Vlog - Recent Frustrations - The Living Tombstone

Let me talk to you about what's going on.
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  1. King Kash

    King Kash

    9 giorni fa

    I thought this was a song😂

  2. Olivia Burr

    Olivia Burr

    14 giorni fa

    the vlogging tombstone

  3. Animations


    2 mesi fa

    This man really brought back the weekly videos 5 years later- NOT TRYING TO CRITICIZE ACTUALLY I THINK IS THE BEST ,taking ur time to make gold quality content was a really fucking good decision

  4. Travi5


    2 mesi fa

    Still here my dude!

  5. Budder Doge

    Budder Doge

    2 mesi fa

    And now he released an Album, how times have changed

  6. Jester YT

    Jester YT

    3 mesi fa

    I thought this was a vlog remix XD

  7. Nightmare 3711

    Nightmare 3711

    3 mesi fa

    TLT 2016: No more weekly videos, sorry. TLT in late 2020: Haha weekly premieres go brrr

    • Epic Potato

      Epic Potato

      3 mesi fa

      He didn't take a break he was making music and animations to prepare for the weekly videos in 2020

  8. Daxel Pereira

    Daxel Pereira

    4 mesi fa

    Poorman, but there is no problema because we love His work, and we can wait :)

  9. RW02


    4 mesi fa

    la creatura

  10. Taffy_ Indeed

    Taffy_ Indeed

    4 mesi fa

    It’s okay times flys and some times You gotta leave stuff behind Enjoy ur own life Make sure u smile always And take care of ur self!

  11. sev462


    5 mesi fa

    Yes we like your working! I understant that video was recorded 4 years ago. But thanks you, we are love you music! охуенно, хорошо что радуешь по сей день, спасибо!

    • u.u


      5 mesi fa

      4 years... 4 hours ago ?, anyway

  12. RubyKanima


    5 mesi fa

    Yup now he does the yee haw

  13. NiteSek


    5 mesi fa

    Love your work my man. Just do whatever you need to do. You're shit will forever be legend to gamers & others 😁

  14. Electric Chock

    Electric Chock

    6 mesi fa


  15. FishygoSwishy


    6 mesi fa

    Isn’t he dead now?

    • FishygoSwishy


      6 mesi fa

      @Gary Lu Productions ahhh I see thank you

    • Gary Lu

      Gary Lu

      6 mesi fa

      You mean The Living Tombstone? If so, then he is not dead because first of all, his name said that he is living. Secondly, because he said on Twitter that he will start uploading again soon.

  16. JabBurdy Mosot

    JabBurdy Mosot

    7 mesi fa

    everyone misses you

  17. Pumkinsmasherok


    7 mesi fa

    I didn't think the living tombstone would have an accent



    7 mesi fa

    You make the best song I really love die in a fire I really like that song

  19. Emily Harfst

    Emily Harfst

    11 mesi fa

    yo dude it’s chill. just please remember to blink. please.

  20. DivinerDan


    Anno fa

    My man looks like a skinnier Ethan Klein

  21. Levrana 21

    Levrana 21

    Anno fa

    Привет, ты русский? Названия некоторые просто на русском. Если да, скажи, это ты поешь ФНАФ1?

    • Брони пинки

      Брони пинки

      8 mesi fa

      Серьёзно он брони ну почти

  22. ILike Beanies

    ILike Beanies

    Anno fa

    Your a handsome dude, also your eyes remind me of L from Death Note. I know thousands have already said this, but take your time, man. My childhood basically revolved around your music, so I dont mind whatever you do now. Keep being awesome.

  23. StarDude


    Anno fa

    Looking gold as always tombstone

  24. おぜえ


    Anno fa

    Sleep and eat some cookies man

  25. usernam-


    Anno fa

    0/10 terrible song

  26. T_4_S


    Anno fa

    skinny simpleflips

  27. Miko Traps U'

    Miko Traps U'

    Anno fa

    I know that one day, yoav will get up from his bed and think about creating the red version of dead kitten song after 4 years :,v

  28. Eᴇᴠᴇᴇʙᴏɪ71


    2 anni fa

    Dude i may have only just now found out who you are ive felt that know you personally i will always be behind you and il chear you on every step of the way as you unintentionally have for years with your songs. As they say not all heros have capes.

  29. Yolop Sison

    Yolop Sison

    2 anni fa

    Make fnaf 6/ffps song

  30. Noah Sotelo

    Noah Sotelo

    2 anni fa

    Omg you’re famous

  31. Paøfla Macias

    Paøfla Macias

    2 anni fa

    R u Jamie Altozano??

