imma go now

    3 anni fa

    The accent xDDD I think its Israeli accent am I right?

  30. Alluna Olsen Mathisen

    Alluna Olsen Mathisen

    3 anni fa

    i wonder if i trademark the following Retardation stupidity idiocy will i be the richest man on earth while people send money to me?

  31. a t t e n t i o n

    a t t e n t i o n

    3 anni fa

    i trademark *all* memes

  32. Boi Dude

    Boi Dude

    3 anni fa

    Hey what the name of the song in the end

  33. Sleeping Universe

    Sleeping Universe

    3 anni fa

    Somebody please loop that song

  34. cbrown


    3 anni fa

    Im gunna trademark breathing

  35. Heesedit


    3 anni fa

    *but u... can...*

  36. Red Ramen

    Red Ramen

    3 anni fa

    Trade marking the word drama

  37. The8bitFreak


    3 anni fa

    Meh the fine brothers are just cunts and if they thought they could trademark the word react just to get more money than they are greedy and thick cunts as well. Gawd the past 5 to 6 years some of the people on this dirt ball in space have become super greedy.

  38. Szabó Péter Bence

    Szabó Péter Bence

    3 anni fa

    Wait... Has he ever done a face reveal before this?

  39. Lewys Cousins

    Lewys Cousins

    3 anni fa

    Is he saying he regrets alot of his MLP videos or just the Sister Hate one in particular?? XD

  40. Draven Oats

    Draven Oats

    3 anni fa

    Im still waiting for the Mega64 remix. When we gonna get that Tombstone?

  41. Ca Be

    Ca Be

    3 anni fa

    Nintendo started it

  42. Tempo


    3 anni fa

    S H E K E L S

  43. Noiseyboy


    3 anni fa

    I'm not so FINE about that idea. hahaha hahaha haha kill me.

  44. Gage Biggs

    Gage Biggs

    3 anni fa

    Didn't spell word right

  45. Patria Silverio

    Patria Silverio

    3 anni fa

    i never saw this..

  46. Fish accepted seed declined?

    Fish accepted seed declined?

    3 anni fa

    Gud memes



    3 anni fa

    sorry this wasn't sooner to comment but that song at the end of the video sounds cool.😁



    3 anni fa

    I'm going to trademark trademark.

  49. Renay Gerard

    Renay Gerard

    3 anni fa

    Are u really The Living Tombstone??????? (ARE A FAKE) Just to let u know I like ur songs......... does that mean that I like how u still songs??????? (idk) I'm just a kid.

  50. ΛΥΩΓ


    3 anni fa

    Make the entire alphabet trade marked

  51. James Bland

    James Bland

    3 anni fa

    LivingTombstone's next remix: The Remix of mine. This remix is mine. And this Original sign. This trebusche. The Month of May. Is all wonderfully mine...

  52. Emusaurus


    3 anni fa

    tradmarking the WORLD remix? u mean word?

  53. Maggie Miller

    Maggie Miller

    3 anni fa

    Discord was a good song tho

  54. assailantgamer


    3 anni fa

    what is the outro song used?



    3 anni fa

    TLT, you should have done this a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*deeply inhales*oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnngg time ago!

  56. Muffin


    3 anni fa

    Your funny and cool

  57. SomeDumbGamer


    3 anni fa

    Thank god he realized the old videos were super cringey lol! ..... still like discord tho.

  58. Amel!aArts


    3 anni fa

    Yeah I'm dead inside too

  59. M.F. Majora

    M.F. Majora

    3 anni fa

    hey TLT will you ever relese the song in the backgroud? If you're not, it's cool.

  60. mara mma

    mara mma

    3 anni fa

    hello im sweetie bell....

  61. Kirya Verb

    Kirya Verb

    3 anni fa

    0:03 - Jeff Kaplan ?

  62. Punished Yuri

    Punished Yuri

    3 anni fa

    But you totally could've, you baking soda face.

  63. May Onesa

    May Onesa

    3 anni fa

    1:19 song name?

  64. Krissy


    3 anni fa

    So.... Does this mean Yoav isn't a brony anymore?

  65. ian poe

    ian poe

    3 anni fa

    y duz it sey WORLD insted of WORD yis i haz bed gremmer on porpoise

  66. Biscuit Cat Productions

    Biscuit Cat Productions

    3 anni fa

    >pony music >cringe >shows sister hate well no fucking wonder. that one wasn't as good as the others the rainbow factory remix, nightmare night remix, and september were fucking fantastic.