  32. onekingdom1


    2 anni fa

    You came back with the blue and red versions

  33. GemBandito


    2 anni fa

    When is the instrumental coming out for this video?

  34. CJP


    2 anni fa

    In 2018 u need tu upload daily

  35. Cursed Doggo

    Cursed Doggo

    2 anni fa


  36. Mathieu Molle

    Mathieu Molle

    2 anni fa

    Literally my favorite artist on youtube. Keep it up.

  37. Mexhonduran madness

    Mexhonduran madness

    2 anni fa

    You know what Yoav, take all the time you need

  38. cat bee cat

    cat bee cat

    2 anni fa

    That's ok I forgive you😀

  39. kenneth grepl

    kenneth grepl

    2 anni fa

    Where is the song😡

  40. William Azazel Miseria

    William Azazel Miseria

    2 anni fa

    I don't give a fuck You're still the best anyway

  41. Kericoff


    2 anni fa

    Красивый, хвхвхв

  42. Joshua Vlogs

    Joshua Vlogs

    2 anni fa

    Take your time.

  43. CloseDonut


    2 anni fa


  44. Maxi Gould Archive

    Maxi Gould Archive

    2 anni fa

    0:09 FUCK YOU Hope PixelFlame X My Name Is Not Jillian Paff I Don't Like My Old Name This Of NickName Jillian Paff Death Person 99 Years Old & Video This JAHF The Movie That's This ROBLOX PIXEL'S WORLD NOW STOP FUCKING MAKING THIS CARTOONS!!! PUNCHING!!!!!! YOU!!!!!! LITT!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT!

    • Maxi Gould Archive

      Maxi Gould Archive

      2 anni fa




    2 anni fa

    Has mas vlogs

  46. vin


    3 anni fa

    yall sleeping on the fact that he got some dark ass eyebags please get some rest after you complete your projects

  47. My moms left nut

    My moms left nut

    3 anni fa

    This makes the channel better

  48. Marshmallo Fan 2328385

    Marshmallo Fan 2328385

    3 anni fa

    Bendy and the ink machine remix better than Alan’s

  49. Sophie Taylor

    Sophie Taylor

    3 anni fa


  50. OpTic Cyclical

    OpTic Cyclical

    3 anni fa

    Whoa. I thought you never revealed your face

  51. SacredPanda


    3 anni fa

    Dude don't worry just take your time work at the pace you believe is good that won't push you your limits so if you want to take a bit longer to make the video good and to no push your self do it so you don't get to stressed

  52. Firey Legacy

    Firey Legacy

    3 anni fa

    watching on 2017

  53. GameGalazy


    3 anni fa

    Open bob send vegane

  54. vanilla coke

    vanilla coke

    3 anni fa

    What the hell? The majority of this comment section is just saying not to rush and that popular fandom songs don't need to come out. Like, if you see a comment asking for a song, just reply to it instead of instantly typing on your keyboard furiously without taking the time to see what's actually going on. Yes, support on a comment section is great, but a good reason to target people is great as well.

  55. Kawii Gamer

    Kawii Gamer

    3 anni fa

    Face revelad thx tom

  56. אריאן פריז

    אריאן פריז

    3 anni fa

    מי ששמע את המבטא הישראלי שיתן לייק

  57. Ania Szczutkowska

    Ania Szczutkowska

    3 anni fa


  58. Red Ramen

    Red Ramen

    3 anni fa

    Don't worry, you're awesome and deserve a break

  59. 64 Kid Gaming

    64 Kid Gaming

    3 anni fa

    does this mean that the RVB Project is ded?

  60. jonnie maxted-b

    jonnie maxted-b

    3 anni fa

    take your time, seriously, we will wait. Great music takes time, and -for the most part- we all appreciate that, we know what you can do when you have the time.

  61. ImEthan


    3 anni fa

    dude, you are israeli

  62. iak


    3 anni fa

    We must all understand that good things take time and time requires patience...lots and lots of it

  63. pinchman 11

    pinchman 11

    3 anni fa

    two things people,its been a year since he uploaded this so he aint seeing these comments,two you can tell the difference of audience because back then everyone was happy and said take your time,now theres a dude wondering if hes from israel and another calling him a jew.

  64. Kaybee/KB YT

    Kaybee/KB YT

    3 anni fa


  65. DigitalDownshifts


    3 anni fa

    Who sings it's been so long

  66. SimpleGuys


    3 anni fa

    Do you live in israel?

  67. Coroner 16

    Coroner 16

    3 anni fa

    Don't worry buddy, take as much time as you need:)

  68. oran musafy

    oran musafy

    3 anni fa

    הלוואי הייתי יודעת אנגלית כמוך

  69. Mexican Predator

    Mexican Predator

    3 anni fa

    Hahahhahaha not "good" enough dude your the only artist that has made my daus for the past 2 years

  70. ChumboFumbo


    3 anni fa

    Next time you do something like this, just make the music and videos all at once first, then upload them one at a time. Just a tip from a long time fan!😊 Also plz make a remix of escape from the city from sonic adventure 2......



    3 anni fa

    I really like you

  72. roxana pirvu

    roxana pirvu

    3 anni fa

    The Living Tobstone My all life a wanted to see your face and youre the Best Man Like & Subscruibe

  73. Ca Be

    Ca Be

    3 anni fa

    I thought there was a team of people working on these remixs

  74. Blue Wolf

    Blue Wolf

    3 anni fa

    if i go to bed after 1 sec i died cose the living tombstone will not understand that my dog died totay...i will do sueside hold me the best!!😢🐕🔪

  75. Four x Four

    Four x Four

    3 anni fa

    You're beautiful))) You write great songs))) 👍

  76. Four x Four

    Four x Four

    3 anni fa


  77. Ronald McDonald's Sister

    Ronald McDonald's Sister

    3 anni fa

    Make a new over watch one if you ever have the time

  78. Merly Neese

    Merly Neese

    3 anni fa

    It's all good, man. Art takes time. YOU are sharing something that you make with us - we have no right to complain. We appreciate it regardless of the time it takes.

  79. RetroXBOXNinja


    3 anni fa

    Sing on vlog plz!1!!

  80. Kyle Swafford

    Kyle Swafford

    3 anni fa

    Hey. You're cool bro.

  81. Jose Paz

    Jose Paz

    3 anni fa

    its ok

  82. Neetly


    3 anni fa

    I lik cheeze

  83. Nico Gomez

    Nico Gomez

    3 anni fa

    like por la cara de poco sueño de tlt

  84. Zach A

    Zach A

    3 anni fa

    You're awesome dude. Keep up the amazing work, and thanks for taking your talent and making it into something beautiful. :)

  85. OneEnderCreeper


    3 anni fa

    me staring In your eyes reminds me of black holes

  86. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap

    3 anni fa

    man .... you ugly af

  87. Krizefugl


    3 anni fa

    this is pretty much way too late to reply to this video...but i randomly stumbled upon your songs (not just fnaf or anything) randomly embedded in automatically generated playlists. and i really, really like everything i hear from you. its just amazingly good. such incredible talent. dont stress yourself. youre doing great

  88. Love aesthetic

    Love aesthetic

    3 anni fa

    I really dont care if i have to wait just as long as its good

  89. d


    3 anni fa

    Dude, you do what you can/want to do, Ill keep supporting your channel

  90. Major Jack

    Major Jack

    3 anni fa

    Do gaming for your channel

  91. cumulo25


    3 anni fa

    Dude, nobody cares. Just make the music whenever you feel like it. Nobody's pointing a gun to your head.

  92. SuperSkillz [YT]

    SuperSkillz [YT]

    3 anni fa

    U look UGLY

  93. KS_ IG

    KS_ IG

    3 anni fa

    I've been trying for so long, to make you the right songs. So I can show you a new one every month, so you can view what I had made. Like a piece of art. And now I'm standing here, trapped in a situation, that you couldn't help in at all. That's something I know all about, *shocking ain't it?*

    • iak


      3 anni fa

      Is it because I'm not good enough making these mistakes can make me hurt I can't sing iiiiiiiiit!

    • Anon _

      Anon _

      3 anni fa

      Sean Andrei Antonio you... You live... For now...

  94. Amazonic Inc

    Amazonic Inc

    3 anni fa

    The legend itself

  95. Winxy Chicka

    Winxy Chicka

    3 anni fa

    *a big eyes!*

  96. Dylan Chua

    Dylan Chua

    3 anni fa

    Damn you tube is stressful

  97. amirzusko


    3 anni fa

    your israeli?

  98. Simon Caballero

    Simon Caballero

    3 anni fa

    make my song is inside out

  99. Sparrow WithaMachinegun

    Sparrow WithaMachinegun

    3 anni fa

    You can't rush creativity dude. Upload when you're happy. I'd rather have 1 awesome song every month than 1 meh song every week.

  100. Haa ha gaasaday

    Haa ha gaasaday

    3 anni fa

    Im the only one thinking he looks like the uglier version of #Cyr ?

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