  67. Ayanehatte


    3 anni fa

    This video is mine.

    • Ayanehatte


      3 anni fa

      Srry that comment is not for this video

    • Ayanehatte


      3 anni fa

      Srry that was from another video

  68. italoroussel gamer

    italoroussel gamer

    3 anni fa

    sistem locaitiom fnf5

  69. Ezekiel R.

    Ezekiel R.

    3 anni fa

    I Thought The Living Tombstone Was Made By A Girl

  70. walta


    3 anni fa

    Wait is his name Yoav or is Yoav someone else?

  71. Mousetroll


    3 anni fa

    אתה מלך

  72. Circo P

    Circo P

    3 anni fa

    basically your saying... "THIS REMIX IS MINE." **cue Stingy**

  73. Josef Seagron

    Josef Seagron

    3 anni fa

    wow you need shekels

  74. Miss Up Rain

    Miss Up Rain

    3 anni fa


  75. dril


    3 anni fa

    Im gonna trademark my life.

  76. Sir Brokoli

    Sir Brokoli

    3 anni fa

    This video is high quality entertainment :'D Cant say how often i watched this video. You should definately make more of those!

  77. some fella

    some fella

    3 anni fa

    You like like an older version of my cousin and now I'm pretty sure your a time traveler

  78. Yuéqiù the Fox Spirit

    Yuéqiù the Fox Spirit

    4 anni fa

    Still love u, Yoav!

  79. Potato Man

    Potato Man

    4 anni fa

    I would love to see a mega64 remix of the thing in the video

  80. walta


    4 anni fa

    At least he isn't a 53 year old creep. Cuz I like his songs.

  81. King of Weird

    King of Weird

    4 anni fa

    If you're not going to trademark the word remix, how about you remix the word trademark.

  82. Mariana Mora

    Mariana Mora

    4 anni fa

    Its called pogo? THANK YOU!

  83. Cash Kiem

    Cash Kiem

    4 anni fa

    am I the only one who wanted those two remixes to come out

    • Schwxn


      Mese fa

      I still want it to this day.

    • Gameratron


      2 anni fa

      There is 5

    • The2ndGeneral


      4 anni fa

      KieManEiy no you aren't the only one

  84. Saf.


    4 anni fa

    papa franku

  85. Kai bear

    Kai bear

    4 anni fa

    Hey! :D You've made 4 fnaf songs and a new game just came out! Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location! I was wondering if your gonna make a song about it.

    • youtube hero

      youtube hero

      4 anni fa


  86. catsarecats


    4 anni fa

    The United Nations needs to redistribute all copyrights. This is getting ridiculous

  87. Squash


    4 anni fa

    lol didn't know TLT lives in isreal

  88. hailey coppock

    hailey coppock

    4 anni fa

    Ily this is beautiful

  89. Aspenfox


    4 anni fa

    I love this

  90. KSG Clive

    KSG Clive

    4 anni fa

    Shouldn't it be trademarking the WORD remix

  91. xd gamer

    xd gamer

    4 anni fa

    what is the song that he put at the end of the video

  92. Just your average viewer

    Just your average viewer

    4 anni fa

    What's the difference between the Fine Bros and a pig? No seriously, what's the difference?

  93. TalAttack


    4 anni fa


  94. valentYKT


    4 anni fa

    I you fanat

  95. valentYKT


    4 anni fa

    I russia

  96. Ashley Osyczka

    Ashley Osyczka

    4 anni fa

    Remember when this was relevant?

  97. Russell Sapphire

    Russell Sapphire

    4 anni fa

    The Living Tombstone: I'm not so FINE about tha-- *Door gets broken down* Fine Bros: Did you say fine!? WE WILL TAKE ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY!! *TLT opens FL Studio and makes a remix of what they just said* 5 Days Later *The song he made is on the front page of ITput with over a billion views* Fine Bros: DAMN YOU YOAV!!!!!!! *TRIGGERED*

    • Waffle Iron

      Waffle Iron

      3 anni fa

      well that escalated quickly

  98. Natan Sandle

    Natan Sandle

    4 anni fa

    Wait, I thought this was going to be a remix of something called "Trademarking the world" I'm disappointed

  99. pork soda

    pork soda

    4 anni fa


  100. R F

    R F

    4 anni fa

    I'm going to trademark being alive

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